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I have been on this odd sick path of ups and downs since Halloween. I was very sick for a week around Halloween, then got a bit better save for a lingering cough and stuffy nose. Then after Thanksgiving I repeated the cycle, only worse.

I've missed 5 days of school in the last two weeks D:

I went to the doctor, finally. I was wearing a mask and the lights were too bright. I pulled my hood over my head and looked like a sith lord.

My doctor asked, "Are you managing your work-life balance better?"

"....not really..." Sheepishly, through my mask.

The doctor sent me on my way with antibiotics and a steroid, a note to stay home one more day, and a stern look.

Nero meows disapprovingly when I cough.

The meds are kicking in somewhat... I feel loopy and lightheaded and headachey from coughing and my nose still requires Afrin so I can breathe, but I haven't felt aches or chills in 15 hours or so. Steve said it would be interesting if we had documented how much I have slept in the last week.

Yesterday I could have cried thinking about all the responsibilities I'm behind on due to this inconvenient sickness. Today I acknowledge the challenge and feel like there's hope. I'm just going to do what I can to manage, and it will be okay.

I've been inspired to begin yoga again once I'm well. I want to take care of myself better. I don't want to give in to being overwhelmed with work.

I want to manage my food better. While being sick, I haven't had much of an appetite, nor motivation to eat, so most of my diet has been chips and bread. Thinking about food was incredibly overwhelming and I couldn't even identify what I ate when I was eating well. I'm going to work on fixing that over the coming weeks.

It's like I'm starting to rise from the ashes of my former self, to put it dramatically. But I have never, in my entire life, been sick like this or for this long. I had mono when I was a child, and that's the closest comparison I have. I'm hoping this motivation and momentum continue. I just really need to stay organized and not let life bring me down. I need to be healthy first, mind you, but I am definitely working on it.
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So I've been using homemade shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste since the end of December, and here are my updates:

Love it. Really, it's great. I have to shake it for a second to mix it up, and it's runny in my hand - but all Dr. Bronner's are runny to begin with. If you recall, the only ingredients in the shampoo are coconut milk, Dr. Bronner's almond 18-in-1, and citrus essential oils. I don't even use a conditioner anymore. It foams up when I put it in my hair, when I brush it I don't have snarls, and when it dries my hair is so soft I love to touch it.

Coconut oil, Shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot, essential oils.
I started with putting the deodorant in an old deodorant container, but I have since switched to a mason jar. Keeps the consistency up and is easier to extract the deodorant from with my finger. It's not greasy and any leftover on my finger after applying I just rub into my hands or on my arm.

During the first week, when I was "sedentary sweating" aka sitting in a hoodie and blanket that made me too warm but I like that feeling, I would stink. Since then I have been actively trying to take layers off if I am getting to the point of becoming moist and sticky. When I played ITG while wearing the deodorant, I got really sweaty but I didn't stink. At all.

The biggest adjustment is the sweating. Obviously I'm not using anti-perspirant, so now my armpits get wet. It's kind of hard to get used to for someone who has all these sensory issues, but because I HAVE noticed that I don't smell, my clothes don't get stained, and no balls of condensed deodorant in my arms, it's worth it. Plus, to be fair, in the past I have often stunk through layers of deodorant and also soaked my shirts. So it wasn't any different. But now I think I have worn ONE shirt that I got so warm that I had sweat circles. But again, that always has happened to me forever.

The only negative I have noticed is that I have gotten a bit... splotchy, from time to time in my armpit area. I don't want to call it a rash, because it looks more like miniature hives than a rash, but it can get itchy. I'm not sure if it's a combination of shaving and wearing it, or the mixture of my sweat with it, or the essential oil, of even if maybe I'm allergic to something? It's not been more bothersome than razor burn, so I've ignored it up to this point, it can just look a little unseemly. Certainly not more unseemly than deodorant balls, though, in my opinion.

