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[Error: unknown template qotd]Okay, it took me WAY too long to find my post from last year regarding resolutions. Damn you Writer's Block and posting at the end of 2010!!!!

Last year's in review )

Okay. Goals for 2012.
  • HEALTH: I want to worry less about weight, and more on inches lost and on nutrition. I want to be healthy without feeling deprived of things I love - like energy drinks and mochas - but still consume less of them. I want to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I go twice a week already, but it's only for a half hour. I would like to get a run in either before or after my training. Once my contract for personal training ends, I would like to join a boxing class. I would like to start making bentos again, because they're great for portion control.
  • FINANCES: I would like to be able to save (with Steve) a fairly large chunk of money. This will fluctuate depending on getting a new place and whatnot, but I would like to have a couple thousand in the bank at all times if possible. I would like to get our credit line lower and Grim's CareCredit to zero. My credit is quite good so I don't need to be using my credit cards at all. If I do, I want the balance paid ASAP (especially like Penney's and Victoria's Secret cards).
  • FAMILY: I would like to help out my family by watching various kids as needed. I would like to have them over, and the older ones to stay the night sometimes. Minimum twice this year (as I refuse to make such a lofty goal as last year).
  • CAREER: I want to find something that I *love* and that won't burn me out. That I will want to stay at for more than a year. I want to feel useful and appreciated. I want to stop feeling like I'm always fighting a failing, uphill battle. I want to get in a position where instead of wanting to kill myself after 6 months, I relish the joy I get from being good at my job. I've been working with the mentally ill for almost 6 years; I think that is enough. Maybe a different field, maybe a different degree in the future. I am versatile, and have held far too many jobs for my age. I want to settle down somewhere for at least 3-5 years.
  • RELATIONSHIP: I personally think my relationship is a grand, wonderful thing. I cannot identify any major flaws. We're affectionate, considerate, and attentive to each other. I would like to keep being this way. I would like to be able to identify when things are going downhill for me and being able to rationally discuss the issue before it's out of control. I can think of two actual fights this year. I would like to keep to that same number or fewer (that is not to say we haven't had serious discussions regarding aspects of our relationship; there is a huge difference). I want to make sure that we don't become stagnant or take each other for granted. While I feel we are both quite aware of how we're doing, that doesn't mean it doesn't take work and monitoring. I would like to continue taking days here and there for us. I would like to take a trip somewhere this year, just us two.
  • SELF: I want to continue my goal from last year. I want to learn to accept myself, the things I cannot change about me that I wish I could, change the things I can control, and just be me. I want to start doing things that make me feel pretty again, like painting my nails. I want to fit in nice outfits and feel cute.I want to care less about what I think people think of me. I also want to be more accepting when I am not perfect. I need to stop thinking I need to be the best at everything, or do it exactly right. I think I'm pretty good most of the time, but when I set my expectations higher than the result, I end up feeling disappointed and stupid. I would like to actively work on de-stressing more. Feeling more calm and centered. Maybe starting yoga again, even one time a week or every couple of weeks. Something to help me feel good and not like a tight ball of anxiety.
  • GAMES: I would like to beat one more than last year. So... 17 :D I would also like to begin reviewing games. Not necessarily this huge, in-depth process because I'll just stress myself out, but just various thoughts and opinions to look back on when I want a refresher, or to more accurately explain my feelings to others.
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Ooh, interesting! Let's see, I owe about $7,300 in student loans, and my credit debt (mostly due to my cat's ridiculous vet bills and surgery) is about $6000. If you factor in my boyfriend's debt, we're looking at about $70,000-$80,000! Yay school and crises! XDDD
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WITHOUT A DOUBT. It'd be so awesome to just try it out. :)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]This is going to sound so stupid and cliche, but I would totally say,

"OMG Pleaaassseeee enjoy your childhood! Yes! Climb all those trees! Bike errywhere with your siblings! Spend as much time with them and your family as you can! Also, learn to trust others besides your parents because they will hurt you someday."
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I'm quite surprised about the answers to this writer's block. Hitler? Really? Of COURSE he thought it was worth it. He was attempting to accomplish one of his greatest desires and thought he was RIGHT. How would he NOT think it was worth it? Because he died in the end? I'm hoping he was smart enough to have expected that. Such is the burden of being such a huge figure.

