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So, I've been feeling more social than normal this past week. I hung out until 5am at NIck's on Friday/Saturday, mostly playing FFVI and me, Pat, and Nick gossiped a lot (Pat said to me at least 4 times this weekend that he loves how On I am about gossip in our circles. And my definition of gossip isn't a negative one, because it's not always BAD things. It's just sharing knowledge about people we know and discussing it! That DOES NOT make it negative.). Then I decided I wanted to throw a little party at our apartment, because hey! It's a large space and can fit a lot of people and it would be really fun! So I invited Nick and Pat and Faith, and we ran into Nikki on Saturday and invited him, and Nick brought Joe Waid. I invited Courtney too, and she came later :) It was really awesome to get basically the entire group together. Part of the reason I wanted a little party was to get as many people I like from this group together, and because I want to see more of Courtney, and because I wanted to drink a bit and Faith did too. And Nick and Pat. We all don't really drink all that often (except Nikki, he's a typical college kid living in a college town and college boy house where drinking is a daily occurrence).

Anyway, most of the time was spent talking and joking and trolling each other. We also watched a Jackie Chan movie, which was great entertainment, played some SSBB, and talked some more. It was really fun and I'm glad Courtney was able to come.

Then Pat and Faith left at like 4:15am. Soon after, we heard what sounded like knocks on the window, so we thought they came back because they forgot something. Joe Waid went to investigate, and saw this fat black woman smashing out the windows on Nick's car with a baseball bat! He was too shocked to say or do anything, and she took off in this getaway car (and he didn't get the license plate).

See the horrible pictures here.

It was very obvious that this was a target attack, because she didn't hit anyone else's car and Nick's was in the middle of the lot. We later did find what we assume was the ACTUAL vehicle she meant to hit. It was the same make and color as Nick's. The cop who came out told us that this is actually really common in our awesome ghetto neighborhood - angry exes slash tires or smash windows for revenge. He asked me how I liked it here, and I said I was fine, and never heard of anything happening here yet. He kept asking Nick if he was SURE he didn't piss anyone off. We reiterated several times that NONE of the people present except for myself was even from the area, and we know no black women. lol.

I'm not worried about my car; it's very unlikely that someone would mistake it - there are stuffed animals all over the back window area, and my windshield has a very noticeable crack running the entire length of it already. Steve's car can't get mistaken because it's an old-man car that no one else in the world drives XD I feel so so guilty and bad about Nick's car. What are the odds, seriously?! And Courtney and I had been making all these ghetto-themed jokes about what the noise was, while Nick's car was getting destroyed.

Steve gets all bonerific whenever I hang out with people, because he thinks it's so cute. He thought this weekend was especially cute because not only did I hang out with people of my own accord one night and play epic amounts of FFVI, I stayed with Nick after Pat left and waited until Steve got off work and the three of us had some cute time, but I made separate plans for the next night and had a REAL social gathering! ^_^

In preparation for this impromptu housewarming, Steve and I finished unpacking everything left. We also rearranged the living room the better suit our needs, vacuumed the carpet with deodorizer (it had been STINKY), and set everything up super cute. In fact, next entry I will post picutres of the place FINALLY. It is now very clear that we MUST paint that living room. It is ugly and bare and unwelcoming with those stark white walls D:

Zomg BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 is coming out for the 3DS at the end of the month!!!! Crap. Now I HAVE to get a 3DS sometime. -_- Oh, I reserved a hotel for us for our trip to Distant Worlds. For the 6 of us, we get to stay in one room for $120! That's on'y $20 each! If we'd tried to stay the night in Chicago, it would have been ridiculously more expensive, and we'd have had to get two rooms. This way, it's perfect!

Okay, now to play FFVI! Steve's playing Halo: Reach and Nikki's on Skype with a friend while they play League of Legends. So social! Steve asked me if he had the #1 spot in my tags, I told him that I doubted it - so we looked up all my tags. Above him are "me", "relationships", "school", "life", "friends",... and "dan". He got all mock-offended about it and started teasing me about never writing about him and that Dan was more important or something. I was all, "I've been dating you two years and Dan was in my life for 5! What do you expect?!" and he was like, "You'd even have WAY more Dan tags if you hadn't lost those years from GreatestJournal!" And then it turned into this silly banter about how I now need to find a way to get a Steve tag into every entry, even if it's just a sentence XD I'm not gonna do that, but I will make more of an effort to write about our cutie relationship. I explained to him that I have so many Dan tags because I complained about him and our relationship A LOT. I whined soooo much about us, and the wishy-washiness I felt about him, especially over that last year. I have nothing to complain about with Steve, so I get half the reasons to write about him :P
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Err... Bre and I went to a drag show at a club called Gay 90's for her birthday. It was really fun, and Bre had reserved front row seats. It was very entertaining and funny.