I noticed that I did not update to post that I also made my own toothpaste. It was super easy: Coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils.
At first the taste was really sharp and made my mouth burn, but nowI really like it. My mouth feels clean and tingly, my teeth feel smooth, and I'm not sure if it's some random placebo but my teeth actually look whiter even though I've been drinking more coffee than ever. I just store it in a mason jar and dip my toothbrush in it.

I'm one of the laziest people ever, and all of these were so easy to make. I love that I've switched to all natural cleaning products (my stepmom supplied me with homemade soap made from oilve oil, almond oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and essential oils. And some sort of herb is in there because it's all over in the soap). 
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After months of hemming and hawing about wanting a natural shampoo instead of the chemical-laden ones (because I dye my hair, I already put so many chemicals in it... I just don't want any more! I see the hypocrisy but I cannot have that boring mousy hair), and then actually taking the time to read my deodorant and seeing that it has aluminum in it even though it's not clinical-strength, my aunt Connie serendipitously texted me with a link to an article about how to care for your skin without using chemical sunscreens, written by Wellness Mama. This then led to me clicking link after link in her blog, culminating in me finding recipes for both shampoo and deodorant.

In a fit of motivation, I went out to Mississippi Market, bought ingredients, and made the recipes. They were literally so easy to do that I made them while also making dinner at the same time.

The shampoo is made with half a cup of coconut milk, 2/3 cup of Dr. Bronner's Hemp with Almond oil Castille soap, and some amount of sweet orange essential oils (I think I used 30-40 drops). I dumped out what remained of some Bath and Body Works body wash that I was never going to use because I hated the smell (had to use some Goo Gone on the outside because it was sticky from the labels) and it was the perfect size.

The deodorant was made with coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot, and rose perfume essential oils. The recipe didn't specify how much essential oils to use, so I just put in 12 drops (I hope it wasn't too much!).

The recipe said to melt the oils gently in a mason jar.

It ended up this yellowy color-

I meticulously cleaned out my remaining deodorant stick (like, soap and a toothpick and took the entire thing apart. Every nook and cranny) and poured the mixture in to set. I was really proud of the result!

After a couple of hours sitting on the shelf, the deodorant has mostly hardened but the top layer is still liquidy. I put it in the fridge to help.

I read so many rave reviews of the stuff, including no more stains in the armpits, not smelling as much, and saving money. I have high hopes!
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I just wanted to say how grateful I am of this winter so far. It's what I imagine my much-envied west coast friends experience. There have been so few days below freezing since November, it ridiculous! Today was 56 degrees. IN JANUARY. Okay, last year, and most years, it is significantly colder this time of year. It was ridiculous last year, but it was even worse in 2008-2009 when for a month it was consistently in the range of -20* to -37* F. And yet, oh my god, here we are this year in the FIFTIES! I would be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT pleased if every winter for the rest of my life was like this. The other day I kept building it up with Steve, hyping how amazing it is, and then I was all, "SEE WHY I WANT TO MOVE?! THIS COULD BE OUR WINTERS!!! WOULD YOU MISS THIS?!!!!" and he was all quiet-like, "...I'd miss Nick." ahahaha. Yeah, that's his biggest fear: losing his AMAZING friends and not being able to make new ones of a similar nature elsewhere. I get it, really. But I still covet this amazing weather.

Interestingly, Martin's stupid "eat more calories" bit seems to be working, at least for the past few days. While for the past few weeks I would consistently see 136 to 138 on the scale (n00d), I've been between 134 and 136 over the weekend to now. Today I was 134 ^_^ It's really sad when a number I would majorly frowny face about a year ago, makes me feel elated. -_- I just need to keep reminding myself how much muscle I've gained. I talked to my mom about it last night and she was all, "Yeah but you know you're probably going to gain awhile when you first start becoming stronger and more fit!" and I was like, "YEAH BUT I STARTED IN AUGUST THAT IS NOT 'AT FIRST' ;A;" and she replied, "Ahem, I have been doing this TWO YEARS and I only started to really feel good after I became a runner." *sighhhh* :) My mom works out at least 4 days a week, doing various classes (yoga and Zumba most I think), and she runs with various groups too. She and my little brother are gonna run a 5k this weekend. I can't even keep track of how many 5k's she's run since August! I laughed so hard inside when I asked if I need to be training for the Warrior Dash in June, and she said there are varying levels of training, but that our old coworker from days long gone "apparently thinks it's the Olympics" and is training super hard XD My mom turns 44 in a week and a half!!! I'm excited for her birthday dinner.