I'd ask the Czar family if they expected to die in the way they did, or if they thought there was anything they could have done to prevent what happened to them.
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Though I'm not 100% sure which was actually FIRST, I know I played Contra and Tetris and Mario Bros.

The second clearest memory is playing the SNES. I loooooved to play The Lion King and Super Mario Bros.
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A dragon, like those miniatures from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Or a velociraptor, because then at least I'd know where it was O_O
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Absolutely. Our country is fat enough!

Children really need that outlet not only to stay at least moderately healthy, but they also need to expend that energy. With the increase in homework, and indoor activities like tv and video games (not to mention it being too goddamn cold to go outside in winter here), they get all wound up. Having gym class will help them work it out and therefore be more likely to be able to concentrate, especially the more high-strung kids. I'm sure there are also a bunch of skills learned during gym class that would otherwise be lost.

Of course, there should be more comprehensive education vs the teacher being lazy and you play floor hockey for three weeks in a row. Pass/fail is also really stupid, especially if it's performance-based. My high school gym teacher didn't do that, but her colleague did. I'd've gotten a C and been extremely pissed off because my gpa meant everything to me at the time.

If phy ed wasn't required in schools I would likely have never taken it, and been unhealthier faster. When we get out of high school, those of us who aren't athletically inclined are far more prone to becoming immediately sedentary while also eating badly (face it, many teens prefer Taco Bell over making their own healthy meals).
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Paying off my debts, and Steve's debts. Student loans and credit cards first, hands down.
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First off, I would like to say that I think either half the people answering the question are liars, or only the "good" ones are answering, because I know A LOT of people who snoop on their significant other. I even know a girl who didn't want her boyfriend talking with this one girl, so she'd go into his email and facebook and delete any messages or emails she'd send him.

I don't think that you should snoop on your partner, no. It causes a lot of issues. I've read some of Steve's texts before and he's done the same to me, but never out of suspicion or anger. I remember him saying something to me a few months ago like, "If you read my texts, whatever you do DON'T go into my drafts folder. It's where I keep my list of gift ideas for you." And I haven't, because I know it's true.

The interesting thing about him is how trusting he is. He's like the perfect person when it comes to showing resiliency. He discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him with his best friend through their comments to each other on MySpace. Not messages, COMMENTS! Who knows what the hell they were messaging each other?! Most people would then be wary of the next social networking addict. But he's not. We're both very open about what we're doing. Anything we ask the other, we answer. Once I made a stupid drunken decision (something like, "HEYYY WE HAVE THE SAME PHONE LET'S EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERRRRS." I think. He might have asked me.) at a party with some douche, and when Steve asked who I was texting and I told him the story, he (rightfully, especially considering he's straight-edge and thinks drunk people are stupid) got angry with me. With no qualms I immediately texted the guy saying that we should no longer speak (he had been texting me a lot since the party, but only like one-word texts) because we had no reason to (which is true), and deleted the number out of my phone to show that I didn't mean any harm and it meant nothing to me. And all was well.

Now, I'm not perfect. I HAVE been snoopy before.

When I was with Dan, there was a serious lack of trust and we snooped on each other all the time (granted, we were together from the ages of 16-21, therefore started young). For me, I felt justified. I found lies everywhere I looked. One of the biggest lies was when I should have been smart and called it quits, but I'm a ninny. We were going to school four hours apart and he hadn't called me for a few days. I signed into his facebook to get a friend's phone number that he lived with, and being 18 and curious, I checked his messages. In there I found several between him and an ex, which hurt a lot because 1. He was NEVER close with his ex. They met in MEXICO on a mission trip, didn't live near each other, and didn't yet have licenses or cell phones and therefore rarely talked. 2. He went many stretches of time without any contact with me at all. The most recent one was dated the previous day, apologizing for not calling her back AFTER TALKING TO ME (when he'd always say he was tired and wanted to get off the phone, etc.). I confronted him; he outright lied about it, even after I told him I was staring directly at the message.

