Jan. 6th, 2014 03:17 pm
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Less than four minutes outside and my charged phone won't stay on! So we ended up combining mine and Steve's phone recordings... when we went back inside and checked, the wind chill put the temp at -45.

We wanted to get the temps for posterity, and school and many jobs have closed for the next couple of days. When we went outside, sans hat or gloves because, hey, we're Minnesotans! Ain't nobody got time for extraneous warmth items. Srs. But I mean, I also wanted to see what it was like for people who just DON'T have those luxuries. We were outside for a total combined time of MAYBE seven minutes (with going into the house a couple times to get the phone to work again), and my hands hurt for a good while after we came back inside. There is literally no way a person would not have died in that. I have no idea about the wild animals. Jeez.

Anyway, cute-ish video of me and Steve reading the temps. The temperature gauge was originally in the garage, which typically steadily reads at 10-degrees, so it provided us the ability to watch the temp drop.

Oh god.

Nov. 26th, 2012 10:07 pm
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It's happening again. I thought I was doing super well (and I was!!) because I didn't get my usual October Depression, but apparently it was just waiting around for me to get overwhelmed and busy, because it appears to be creeping up hardcore, just waiting for a catalyst. It became apparent when I realized on Saturday that I had missed a discussion for class (the first one I ever missed!) because I was so thrown off from working Black Friday (11:30pm Thursday-8am Friday) after Thanksgiving at my Mom's and also working Saturday. I realized something was amiss upon reflection because I absolutely had a tantrum about it when I realized the day/time and that I'd missed the discussion, as if that would have changed anything. It set in motion a spiral of mope that has culminated in me not yet turning in anything due for class today (due at 11:59pm) or the discussion due Saturday and instead wallowing in self-pity and apathy.

I appear to have forgotten that a schedule that is too full causes an opposite reaction from me, and even while I KNOW my super busy schedule won't last forever and there are a hundred atypical situations occurring right now, I just want to quit everything and hide under the blankets with all the lights off and maybe a candle going. Like, I see my calendar looking like this:

Here )
And I just want to cry. Remember that I also work every weekday on top of any appointments.

And yet, if you look at it, there are THREE trainings that I have/had this month which will not need to be repeated for a whole year, my tattoo appointments are FUN even if they're time-consuming (and I switched my next appointment from the 21st to December 6 so I wouldn't be upset about the time), and I won't need be going to the urologist again until February. And yet. I'm suffocating. I just need to get through this week and then my next month is blissfully empty right now. I will continue going to the chiropractor once a week and I will be working on my sleeve, and I have my two Face-to-Faces for class, but I can do it. I just need to remember that I can.

I asked Steve to cuddle me while I mope and it eventually turned into me holding up his upper half by the shoulders and he dead-weighted and then I said he looked like he was flying nonchalantly like Superman and then he slowly started to sway back and forth with a smug look on his face, which dissolved us into giggles for a solid couple of minutes. <3

And now, cram work time because I have less than two hours to do this assignment. Let's see if I can build the motivation.
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This weekend Steve and I, awkwardly accompanied by my old friend Isaiah (mentioned several times in 2008, and definitely mentioned in my high school years as well... the ones that made it into LJ, anyway [fuckin' GJ]) and his date, drove 4 hours down to Iowa and back for our good friend Tessie's wedding. This was the second wedding in which I saved Isaiah's ass and brought him, btw.

During the time in Iowa and on the way back, Steve and I spent the vast majority of the time discussing things we like and don't like, and what we'd want at our wedding (as we have done at all four of the weddings we've been to together and will likely do at the 5th, at the end of the month) - Like: songs like "Wonderwall" by Oasis, "Hallelujah", and "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie composed orchestrally. Dislike: Hay bales as seats. We consistently discuss the merits of dancing, as people these days do not seem to want to dance at weddings. We discussed our wedding party, and have this amazing plan for it. We know what song we're likely to dance to as our "first dance" and have a choreography plan as we will not be awkwardly slow-dancing, looking meaningfully into each other's eyes.