Today I am working with my trainer Martin, then after that Steve and I are planning a bike ride since it's so FREAKIN' nice out, and then dinner or whatever with Jorden after that.


Nov. 17th, 2011 06:27 pm
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I did HORRIBLE for this month's measurements/weigh-in. I wasn't surprised; I was quite depressed last month and never went in on my own time to work out, and I ate really badly. But still, seeing those numbers was very upsetting. It's like I'm right back where I started, only my actual health has improved even if my body is "big". Martin and I sat down and discussed goals and seriously talked about how I can improve my eating habits without being angry about having to be limiting in my food choices (when I'm not eating out every day, my calorie consumption isn't an issue - it's the CONTENT of what I eat).

In some good news though, I did 15 half push-ups in a minute today :D When I started, I literally couldn't even do ONE half push-up. I could go down, but I wasn't coming back up. Hahaha. Woo~

So we know I'm stronger, but I'm still at 136 (ICK ICK ICK) and I gained inches all over. This isn't surprising, as I don't have any one place to store extra poundage. It just kind melds all over me like a nice marshmallow coating. Blehhh.

Anyway, that got me a little down, but! I'm not looking back, only forward. :)
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I've had a very rough couple of weeks at work. It's kinda like everyone's lives fell apart and I don't have enough time to help them all. I have a few clients who have gotten more verbally abusive, and I've been feeling guilty even though it's not my fault. I've had several 5-minute-long messages about how a client is mad  at me and I don't do my job and all I care about is my paycheck, all because I tried to explain mental illness to her because she's so delusional about why she has schizophrenia. I had a hospital nurse scream at me before hanging up rudely when I desperately needed to know if they got a fax because the timing was very important. I've had to revoke a client's commitment and do all the paperwork myself with the court liason because there wasn't enough time for the county to finish it. I've sat in an emergency room with a client for two hours after having spent the previous 2 hours dealing with her (as Phoebe put it, "I have to get out of here before I put your head through a wall!"). The stress has been building and building and all I want to do is crawl into bed and cry and not come out for days.

It took all my strength to go to personal training yesterday. I didn't go on Tuesday because I had a migraine and was also throwing a pity party for myself. I went in and Martin was all, "Hey! You look really skinny today!" I was caught off-guard and got all blushy and denying, because I ate sooo much crap over the past week and barely exercised at all because I've been too depressed to get motivated. At my last check-in, Martin told me that another member told him that my face was looking a lot skinnier than when we started. It was flattering and amusing that other people watch me in the gym. Usually I'm all about the awareness of other people, but when I'm working out all I can do is focus on the task at hand. Which is good. I've continued to improve - I'm now down to 25% body fat, my legs were the same in inches but I lost 3 more percent fat, and I lost a half an inch on my arms, and waist. But as I said, I've been struggling lately.

I'm taking Monday off and so is Steve. We're spending a nice long weekend together and I hope I feel better by Tuesday. I just feel suffocated and so burnt out. I feel shitty and ineffective and I know I shouldn't. I hate that it appears my life revolves around work, because it really shouldn't. It should only be a *part* of my life. Not the only part I can talk about because I need hours upon hours to process everything I've been through.

Through all this, Steve has been amazing. He's been patient with my venting and has put up with my stress-induced irritability, and almost literal battle against feelings suffocated. Even sitting here talking about it/doing paperwork I'm having physical sensations of pressure and difficulty breathing.