There were hints about him visiting her "again." When asked about this, he said she was referring to a long time ago and wanted to see him but he wouldn't. Of course, not believing him, I signed into MSN and started a conversation with her. To be fair, she sounded like she was only interested in hanging out and was totally open to talking to me, knowing who I was. What I learned from her was that he went to a different state to visit his friend and herself. That he drove like 6 hours to see them. When he couldn't be assed to even talk to me.

I was so mad that if he'd been present, I might have seriously scratched his eyes out. I was RAGING. We talked for like three hours as he tried to convince me to not break up with him. And eventually I relented. And then spent another 3 years of the same old shit. After we broke up but I continued to live with him for a time, a bunch more stuff I never knew about came trickling out of him. He thought it was funny, how much he lied to me.

I guess I have some issues after Dan, but I trust Steve. He's given me no reason to be suspicious of his behavior, so I treat him that way.

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I think I saw someone on Neopets with the username vixen_of_fire or something, and I, being a shameless 14-year-old, altered it to my own Neopets username. For awhile then I used vixenofflames for everything - AIM, Email, and oh! LiveJournal. I also went by "Vixie" on XBox live and other online sites. Because, you know, I was hawt.

I'll probably pay to change it in the future, as I am no longer a silly teenager ^_^

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No idea, but I just wanted to point out that the proper grammar is "Every day" in that type of usage.

"Everyday" is an adjective, and "every day" is an adjective plus a noun. The former means like... normal/common, things like that. The latter, which is what you meant, means "each day."

I had to make the difference very clear when getting my memorial tattoo for Mikey, because "Missing you... every day" is VASTLY different than "Missing you gets easier everyday," which would actually not even make sense at all in the context of the entire sentence. Missing you gets easier... normal? Commonplace? Whaaaa?
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I think it really depends on how the partner acts about it. I've always wanted to know about my boyfriend's exes, for various reasons. With Steve I've almost been obsessed with his past relationships, because I find him fascinating and want to know how he thought and felt and why he did what he did. For example, I originally became obsessed with Sally (his longest relationship) because she is a full 3 years younger than him, and when I realized that they started dating when she was 15 and he was 18, I was appalled and curious in a very morbid way. I just don't get the idea of dating that far apart in the teens, because so much happens. I was obsessed with knowing about his relationship with Courtney because I know Courtney now and find her enjoyable, but when we first started dating she was kind of a bitch about it (so was Sally even though she stole his best friend and cheated on him but whatever).

Steve's always found it kinda creepy that I want to know so much about his exes (for example I found his senior yearbook and Sally is in like half of the pictures in the whole yearbook I SWEAR, which means to me she was quite popular. Steve claims not to know if she was or not, to which I retorted, 'Must be because she was an EIGHTH GRADER when you started hanging out.'), and I'm okay with that. I just like to know everything about EVERYBODY, and that includes exes. I'm incredibly detail-oriented, and Steve is not, which is frustrating for me.

One thing I find interesting is that in all relationships I've had (including flings/fwbs) I've asked and been asked the number of partners one has had. I've been with Steve for almost 2 years, and he's never asked how many partners I've had, and I have made assumptions on the number of his based on his relationships (he's not a "sleep with people you're not committed to" kind of guy). I've always just figured one of our mutual friends told him, but maybe he's just not that interested.

Although, I found it the MOST adorable when, a month or two ago, he accidentally let slip that he got jealous when I would have to go meet Dan in order to trade some of our stuff back. At the time he had acted all, "I trust you and our love and I totally don't care that you're going to see your ex for like half a day, alone at your place. No biggie." and would later make fun of me, as he is wont to do. But when all the shit was going down around my birthday about Dan stealing my WoW account and me trying to get him to replace it, he admitted that he'd been jealous those times but knew they were childish feelings. Ahhh yesss, my boyfriend IS hooman. *smug*

As for me, I've been working on my jealousy issues. I've made A LOT of progress, I think. When I was with Dan (this was for five straight years mind you) I swear our relationship was BUILT from jealousy. He was so ridiculously jealous of everything I did, and I learned to act the same way. He and I did so much shit to each other that made it justified for the other to be suspicious of activities (my.. erm... "supporting" of Nate while he was in Iraq and after he returned, Dan sneaking off to A DIFFERENT STATE to get high and visit his ex, when we were going to different colleges 4 hours apart. Oh, and don't forget all the LYING he did.). With Steve I am not suspicious or worried ever, and he doesn't lie to me - he's got nothing to hide, and neither do I. But for some reason I get into a jealous and bitchy mood, and I know I'm being stupid and will say so and we'll talk about it, but it's still really immature and embarrassing. I'm always trying to fix it though.