We ended the night listening to the mix Steve made me two months into our relationship and decided we could easily play it at our wedding. It's really, really good.

Then tonight, after over 3 years of dating, I finally went with Steve on one of his nighttime bike routes. There's this one area, a stretch behind a field that he calls "the heart of his bike ride", where it's dark and quiet, with fireflies everywhere and that earthy smell of a marsh nearby. It was incredibly romantic, and he said it reminds him of the scene in FFX with Yuna and Tidus in the water - beautiful, breathtaking, and it's only you there (of course we all know they totally did it). My heart swelled with love and we spent the rest of the ride making lovey-dovey eyes at each other and talking about how amazing our life is.

Whenever I think of him at night, alone, it reminds of this time he texted me while at this park we passed on our ride, like a month into dating, something like, "You make me want to CRY. in joy. And DIE. from cute." Of course in trying to find the exact quote in my text dump entries I read about a million heart-melty things he has said to me and I died over and over again.

He's just... the best. I love him so hard I could squeeze him to death and then be like an excited kid crushing their taco. Or something. I completely stole that idea from the Office. Only it wasn't a kid. Anyway, point being, Steve is for me, no doubt about it.
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Sooo, I'm reading this book based on the incredibly terrifying and gruesome Hi-Fi Murders. Steve says I'm morbid. I know I am. When I was in 11th grade and had to find a skeleton picture as the cover of my Shakespeare reviews or whatever, I spent hours discovering gory death pictures after that was the majority of search results. I haunted my dreams with awful ways people look after being murdered or committing suicide. The Hi-Fi murders are particularly horrible because they were planned deaths of random people. That is, the primary killer decided that he would horrifically murder anyone present during the robbery of an electronics store. The book is non-fiction, weaved together from interviews with the survivor and anyone involved (including the murderer) as well as testimony from the trials. The book is highly detailed to the level I desire, which only intensifies the effect. I've spent two lunch breaks with teary eyes wallowing in the despair the family experienced and is poignantly captured. I was talking to Steve about how amazing it is and at one point he burst out laughing because I "Leah'd" - a term with many definitions but is frequently referenced when I tell unnecessary details because *I* would want them (the example in question was where I was talking about an investigator and felt the need to explain that he was actually sort of retired and not the *main* investigator but it's still cool that the murderer in this case is also the murderer in the ONLY unsolved homicide he had). I was most moved by a man whose wife and 16-year-old son were both involved in the murders. He describes how it felt to face his dead wife in all her ruined glory and having to come to terms with the fact that the woman he was with for 36 years and was his "partner for life" was gone. Yep. Just gone. No more. The end. Never coming back. Over. And how he had to be strong while each of his other family members mourned after they arrived at the hospital and that he had to close off his heart to the fact that his life partner, who he was JUST talking to before she left to find their son (AND she was frantic with worry at the son not returning home yet and he told her she was overreacting. Think about THAT guilt), was dead forever. I explained to Steve that for me it would be a CONSTANT immediate back-and-forth where I would tell myself that information and then swiftly reject it with an "IMPOSSIBLE NO IT'S NOT TRUE IT'S NOT I CAN'T ACCEPT THAT FUCK YOU IT JUST SIMPLY IS NOT POSSIBLE I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS AND NO TAKE IT BACK." Rinse and repeat.