The night before that I went to a stereotype party at Kiki's. She insisted that the stereotypes people came as were atypical of their normal selves. I dressed up chola style to match Joe, because we're both part Mexican but don't follow any of it.

We both look so gross... )

It was a fun time, except I was dizzy/stomach-achey the entire time without my glasses D: But it was a good chance to hang out with Pat and my rarely-seen friends.

Grim has been ridiculously affectionate lately. I looove it. He also became addicted to cat treats, as he would get one after each med dose. He seriously stopped eating all other food and has been crying at the filled dishes (when I refill them IN FRONT OF HIM). It took a little bit to figure out why he was mad at the current food, until I caught him trying to steal the treat bag like a drug fiend. XD So now, no more kitty treats. HE IS OUT OF CONTROL.

In other news, I just reached the second half of Final Fantasy VI, am slowly progressing through the Elite Four in SoulSilver (gotta beat it before White!!!!), and am almost level 72 in WoW.

I just ate the most AMAZING butternut squash ravioli lean cuisine.

I laughed so hard at this part in Scrubs (6:08-6:22). I probably thought it was so funny because Murphy gets so much crap about being a bad doctor.

Man I love that show!

Since I've been lackluster on my journal lately, I've decided to do a 30 Day Challenge )

Okay now off to do something productive.
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I've been absent for awhile, I apologize!

This month has been filled to the BRIM with birthdays, omg. And a couple parties, and just so much stuff!

I got 2/3 of my tattoo done and am finishing it on the 30th (provided I have the funds and it doesn't take more than an hour). Parts of it look great and others are badly scabbing. The parts that are pissed are areas where he just wouldn't let up and kept going back to. My skin therefore retaliated. Also, I don't remember my shoulder tattoo hurting nearly as badly as this one, wow! And actually the bony areas just made me feel like I was suffocating as he put pressure on my lungs and ribs, but the fatty area where my spare tire would be if I had one hurt the WORST. It made me feel like tramp stamps would actually be quite painful! Overall though it was fine, just a regular tattoo experience. It's rather large for my poor small canvas of a back. Goes from the top of my jeans to pretty much just under my bra depending on how I'm standing.

What I got Steve for his birthday:
-Suikoden II (rare and AMAZING PlayStation game)
-160GB iPod, silver (went in on it with his parents)
-Two Miyazaki movies, Castle in the Sky and My Neighbor Totoro
-A homemade bento!

And then there was Pat's birthday, Joe, Lindsey and Cory's birthdays, and today/tomorrow is Faith's birthday! Ahhhh!

Tuesday was a masquerade birthday party combo and it was soooo much fun. Although I really hate that the nights that are the most fun I also have minor blackouts from. I hate not remembering! But it provided the perfect and unexpected opportunity for Bryce and I to decide to be friends. So Saturday Jorden, Bryce and I spent the day together before going to a "Welcome back to MN for two weeks" party for our friend Luna. But then it got awkward when Jorden made a comment about Bryce being mean to exes and Bryce started screaming at Jorden and stormed out. So I had to try to patch things up with a boy I used to date who I haven't truly spoken to in a year. ... And then our mutual friend Maggie called Bryce and wanted to talk to me, so we rambled together for awhile. Then my tattoo started bleeding and then I had to drive Bryce home as he was not going home with Jorden. 

It was actually beneficial for me that I had to drive Bryce home, because I've always been direct with him, so we were driving for maybe 5 minutes when I brought up our friendship issue, which turned into a very lengthy open forum where we brought up rumors and he-said, she-saids and misunderstandings all out into the open. I assume he was still somewhat drunk because he was willing tot talk about really sensitive/intense stuff from when we dated and soon after that I really feel like would be hard for anyone to admit. It was awesome then, of course. So as far as I know, everything's fixed on that front, which takes a lot of tension off!

Last but not least, I got offered that job with the autistic boy. He seems "normal" really for the most part. He's intelligent, well-spoken, and can be trusted on his own sometimes, all of which are the opposite of what I experienced in the past (not that my other kids weren't smart, necessarily, just not traditionally smart). It seems like it would be really fun, but it's really going to suck driving all the way out there 5 days a week, especially with all this damn construction EVERYWHERE. But we gotta figure out orientation stuff, because orientation is ONLY on Mondays, from 8 to 5, and I ONLY work 8pm Sunday to 8am Monday.... It's the opposite of working out. I might have to suck it up and stay up for 21 hours, but I won't be happy about it. :P

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