All in all, I'd say I think you SHOULD hear about a person's exes, if not to find out the kind of people they date and what kind of person they are, then at least for sexual safety purposes.
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Fad resolutions are stupid, but I do have some goals that also coincide with... right now.
  • HEALTH: I need to work at my weight again. I've ballooned back up to 130+. I need to make healthier meals again. The reason I've been able to stay in the lower 120's the past year and a half was when I was basically starving myself. It's not healthy, and even though I know it works for the moment, the second I start eating, my body packs on the pounds. I have a slow metabolism anyway. I've started making yummy healthy lunches and watching my portions. I also plan on exercising more (I say "plan" because I use DDR in winter for exercise, and I'm waiting on one of the step plates to come in - Steve cracked one and we're afraid of damaging the delicate interior, so we ordered another). My goal for the summer is to get outside and put my new step-ups to good use, vs. sleeping all day.
  • FINANCES: Another that I'm working on is my finances. Steve and I are saving for our own place. I've been VERY good about putting a minimum of 10% of each paycheck into savings (and actually, I put 10% BEFORE taxes in, so it's a chunk more than my final checks) since we decided to start saving. I'm paying more than the minimum balance towards my student loans as well after each paycheck. My current goal is to get my credit card back to zero. I've been smart about my credit limit and have kept it low in comparison to many peers, so I have a lower balance total to pay off, haha. It's still a pretty good chunk of money, and I've been neglecting paying it off for far too long. I need to get a budget going again. US Bank is telling me they might start a budgeting category, and categorize your spending. I think it'd be a good slap in the face to tell me how much I actually spend on food and games. I need to limit my "fun" spending. I make enough money where I CAN buy whatever I want, but that doesn't mean I SHOULD ALWAYS.
  • FAMILY: I'd like to see more of my nephew. I need to spend some time with my sister. I have a goal of visiting her at least one weekend a month.
  • HOUSING: I have a goal to be moved into a place by April.
  • RELATIONSHIP: I have a goal of being less randomly, irrationally jealous. Steve doesn't deserve that, and I have no reason to be a bitch. When I'm being like this, and Steve asks me why, I will think and think and think, and I literally have NO IDEA why I'm feeling such raging jealousy. What the fuck, me? I need a better attitude overall, honestly. I get so shitty during the winter months.
  • SELF: I need to figure out a way to have higher self-esteem, to accept myself for the way I am. I spend a ridiculous amount of time pining for so many things that I just won't be, physically. Maybe read some books or something. I'm not ugly, so I don't know why I'm not okay with me.
  • GAMING: I don't have a number goal because that would stress me out, but I have a goal to actively play more games instead of taking forever to beat just one. I have over 200 games to beat - time to get to it! And read more manga and watch more anime!
I think that about covers it for now!

And I don't really think there's anything to do with "sticking" to them. I'm constantly working on making healthy eating a "lifestyle" vs a "diet," so I will struggle with ups and downs, but ultimately come back to the same place. Self-esteem and body image are also ongoing battles. A relationship always requires work. As do finances and housing.

I think I'll do very well on my goals this year. :)
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I don't like the way this question was posed, because it gave me the impression at first that we were talking about drugs/alcohol/gambling/sex, etc.

What kind of game are we talking about? I've spent entire nights playing the Sims, Spyro, Donkey Kong Country etc. as a teenager, and long car rides playing GameBoy as a child (and still play long stretches of a handheld). I can spend 6 hours playing a video game, with some breaks. Computer games that are strategy can always be played in long bursts. World of Warcraft has definitely proven that in long raids, players can go for 8-14 hours AT ONE TIME, not to mention whatever else they're doing in the game before and after the raid.

What's the line between addiction and habit? Well, what's the difference between spending 6 hours playing a video game, and 6 hours on Facebook/Myspace/The Internet?

I think a game becomes an addiction when it interferes with your daily life. When your children/pets/family becomes an annoyance, an interruption, to your game time. An addiction is when you pay your WoW account, but not your bills. When you don't leave the house ever and don't take care of yourself.