As a result, I should not have been surprised to have a similar heart-wrenching dream in which I left a church and drove by many crazed velociraptors (naturally) and when I arrived at his office building I KNEW that Steve had been attacked by raptors and I was frantically trying to find out where he was and I went to the hospital to find him and I was screaming for him and I knew he was dead but I couldn't accept it and I knew I would try to take it back when I found his mangled body and I kept willing him to be alive and not hurt. I woke up with my "trying to cry" face on, breathing all heavy and terrified. I immediately rolled over to Steve and cuddled him super hard and could not let go of him for several hours. And of course when I tried to fall back asleep I had to try to force the remnants of the dream away so I could stop trying to manipulate it and fail. My dreams like that go in endless circles as my brain refuses to allow a proper ending. But seriously, when I imagine that he could just *poof* and be gone just like that from my life, I feel exceptionally suffocatey and hyperventilatey and will it never to come to pass (which Steve also includes in my morbid thinking category). He is just the most important person in my life. If I think about it hard enough I want to keep him locked up at home so nothing bad could ever happen to him. Thank god I don't want kids because I'd freak every time they left the driveway. This exact thing is why I HATED the movie Practical Magic - the moment when Sandra Bullock thinks that she and her husband's love will overcome the curse but then there's that stupid cricket or whatever and she tries frantically to catch it but can't and her stupid husband dies anyway. NO. NO.

In other news, I officially applied to grad school for an ABS license, which will be a broad licensure allowing me to teach levels 1 and 2 of EBD, LD, and Autism and I can go back again to get licensed for 3 and 4. I went to the informational meeting and everyone there (prospective students as well as faculty) agreed that the type of license is a great investment and there's been a growing need for me-types.

Steve and I are also doing what we're calling "ghetto week" and seeing who can make the best of of $20 from Friday to Friday. This of course does not really include not spending anything, because it kind of ruins the fun. So we each got a $20 bill to spend on whatever we like for the week and we aren't allowed to spend anything more (excludes gas). It's easily doable, but we're so frivolous with the money we don't put in savings that it's a cute game for us to be frugal. Yes, we admit we are privileged, even with me working a crappy-paying job.
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My weekend was kind of a blur, mostly because I was deathly ill on Saturday.

Friday I was NOT IN THE MOOD for anything work because I was achey and my throat hurt. It was awesome then that only one of the four babies was present in the latter half of the day. But in the first half I had to continue working with the preschoolers on a dance myself and another teacher are preparing for the Spring Program, which entailed a lot of dancing and movement and was simply not cool. One of the parents of a baby let slip that one of the toddlers had bronchitis over the previous weekend (and said child had been coughing into my face all week), and I didn't know bronchitis was contagious. Now, I'm probably being a baby and don't have bronchitis since I have not been incubating a cold for a week or more or anything, but I've had a stuffy head, been feverish, severely aching and experiencing deep painful coughs that have contributed to a very unhappy throat. I've basically been overloading with DayQuil, Mucinex, Naproxen, and Emergen-C in an effort to rid myself of this BS as I am a giant crybaby when I'm sick and I hate going to work when sick. It seems to be relatively paying off, as my aches (the WORST for me, completely put me out of commission whenever I get them) have mostly subsided. The rest is manageable and I also bought cough drops, woo! But as a result, I lost the vast majority of my weekend to sleep/rolling around the bed/hobbling to various house locations pitifully, which was very disappointing as the weather was nice this weekend (in the 60's, where it's been in the 40's for the past week and will resume said crap this week). I was really motivated to get out and go running too!

I finished a Kindle book I recently purchased - 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. I purchased it when reading through a blog in which the woman was going through a job slump and she happened to mention keeping track of her time and trying to figure out how to make more time for herself in order to work on her core competencies and feel good about what she does. The book is pretty interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I really liked how she continuously reiterated the need to hone your skills and focus on what you're good at. A large part references families, but it's easy to apply to my own life as well. It's made me very excited to attend the informational meeting about graduate programs tomorrow. I also watched a documentary on the failing public school system on Netflix (Waiting for Superman, if you're interested), a really interesting documentary on being open-minded and taking a severely autistic (though high-functioning) boy to shamans to see if there's any way to help him (The Horse Boy), one on the Scrabble tournament in 2004, and a really cheesy one about quantum physics that actually presented some unique information that has made me want to project a more positive outlook on myself. Yeah, so I guess I knocked off a bunch of Netflix queue stuff, but didn't do anything I really wanted to.