But! I've been playing a lot of Arkham City, and it's the right amount of challenging for me and I'm having a lot of fun with it. So that's nice. :) I made a new backlog banner to go with it, and I'm enjoying having a fun game to play.

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Pics and stuff to start... )

Andy did a wonderful job on my tattoos. Brandon, the piercing apprentice, kept coming in to ask how much it hurt. I was like, "...it hurts. Definitely. Wait, did you cry?! Did you cry when you got your foot done?"

And he was all, "Yeah. I did. ... But it HURT, man!"

Andy was just like, "Yeah, he kept yelling at me: 'why do you keep wiping so hard?! God!"

And then I spent the rest of the session giggling every now and then with "STOP WIPING SO HARD" playing through my head, especially when Andy wiped and it DID hurt (though, it will hurt. Paper towels are not soft). My foot hurt about as much as most of the others. My shoulder was pretty similar, and I might just have trauma issues with my back tattoo and how excruciating it was, but I still say my back hurt more. My arm and calves hurt less to be tattooed, I'm fairly certain.

My back hurt from the position I was sitting in, because I was holding tight to my leg to try to soften the blows when my foot would twitch from a combination of tickle/pain reflex and for some reason would also make my calf twitch. There were two distinct times where my foot JUMPED super hardcore and I was like, "SORRY OMG THAT DIDN'T EVEN HURT MORE I DUNNO! BAD FOOT!" and Andy was just like, "It's okay, I jumped all over the place when I got my feet done, especially my toes." So all was well.

I was super gung-ho about writing a post yesterday, but LJ wasn't working and now I don't know what I was going to write about :( Well anyway, I had an okay work week, a lot more bitchiness and stress than I like, but it's okay. I'm already thinking about what I want to do in the future. And I had a brilliant idea. As much as I love Japanese and want to be awesome at it, I have no real life practice anyway. What I COULD do is get fluent* in Spanish again and work as a bi-lingual something-or-other in Human Services! Example: I COULD WORK AT PLANNED PARENTHOOD for their bi-lingual services! They are always looking for translation help. Or ANY place like that! I would LOVE to be able to use foreign language in my job. So my tentative plan at the moment is to sign up for the community ed Spanish classes because they are only 55 bucks for 8 sessions, see how that works, and try to build up my Spanish well enough to test out of hopefully the entire beginner's courses in college. Then I plan on taking classes (if offered) without actually being a student (aka continuing ed) at like the University of MN or something, and eventually if I have to, I will apply for the degree program. I'm hoping that my confidence in my skill level pays off and that I can get a job without another degree, but if it comes to it, I'll do what I need to. I really don't want to study abroad. I'd be fine taking a trip abroad or something, or finding some area with Spanish immersion, but I am not leaving my home and my life.

It's interesting to me that when I started school I intended to double-major in Spanish and Education, and the only reason I dropped Spanish was because I couldn't graduate in 4 years (LOL little did I know it'd take me like 5.5 regardless), and my anxiety pushed me out of education. It'd be funny if I ended up getting a Spanish degree in the end after all.

In other news, my personal trainer challenged me not to use the scale for two weeks, and Steve is supporting me by not weighing himself either. My trainer Martin is even following his own advice and told me yesterday that he hid his scale in the garage so it won't tempt him XD It's so cute! I get really anxious at not being able to weigh myself. Like WHAT IF I'M GETTING FATTER AND I DON'T KNOW IT?! Which is faulty logic but I think it every day. I'm hoping I'm not. I can't know my weight until my weigh-in on the 13th. I've been doing well after letting my feet rest a few days from the tattoos, and I've been to the gym several times this week. I'm working more on running and cardio, but I hated Martin when he made me use the stationary bike yesterday. I just felt it was cruel for some reason and was very upset about it. I hate stationary bikes and ellipticals and stair-steppers. I don't know why, but I do. With a passion.