Otherwise, who cares if you spend four straight hours on a game? That time could be wasted in plenty of other ways too that really are the same concept - watching a tv show (such as an entire season of Lost?), talking on the phone, using the internet.
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A lot of the time, I think people will friend exes on places like Facebook because it's how the game works. It's showing that you're "mature" enough to handle being FB friends.

I'm friends with a couple exes on Facebook, one doesn't use social networking sites, and the other I had to recently remove and block, because I can't deal with him in my life right now (he's not a recent ex, unless almost 2 years ago counts as recent). I also talk with an ex via AIM once in awhile, but that's about it.

As for my boyfriend, he's friends with his ex on Facebook because it'd be more trouble and drama for him if he WASN'T her friend. They can quietly be FB friends without ever communicating vs 275465 texts asking him why he won't friend her.
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I think it really depends on how the break-up ended, and why. A dumper can be just as heartbroken as a dumpee in some cases. More often than not though, by the time a break-up happens, one person has already moved at least partially away from the relationship.

Personally, whether I've been the dumper or dumpee, I've never made a conscious decision to "stay single" or "date." It just happens if it happens! Which means, more often than not, I met a lot of people, guys and girls. If you're still in love with the person, in a way that means you are still hoping to get back together with them, you probably shouldn't date. You only look like an ass to people who try to date you. In that case, you should work toward coming to terms with those feelings and decide whether to move on or reconcile. If you've accepted the break up and plan to move on, I've found that moving on is easier when there's someone there (helloooo rebound!).

My ex refuses to have a rebound (or date, apparently), and we've been broken up over a year and a half (after having dated 5 years). He is unhappy, lonely, and holding onto the past. He's almost 24! He thinks his love life is over. Whereas I had a month-long rebound, and then moved on to a serious relationship (been together since May 2009), and I couldn't be happier.

So... which way is better?
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Bahhh. Bahahaha! Oh did they!

Just kidding. Overall I think I was raised pretty well; it's in raising me to be independent and think for myself that got them into trouble. My stepdad especially was not prepared for me to challenge him on anything when I became an adult. We've been in this limbo where if I do something wrong, I'm not acting like an "adult." However, if I stand up to him in any way, he tries to force me into a child's role, because that's where he's comfortable.

Looking at my actual childhood. Hmm. I suppose things I considered normal in my family, aren't? That's a stupid statement anyway because every family is different, but looking back I think I was punished far more harshly than I deserved. I didn't get nearly as much slack as my siblings (I'm the oldest), and I spent a good deal of my childhood grounded and in my room for minor infractions, including but not limited to:

-being up past my bedtime
-not getting all A's
-as a teenager, coming home more than 5 minutes past curfew
-not having chores done by 6pm
-self-injurous behavior
-hanging out with people after school without getting permission first (this all through my school years, even as a teenager)
-getting kicked out and then not coming home when demanded to

Eh. I'm whining now, but I definitely feel as if I was treated unfairly, especially when compared to my sister. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister more than life. And she got into worse situations than I did. There were a few times where things got physical with my mom and stepdad, but it was limited to pushing and the occasional belly bop. Bethany got into apparent fist fights with them (this was after I moved to Duluth), would leave for days at a time, and stopped going to school at 15.

My little brother though, I think in some ways he has it better than the two of us did, and some ways definitely worse. They give him a lot of attention and opportunities that they couldn't afford when I was growing up, such as piano lessons, multiple sports (and multiple teams at the same time if it's baseball - and youth sports is NOT cheap), they go to many events together and attend all of his games (and Paul coaches his football team). He has video game systems and his own tv, a decent bed, and actually gets to have friends over (I only got to have friends over on birthdays, and only 2 max). On the other hand, Paul is extremely hard on him about his weight as Paul is overweight and doesn't want August to turn out the same way. He gets bullied for getting dessert as well as how much or what he eats. Shit, let him be a kid! He's 12! They're hard on him about school too, but he's just starting to get into real school - he's in 6th grade.
We all got tons of shit for who we were friends with. My parents think they get to judge and criticize our friend choices, and apparently the best way to help you choose the "right" crowd is through bitching whenever whatever disapproved of friendship comes up. I hung out with burnouts, true, but I didn't do any drugs or drink until I was 20. I also am a more accepting and less judgmental person than they are, so I hung out with anyone I felt like as long as they're not assholes. When they became assholes, I stopped hanging out with them. Unfortunately, I think my parents took those as personal victories and meant that their bullying was effective. Bethany hung out with people they didn't like just to spite them, and people like Sarah turned out to be good. August is so young, and I really feel for him, having Paul breathing fire down his neck for hanging out with jerks. All boys are jerks at that age. He's popular; let him be. It'll work itself out.