Oh, I DID knit a quick scarf with some lovely new yarn
as seen here: )

Oh, and as long as I'm adding pics... )

Jenny, the woman who started dying my bangs, did awesome at letting the black mix with the pink and since I've stopped going to her (the drive is just so damn FAR), I've tried my damnedest to keep the look going. I think I do a pretty good job, and is very cheap - I paid $14 for the "demi-permanent" pink dye, and am getting many uses out of it. Versus $20-$40 a pop when going to Jenny, plus tip and gas both ways.

On Friday Steve and I spent the afternoon texting in Haiku. It was awesome and adorable and omg I love our relationship.

Pat broke up with Faith on Friday AT OUR HOUSE OVER THE PHONE and got back together with her today, which everyone in the friends group disagrees with and he will be receiving very deep glares from me over the next week.
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So, I had a really nice weekend. I took a half day on Friday for PTO and spent the afternoon and evening with the lovely Breanna and her man Lamin. Lamin is from Africa and so are the other people I met that they spend their time with. Lamin ADORES Bre and it's very obvious if you're with him for four seconds. It was really, really fun and Lamin made what he calls "African Sauce" - a mixture of an oily soup base with carrots, peppers, onions, etc. He also cooked drumsticks on the bone to the point that the meat just fell off when you ate it. They normally make it spicy but Lamin tried VERY hard to make it not spicy for me, the honored guest. It turned out very, very good. You just pour the whole thing over rice and yay! Nommy meal. Bre complained about the rice the whole time (it was very dry, I think because Lamin was concerned about keeping me too late and rushed it) while I just laughed at her because dry rice, while not preferred, is not a big deal. XD She's so funny. Lamin has a good sense of humor to match hers.

Oh, and I had to deal with lame work stuff WHILE ON PTO because that's how the job is sometimes. Bleh.

Conveniently this took until about 10pm, at which time I crashed at home for an hour and a half until I was surprised with.. GASP! Scavenger HUUUUNT! I was most thoroughly surprised/tricked AGAIN because Steve let me get all changed into comfy clothes and snuggle into bed. He kicked off the Hunt by taping the first clue to a confused Grim's cone (Grim was Mr. Freeze XD). It was Batman themed, so each person involved got be a villain for me to foil. Scott was a chilling and AMAZING Zsasz, Nick was the Joker, Noah was Calendar Man (complete with a calendar cape and shirt with an X'ed out 19 on it ahahah). Pat was the Riddler, and Faith was a nearly-nude captured Poison Ivy that I had to save (she was secluded from the boys' eyes in Pat's room and Pat was the one to write her part). Steve, was Alfred, my trusty Butler. It was so much fun.

Gifts I got include a Harley Quinn figure from Arkham Asylum, 2 Nintendo DS games, slippers from American Eagle, a full replacement set of hardcover Harry Potter books in a wizard's trunk from my AMAZING boyfriend (as my entire collection save for book 7 disappeared mysteriously a few years ago...), and a buttload of candy from my less money-fortunate friends. Oh, and Calendar man got me a calendar XD Pat went on about he had planned to prove me wrong and NOT give me an I.O.U. (I have no idea how many I've collected from him ahaha) but that the item was GUARANTEED shipping and it didn't arrive... so I got an I.O.U. A couple days later he finally checked his email and it turns out he never bought it because he entered his payment information wrong. I LOL'd. I win again!