*I use the term loosely. I was very good at reading and writing at my peak, and I could hold decent conversations, but I usually gleaned subtext well enough to make it not completely awkward without actually knowing everything said. A great example that I'm still pretty good at Spanish is in Tokyo Godfathers when an entire scene is held in Spanish and Japanese, with only subtitles for the Japanese, and I was able to tell Steve the gist of what the woman speaking Spanish was saying, even if I didn't understand EXACTLY what it was, with very few "I totally did not get that part." parts.
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This weekend I've started taking care of my body again. I'm not perfect and I will not expect myself to be so. I ate Mexican food with my family for my grandma's birthday and I had Taco Bell at some point. I drink an energy drink or two a week and sometimes split sodas with Steve.

But! Since Friday I have walked/ran 7 miles (3 in one session, 4 in another) at the gym, done an hour of pilates and yoga and went on a quick, 35-minute bike ride with my Steve. I'm drinking water. I'm not starving myself and I am not overeating. Yay! Oh and the guy who scheduled me for personal training forgot to mention I am training NEXT Friday, not this past one. That was kinda awkward when I showed up all gung-ho about being trained and the guy had NO IDEA why I was smiling expectantly at him. ///

I have decided that my body retains almost the bare minimum of muscle I personally need to survive, and that's it. And I am NOT flexible. My yoga video does Downward facing dog ALL the time and I CANNOT do it. My feet refuse to flatten and my knees do not go straight. I don't even know if I look like a triangle or a sucky version of the push-up pose! XD

With my Medica discount I will only pay $18 a month instead of $38 for the gym, but I have to go a certain amount of times a month. I wondered about whether you could cheat the system by scanning your chip and.. NOT working out. Personally I don't see the point of even paying for the membership if you're just gonna drive all the way down there, not work out, but scan the card. Seems like a lot of work for $20. But! When I was working out tonight a woman pulled in the handicap space, got out leaving her door open, scanned her card and left! It was so hilarious to see the exact scenario I had envisioned become reality!

I had a couple embarrassing moments where I got too wild in my arms on the treadmill and knocked my iPod off!. The first time I sent the thing all the way onto the track and it flew away so I had to completely stop the workout to get it, and the second time (nearly immediately after), I did it again! Only this time I caught it. I solved the problem by putting the cord behind my back. There was one other person there when I was embarrassing myself, and he nicely pretended not to notice, haha.
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It's cute when you ask your boyfriend what he's doing at work and he says,

"Just thinking about the future a lot actually! XD"

I reply, "Whatcha thinking bout?!"

He says, "Everything! What I wanna go back to school for, where and when we will go when we leave MN, how many kids I want, the timing of the kids, etc! So much to think about!"



I feel guilty when I eat cereal. Cause like, I KNOW I shouldn't be consuming so much grain. Bread too. But right now, cereal is the easiest way to not spend so much money while being able to get enough for both of us before we move. And Steve has already promised me that he's basically switching to a cereal diet when we move, because that's how he likes it. So I might have to plan for food for just me, other than bentos and the occasional meal. I want that book on nutrition, dammit! I'm pretty much obsessed with food, and Steve takes any chance he gets to point out that I sound just like my parents, and that I'm kind of a "food elitist" now. Which... is likely true, but I didn't realize how important food was before!

As a result of his trying to make me feel guilty for stopping drinking energy drinks, I was teasing him the other day that in drinking his energy drinks, he's basically consuming pure cancer. XD He's cut way back though - I haven't seen him drink any at home in awhile. He's actually down to one a day. Tea is like my lifesaver. It helps me consume a lot more water than I normally would have (and I currently only drink out of a travel mug, so it's 16oz - and hey, I just noticed it's a Starbucks mug... weird! I don't drink Starbucks), AND keeps me from drinking soda.
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Nutrition people should look into the movie Fat Head. It's instant on Netflix. It's a response to Super Size Me, but it's mostly political, about how we got so attached to grains and processed foods and are avoiding things good for us, like protein and fat. The man who made the docu is obnoxious but his points are quite interesting.