The other biggest mistakes they made with me were:
1. The way they handled my self injurious behavior as a teen
2. The way they handled when I was sexually assaulted
The latter of the two however was as an adult and has had long-lasting effects on my day-to-day life and thinking, and it's been 2 years this month. I think that they consider it a closed case and have dusted their hands of the matter, but it deeply affects me regularly and has permanently damaged our relationship (moreso with my stepdad). I feel like a broken record, because I think about it so much it's almost as if I talk about it a lot too. I don't THINK I do, but it does relate to a lot of things in my present life. I've tried a few times to bring it up again for closure purposes, or to try again to get my point across (and ask a few questions to discover motives for why they/he behaved in such a manner - such as the name-calling, blaming, and breaking into my LJ to find out who I'm sleeping with wtf and demanding to know if I slept with Gleb wth do either of those have to do with anything?), but it always turns into near-immediate yelling on Paul's part and trying to say I'm holding a grudge and want to make sure he's never absolved of his mistakes, etc. etc. instead of just listening to me.  

As for my biological dad and stepmom, they were great. The biggest problems really were between them. They let us work most things out on our own, and while Pam is overprotective (and we were naive), we got incredible freedom that we rarely abused. Some of my fondest memories are with my sister and stepbrothers at the house in Columbia Heights. I suppose then they messed up in being too permissive, but honestly, with three highly rebellious boys, I don't see that it could have been done differently. They're all living with their choices, and not doing worse than any other average Joe. I can only think of one or two real times that my dad felt like punishing me, and it was a joke punishment, and he was just trying to show that he was the one in charge. Unlike my mom and stepdad, he was a Threatener, so I have no negative memories of him physically hurting me. I was spanked all the time by the other two. Mostly we just argued about politics :D

In sum, I turned out pretty well, I'd say. I'm not a drug addict, I rarely drink, I'm graduating college (and it only took me so long because I wasn't afraid to change majors, and because I made a few poor choices when depressed), have a Real Job, haven't lived at home in years, and am in a healthy, wonderful relationship. The effects of the way I was raised... I think I'm a little neurotic in some ways and I get stressed easily, but I also developed a wonderful sense of pride in things that I do without taking myself too seriously. I also recently developed an optimism to counteract the pessimism I had to be around. In order to balance the judgmental nature of my parents (though they always TAUGHT me not to judge. Do as I say not as I do!) I am much less judgmental than they are. Maybe they worsened with age, maybe I just never noticed. I realized my parents aren't all-knowing. I have an extremely high level of disclosure because I don't like to lie and they asked a lot of questions growing up. I'm intelligent, have a good sense of humor, and understand responsibility. No parents are perfect, you just have to try to screw up your kid less than the next guy.

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I think people would be a hell of a lot more mad at each other more often. We think so many random thoughts, and the point of having our brains as a filter is to decipher what is not appropriate to say in many different situations. If we could read each other's minds we'd have to try a lot harder to quell negative thoughts or opinions about a person - that is, tact would become almost useless. And privacy would go out the window, so if in a situation one person had feelings for the other, the receiver of these affectionate/dirty/whatever thoughts may be uncomfortable. And say goodbye to private thoughts in public! If the saying about how often we think of sex is true, talk about awkward. People like me who enjoy knowing EVERYTHING about people may fantasize about reading others' thoughts, but in reality I think we'd end up a lot more hurt than we anticipated. We have our inner voices for a reason. Life would be too complicated for us if we could read minds. 
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I relax most often in my room, under a comfy blanket or something. My favorite place though is laying in the backseat of my car, my iPod blasting some music and playing DS or simply taking in the sounds. My own little sanctuary.

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