Saturday it SNOWED. Like, 3 inches. The weather was trolling me hard that day. "Muahaha it's yo birfdai? HAVE SOME SNOW. >:D" It actually wasn't ALL that cold out and it will probably be melted by tomorrow as it's been in the mid-40's today and is supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow. Steve and I went to dinner with my parents on Sunday, and it was delicious! Prior to that Steve and I decided to hit the B-ville mall because we both needed to suck it up and buy some pants that actually FIT. Steve ended up with a good haul, including 3 pairs of "skinny" jeans from the Guys section. I say "skinny" because they're not skinny in the sense of girl pants skinny, which is what he normally wears. They are not leg-hugging like he is used to. I rather like it. Sexay ^_^ We were on our way to the Juniors section when we spotted my parents! I went BOUNDING towards them to surprise them, when I noticed they were carrying what was obviously gifts for me. I was like two feet away from them when I skidded to a halt and started shoving Steve away as fast as I could! We were able to hide from them in the slipper section, but they were rounding the escalators where we needed to be! For some reason they circled back, and Steve was like, "What if they come around that corner and see us crouching here?!" At which point I burst into quiet laughter and said that it would be hilarious. We were able to escape and sneak back upstairs and buy Steve's things and high-tail it out of there! We were very surprised when we saw August at dinner, because if he had been with them he SURELY would have seen us and ruined our noble plot not to spoil that we saw some of my gifts! Luckily they turned out to be last-minute bday gifts and not for Christmas so I didn't have to hold that secret for long. It was really fun to play Stealth Escape Mode.

I really hate spoiling surprises so if I ever do, I NEVER give it away that I knew. It just deflates the excitement the person has for the gift they're giving you! I never do it on purpose, because I LOVE being surprised.

We took Monday off as well, and while I enjoyed napping most of it away, I played a good chunk of Ar Tonelico. Steve was playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword all weekend. I had terrible sleep Monday night because I kept dreaming about work, all anxious and stressed out. Last night I dreamed about buying groceries and losing one of the bags with the perfect pizza in it, and going back to the grocery store and finding exotic Chobani yogurt flavors. :P

Grim hasn't been feeling well. He's not been eating, and he projectile vomited all over me and the bed this morning. He was too quick for me! So he's been spending copious amounts of time just laying in one spot. Poor guy :( But! The cone comes off today! I hope he improves then.


Oct. 10th, 2011 02:56 pm
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I had kind of a tough weekend in terms of my mood. I was irritable for a good portion of it, and at one point it was very obvious that I couldn't even handle making a choice on what I wanted to do. I was overwhelmed and just laid in bed and stared at the headboard for like 20 minutes. Then Steve and I went on a walk and talked about my issues. We determined that the problem is that I haven't been receiving enough alone time.

I love being with Steve. I love spending every minute of every day with him. But my brain needs recharge time. We have a very full schedule, which includes lots of seeing friends, and not to mention personal training, which is not very flexible. It gets to be a lot for me. I became so "full" this weekend that I kinda had an overload and my dummy pilot took over and made me do absolutely nothing until I got the bare minimum of charge back into my batteries.

Steve fully encouraged me to let him know if I need quiet time or alone time. He's amazing and completely understanding, and it actually kinda seemed like he had just been waiting for me to ask him for some "me" time, because he'd already figured out what my problem was and knew that if he suggested it I'd be all Noooo because that's what I do. And because I feel guilty even though that's what I need and he's totally fine with that. Steve knows that I get a lot less Leah time than in the past, because at least when I worked overnights I had like 6 hours to do all my Leah stuff to relax. I steal that time from my current job, but only in bits and pieces and under penalty of feeling like a bad employee. So. From now on I will work to ask for time when I need it.

I feel a lot better about that now.


Aug. 29th, 2011 10:13 am
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I arrived home on Saturday, about noon-thirty. I was supposed to call Steve when I was a half-hour away, but my phone died after our conversation at 8am. It was adorable coming home to so many kisses and hugs. It also felt surreal, like I'd been away for a very long time. It was good.

I showed him my new piercing, we got Chipotle, and we talked. I napped... or... I should say, I went to bed at like 5:30, woke up around 8:30, and went to bed again when Steve crawled in.