It also supports what [livejournal.com profile] namidanotsuki touched on in discussion with me when discussing issues of health and weight. And Drs. Eades were in the film :) I am definitely going to look into it.

If you do watch it, let me know what you think.
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I have a friend, in her 30's, who says she detoxes an average of 4 times a year, because she's aware she going to gain it back.

Here's her current detox regimen

...So, she knows that she's going to regain the weight she loses from doing this, and yet she STILL puts herself through this?! I mean, eating fruits and veggies is healthy, but where's the PROTEIN?! Where are the CARBS?! And adding in WHITE RICE ONLY at first? How is that healthy in any way (don't get me wrong, I eat sushi rice as normal rice but I KNOW that brown is better and just as yummy, just takes longer to cook!)?

And look at the symptoms experienced:

"As you begin to eliminate foods from your normal diet, detoxifying reactions can result such as
-disturbances in sleep patterns,
-changes in body temperature,
-light -headedness,
-mood swings,
-joint or muscle aches ,
-changes in gastrointestinal function, and
-changes in body odor or breath.
-...Many people notice that they're initially hungry, but that tends to dissipate"

Let's look at the list of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia symptoms:
-anxiousness, irritability

-Changes in breath (fruity usually)
-Irritable/angry/prone to outbursts

Just sayin' it sounds like this "detox" is really a FUN yo-yo game with your blood sugar.

Now let's look at the definition and symptoms of ketosis (taken from medical-dictionary): "the abnormal accumulation of ketones in the body as a result of excessive breakdown of fats caused by a deficiency or inadequate use of carbohydrates. Fatty acids are metabolized instead, and the end products, ketones, begin to accumulate. This condition is seen in starvation, occasionally in pregnancy if the intake of protein and carbohydrates is inadequate, and most frequently in diabetes mellitus. It is characterized by ketonuria, loss of potassium in the urine, and a fruity odor of acetone on the breath. Untreated, ketosis may progress to ketoacidosis, coma, and death"

This is the theory that diets like Atkins utilize - you put your body into ketosis so that you lose weight, because your body literally thinks (and is, in a way) it's starving. It's also what's up with people who have anorexia as well. This isn't a good way to go about losing weight because it drastically slows down your metabolism (as, again, your body thinks it's starving so it holds onto everything it can while burning its reserves - fat, muscle, it doesn't matter!), and once you start eating again, your body's going to hold onto the sugars, proteins, and carbs in that food for dear life.

  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Headache
  • Feeling thirsty all the time
  • Bad breath
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or stomach ache
  • Sleep problems
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Mood swings
Sound familiar? Please refresh by viewing my previous two lists for comparison. While you're at it, please compare this list to the list of "adjustment" symptoms your body experiences on this "detox."

I'm sad that people think they must do these things to themselves in order to lose weight.

I know that this is only intended for a short period of time, as all detoxes/cleanses/kick-starts are, but many people make these things their actual "diets," and it's incredibly unhealthy :( And this specific regimen, in MY opinion, is definitely the wrong way to detox.
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Bento goodness!! )

In other, sane news, Joe Waid's birthday is tomorrow so we're throwing him his birthday fun at midnight. Because Pat works days now, Steve and I work nights, Nick works evenings, Nikki has a life at his college, and Faith goes to school a couple hours away, and Joe Waid works weekends, it's been hard trying to plan it! I think Steve and Pat have most of the kinks worked out for what we're going to have him do (in my friends group it's usually a "work for your presents through challenges or scavenger hunts" type deal), and I came up with the cake idea (and Pat said he's on board as long as he gets to get all cranky and bossy and likely take the whole thing over in order to make it perfect). I finished his scarf ) yesterday, though I have one major mistake I need to fix. It's an easy fix; I was just being careless in the duplicate stitching. The symbol especially looks good in person and I'm proud of that chart ^_^ Joe Waid's a really hard person to shop for, and Pat's already said how jealous he is that Joe Waid gets a scarf and that it's obviously going to be the best gift :P What I felt like was a near cop-out is apparently quite popular.

I got to chat with my sister for awhile yesterday, and that was fun. It served to remind me I need to find weekend time to visit her. Whenever I bring it up, she always tells me when the next time she's bringing Cayden over to our parents' house, which I find odd. I don't need to go home to see my nephew, and I almost prefer our quiet time to big family hullabaloo. Anyway, she just wanted to vent while she smoked (she's like me and gets bored when doing menial things and likes to make phone calls) about how she feels like she's not getting any support for getting an apartment and applying to school and getting her GED and working full-time, and in fact said that our parents discouraged her from going to school right now. Bethany says it's the perfect time to go to school because Tony can afford to not work (vs paying more for a daycare that money Tony made from a job wouldn't be worth), and she can support the three of them on her job at Mystic Lake Casino. She obviously doesn't want to be a server forever, so she wants to at least get an Associate's. It's always so hilarious to me when she talks about Paul's "mental issues", or as I call them, "a failure to realize that the parent-child roles change when the kids are adults, living on their own, and having children."

We also talked a bit about death and I gave her the rundown on Pam's dad's funeral. She brought up Paul's dad again, because she recently found out he'd been given 6 months to live - 6 months ago. And he quit chemo (I don't blame him). He has lung cancer; I'm pretty sure he knows what that means for him no matter what he does. So now Bethany is kinda expecting to hear every day that he's died, because of the length of time he was given (the same sentence was given to Bre's grandma, who lived like 4 more years, but she had liver cancer and therefore could do surgeries and she smoked weed ["just a couple puffs"] to keep her appetite up and her pain down). When Bethany and I were listing in what order we thought we'd lose our like 50 grandparents (okay, like 8), Ron hadn't been high on the list. It's just weird. He's only 65.

This THEN led to her talking about her opinions on food consumption after re-watching "Food Matters" (it's instant on Netflix, btw) and how she really believes food does affect your body and cause cancer and that you SHOULD eat healthy and mostly raw, etc.  She commented on her recent gallbladder issues - they offered to take her gallbladder out because it's coated in sludge right now, assumed to be from energy drinks. She said no, and told me that, "It's my fault it is this way. Removing it would be the easy way out so I should try to fix it on my own first!" And then she said, "And of course after I watch it then I go through BK drive-thru but whatever!" XD I actually think half of it is her fear of pain and doctors and needles.

But anyway, she said she can't talk to anyone about her food opinions because they don't agree with her. What she means to say is they're ignorant, or don't care. Our parents tout healthiness, but I'm not sure how much they follow these days. They're incredibly elitist about food that anyone else consumes, though. Steve made fun of me hardcore the other day for throwing a miniature fit when the store didn't have the yogurt I wanted. All the brands that were there had sugar added or were made from just milk (no live cultures)! No! But he's so right, I DID sound like my parents. It was really funny. And I don't even care!

It's interesting this comes up for her right when I'm about to start seriously trying to lead a good healthy life, without being limiting or dieting. I'm already about halfway there, with the high fruit and veggie consumption, low meat intake, attempts to balance protein and fat, but I need more.
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Agh, not drinking energy drinks is KILLING me. I'm going to start a detox/reset/cleanse in a week or so, and I thought I'd start early trying to help get my blood sugar in check by cutting out my beloved energy drinks. I've had withdrawal for about 24 hours now (ugh, my HEAD!), and I had a ridiculous craving for the flavor yesterday. I loooove the taste of No Fear. It's sooo good! But really, it's $2 a can and a TON of sugar and a good amount of calories I really don't need. I should get back on drinking water and adding tea to my diet, and drinking little to no soda.