Yesterday we marveled at all the time we now have together on weekends. No more "Steve is sleeping for half the day and Leah needs to find something to do" and no more "Steve has to work soon - and then find something to do while Leah sleeps". We got bad-for-you but SO DELICIOUS Culver's and Caribou, went shopping in Burnsville for Steve (he got work shoes), bought a few noms for the next couple days, got my eyebrows done, and we found two great games at our fave Gamestop: Spectral Force 3 for cheap (I coveted it like I do when I find a game I want), and SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA. We've had the sequel for a LONG time. It was still $30, spendy for a PS2 game, but it was an amazing, rare find. The disc was immaculate, the game book never removed.

We talked about our money and saving and paying off our loans with Steve's additional funds added, and buying a house. Steve asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how serious I would be about buying his parents' house if we could. When he asked the question, we were driving there to do some laundry. At the time, I was feeling between a 6.5 and a 7.5. We talked more about what changes we would make to it, and how doable it would be. We agreed the kitchen would be tackled first, shortening the dining room to extend the kitchen and move the fridge so we can have a bar/counter. Steve proposed an amazing idea of knocking out the wall between his old room and his dad's room, and diving his dad's room into three parts - one would be an addition to Steve's bedroom, and the other half would be divided into a walk-in closet, and the wall dividing the bathroom and Steve's dad's room would be knocked out, and extended into a jacuzzi tub. Lofty goal, but a great idea. Without all the couches and tvs and stuff, Steve's old room is definitely bigger than I remember. We could totally make it into a master bedroom (I swear the house doesn't actually have one). Trinity's room would continue to be a "cat" room, and we would keep the door closed, with a kitty door made into the door so the stink of cat poop doesn't permeate the house. We toured the backyard together and were able to appreciate it well. No one uses it. It's a nice size, with a built-in fire pit. We discussed the idea of a fence. And we would definitely put in a deck ASAP. By the end of our conversation my interest in the house was up to about an 8. Steve said his parents pay about $1100/month on it, which we could do.

When we were leaving, we noticed a similar house on the next block that had been foreclosed on. It had an information sheet on the house specs, and it's selling for only $129,900, far lower than Steve estimated his parents would want to sell theirs for. This kind of gave us hope that once his parents see the market, they'll want to sell theirs cheaper too. According to MN realty, a 5% down payment on that house would be around $6500, with a monthly payment at like $1080 or something. Steve and I could easily save for a $7000 down payment. I threw in the idea of keeping most of our "couple" Christmas money and saving it for one. But we love giving each other gifts, so we'll likely spend SOME still. Anyway, excited.

Then we came home and organized the fridge, and I FINALLY tackled all of my random work papers. Steve gave me his blessing to turn our desk into a Leah's Work Desk, and that's been great too. Now all I need is better service for my Droid. Speaking of which, it's 10am and I still haven't listened to all the voicemails received when I was gone. I read and answered all necessary emails last night to take some stress off, and I only have 12 voicemails, but GOD do I hate voicemails. Ugh. And immediately at 8am I started getting calls. I'm so popular.

We spent most of the evening playing Nintendo Monopoly. I did pretty well at the beginning, but then Steve just KICKED MY ASS. It was so funny. He kept making all these silly deals with me so that I wouldn't go bankrupt, but all it did was make my loss slow and painful XDDD It was really, really fun. <3 After that we pretty much crashed at 9:30. It was super awesome to get to sleep together. The novelty of sleeping and waking at the same time will take a long time to wear off. We got up together and showered, and I made breakfast. Then Steve got all dapper and went off to his first day of Real Work! Squeee!

The weather has cooled immensely here in the mornings and evenings. It feels so eerie, compared to the weeks and weeks of 90-degree weather. I've been chilly even under the comforter. Having Steve to cuddle against helps a lot.

Okay, gotta get to work. I have two appointments today, but really I only have one - One of them is an assertive outreach, where you show up on someone's doorstep because they've been avoiding you. It's fun (NOT).

If you have any recommendations for artists similar to LIGHTS (like the light, breathy quality with synth), throw em my way. I need some good female artists.

Oh, and I promise to write about my trip soon!


Aug. 3rd, 2011 12:10 am
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I just set up an adorable scavenger hunt for Steve when he gets home today! I can barely contain myself. The prizes include an Arnie Palmer drink, a Reese's fast break, two shiny new work shirts (nothing fancy, just Target polos to go under his work shirt), a kiss from yours truly, and CATHERINE, which he has been jonesing omgsohardcore for. He wanted this game before they even announced an American version.

It's gonna be so great! It's been a long time since I've been able to secretly execute something so fun :DDD
spritechan: (Avatar - Kataang Forever) one where I can pick up a bottle of cleaner from the bath tub and say, "Hey cutie, did you clean the bathroom or something? The toilet cleaner is sitting out."

And the response I get is, "Oh, I was reading the label while I was pooping."
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I really love the personality each sprite has. They are too adorable. It looks exactly how I wanted it, to be honest. It wraps nicely - the tattooist, Mike, took that very seriously. Steve said I "win" on who has the better tattoo, because it looks really good and is "cuter" and more colorful than his. Not that he doesn't like his as well, of course :)

Steve's tattoo )

Steve's going to get his Charmander touched up in about a month, and while he's there he's going to get the cactuar outlined, and I'm going to get any light spots filled in and especially the white reworked on (it's like magic! the white didn't show up for like 5 hours so he obvs didn't know what spots he missed). The tattooist was really cool and fun (though he criticized both my leg tattoos - said the scorpion was backwards but I requested it that way at the time and still enjoy the orientation of it, and that the words on my Mikey tattoo will run together after awhile, which I assumed was inevitable. I thought about pointing out that he just got his wife's LIPS tattooed on his neck and that they looked like they were done in crayon, but refrained XD).

I can definitely see where girls who get like a set of 4 small stars think that tattooing is nothing - being able to jump around on a bunch of unconnected small spaces feels incredibly different than a larger piece. For some reason I don't remember my shoulder piece being all that painful, even though we did it in one four-hour session, but my Rika tattoo was incredibly painful in a few areas, especially where the artist wanted to ensure that the white would stick over the teal of her dress. I shudder when I think of him grinding the needle into the soft fat of my back over and over again XD
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So... ended up having to stay late to assist a client who's not even mine (I was on day coverage, where you assist when another case manager is unavailable), and now it's too late for me to go home without feeling like it was a waste of gas, since I need to be going the opposite direction in like an hour to pick up a package from Minneapolis.

Backing up!

This weekend was mine and Steve's second anniversary. Saturday night Steve had to work, so I tried to stay up late working on an adorable present for him (HE DOESN'T USUALLY READ MY JOURNAL BUT IF HE HAPPENS TO BE READING HE BETTER STOP OR SPOILERS) for his birthday, a cross-stitched 3D weighted companion cube. XD His birthday's on the 14th of June. When he got home we had sexy debauchery, and then gift exchange. I was only able to give him one of my two presents because UPS is a cunt and kept NOT delivering the package.

I was notified on the 24th that they needed an apartment number. I called them. I told them there is NO apartment number, but if it makes them feel better, they can list apartment 1.

On the 25th, they called and said they couldn't deliver without an apartment number. I told them there is no apartment number, but if it makes them feel better, they can list apartment 1. They confirmed I've already told them this because it was in their system.

On the 26th, I received a call saying they could not deliver without an apartment number. I reminded them that there is no apartment number, and they can list apartment 1 if it makes them feel better. They confirmed I've already told them this because it was in their system.

On the 27th, they called to say they were delivering and it should be at my place by 4:30. At 5pm I called them. They said they tried to deliver (THEY DID NOT) but they couldn't because there was no apartment number and confirmed that I GAVE THEM AN UPDATE. The lady said it would be delivered by 8pm. At 9pm I called and asked why the fuck it wasn't delivered. I was told they never got around to it and it would not be delivered until Tuesday the 31st because of the holiday.

Today, I received a call at 8:30am saying they would deliver today. We went through the same schpiel. I asked Steve to stay up and watch for it because I was required to be at the office all day. At 1:30pm, he checked the tracking. At 10:31am it is listed that the package could not be delivered because of no apartment number.