Steve did not help by joking that energy drinks was a cute thing we shared and now I ruined it. Jerk!
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This week was definitely a good week, just spending time with friends and trying to get organized. I got some stuff for the Masquerade party Lindsey's having on the 15th, bought a dress for it that is sooo cute that I can just wear any time (actually, Steve bought it when we were out shopping because I'm stupid and left my card in a different pair of pants and for some reason my checks declined). We also had a super cute and funny talk kind of like 20 questions where he was trying to see if his guesses for his birthday gifts are correct. He is certain about like 2 of them, which is a little sad because they are amazing but doesn't take away from his excitement, I disproved one guess, and he just won't get the other two. He can't, it's just too specific. :)

We got the new cable in the mail for the DDR pad, and tried it out this weekend. Oh. my god. You haven't LIVED unless you've played on a metal pad. Of course the arcade ones are the best, but for one you have at home, this is near perfection. The only issue we've come across is it shorted out on Steve twice. However, he seriously has some like EMP issues and causes electronic failure so we just reset everything and it's worked fine since. I'm even starting to play 7- and 8-foot songs, which is HUGE. We are also doing very good about getting into shape, I haven't looked this trim in a long time. It's nice.

So... some TMI for everyone, pic included! -

Read more... )

I also have an interview on Tuesday for working with a 12-year-old autistic boy. I really need the money and he loves being outside so it would force me to stop being a bum who sleeps for 12 hours and gets up at 5pm.

Last but not least, it appears on Tuesday I will be using the money Steve gave for a tattoo. I don't know if I mentioned it in a previous entry, but I'm going to get an anime tattoo. And it seems it will be huge and covering a lot of my small back. And I will love it and Steve will love it but I bet a lot of people will hate it or think it's silly. I however will think it's AMAZING. I was very surprised how receptive the artist was. I brought a printout of the art and he immediately seems excited about it! We discussed wording and the Japanese characters, how much we wanted to shrink the image, and placement. I was so happy to find a tattoo artist, covered in all this black and white and skulls, get pumped over a cute Loli anime girl. Seems like a found the right person!! The shop allows one person to come with for a tattooing, so I'm of course bringing Steve because he happens to have the day off. His coworker Jason scared me because I didn't think about the likelihood of pain I will experience being on such a sensitive area. Eek! I didn't consider it because I have three other tattoos and I just chalk them all up to a specific brand of pain, nothing more. Now I'm a touch nervous. I just hope it comes out like I want :)
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Visited the good ol' Iron Range (Biwabik, MN. Heard of it? Didn't think so...) for Steve's nephew's first birthday. On the way up I drove the three and a half hours and he played Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, which he is now happily completing after we finally merged our game collections (AND even if he accidentally saved immediately over my file!!! I needed 5 more bonus puzzles to complete the game...!). On the way back I happily played more of A Witch's Tale and beat another world. That game is SO amazing and fun! Even if it's obvious they had to scrap a huge idea for the style of battles and fall back onto traditional random battles and turn-based play. It's got GORGEOUS art and a very interesting story.

I might play more tonight if I finish up my knitting, but truth be told I'll probably get distracted by watching more of Lost. I have a long night ahead of me, but it's really quiet so I'll be able to have another traditional night of not really working and instead just doing my thing.

While trying to figure out graduating this fall I was told that one of my classes isn't offered and I might have to wait. More specifically, "Well do you really need to graduate in the fall?" Um, yes. I would like to. Considering I've been in college 6 years. kthx. Ass.

Oh and Steve and I have been playing massive amounts of DDR. We played super hard for 2 hours each last night and omg was it exhausting! I've been pushing myself really hard to get good enough to play the arcade ones and not fail out immediately. I'm up to about 6 foot songs, 7 or sometimes 8 if the speed is x1.5. Speaking of which, a certain anniversary gift arrived in the mail for him last Friday... It's heavy and metal and hopefully amazing because it was expensive. I've spent about $500 on him for our anniversary and his birthday. It's going to be sooo great! I can't wait!

One more thing, Steve's lost over 10 pounds this month and I'm still chilling around 121 but am very obviously toning. We are pretty much great, and now that it's finally warming up, more outside time!
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