Steve says he was literally propped in front of the window, running to the door any time he heard a truck noise and even went outside when he thought he heard knocking, even though we can see the door from the window. THEY DID NOT TRY TO DELIVER. My guess is they just kept repeating the same shit and NEVER tried to deliver after seeing the original note.

At this point, I am seeing RED. I called UPS, in near hysterics, and told the nice guy I am VERY upset with them. He listened to my story, confirmed everything I said, and basically said it looked like they did not, in fact, even attempt to deliver today. But the package was on the truck. He was able to change the delivery method to pick up, as the website says it will be returned to sender tomorrow, and I obviously can't trust them to deliver it. I was unable to change it myself because the website put my package on "exception." Whatever.

An hour later I got a call from a woman wanting me to explain the whole situation, and the thing is, I seriously don't get the difference between my apartment and the others. Their doors are set up exactly like mine - just a door. A LOCKED door. There are no calling systems, no buttons, no slots per apartment. It seriously SHOULD NOT matter that I didn't list an apartment, at least for the purpose of GOING TO THE FUCKING DOOR AND KNOCKING before saying it was impossible to deliver. She said that she found it weird because the same guy's been working my route for years. Well, he's a fucktard.

So because of all this, I could not give Steve his ADORABLE second gift. I got him 999 for DS (look it up, it's like Saw/Higurashi), and the package was Nintendo Monopoly, for the purpose of cute fun board games! He loved the idea and totally got why I was crushed at not being able to give it to him the day of.

He got me a super cute children's book of My Neighbor Totoro, an AWESOME necklace modeled after Ryuk's earring (OMGGGG YES), and the first book of Chobits. We are best EVAR.

Most of the rest of the weekend was either spent with nookie, or naps, or Final Fantasy VI/999 (I'm SO CLOSE to beating it, and I'm super OP because I'm trying to complete it). We also got our appointments set up for next weekend for tattoos, which are our MAIN anniversary gifts to each other - the other stuff was just extra cuteness! He's getting a cactuar on his other calf, and I'm starting my Miyazaki sleeve with Soot Sprites! They'll be winding up my forearm, and they'll have the candies! We were quoted much cheaper than expected, and sooner than expected, and the guy didn't poop on our ideas. Yay!!

P.S. Steve and I have now begun calling when I get mad "kicking off my shoes" because of a hilarious part in a Jon & Kate plus 8 episode where Madi is wearing dress-up heels and suddenly gets super pissed and did this hilarious jump-kick thing and her shoes flew so comically and effectively off. That's SO me XD I also asked Steve what percentage of the time he is annoyed with me, and he landed on 2-percent  - that which usually is when I get RAGING mad at a video game or kick off my shoes about dumb shit like the weather. So I got really mad at FFVI yesterday in a cave, and when Steve offered to help me get out of my tough spot, I said, "Do you still love me?" (we do this as a silly thing, not an actual co-dependent thing), and he said, "All but 2-percent of me does!"

Omg. It was so funny. I laughed so hard.

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It's cute when you ask your boyfriend what he's doing at work and he says,

"Just thinking about the future a lot actually! XD"

I reply, "Whatcha thinking bout?!"

He says, "Everything! What I wanna go back to school for, where and when we will go when we leave MN, how many kids I want, the timing of the kids, etc! So much to think about!"



I feel guilty when I eat cereal. Cause like, I KNOW I shouldn't be consuming so much grain. Bread too. But right now, cereal is the easiest way to not spend so much money while being able to get enough for both of us before we move. And Steve has already promised me that he's basically switching to a cereal diet when we move, because that's how he likes it. So I might have to plan for food for just me, other than bentos and the occasional meal. I want that book on nutrition, dammit! I'm pretty much obsessed with food, and Steve takes any chance he gets to point out that I sound just like my parents, and that I'm kind of a "food elitist" now. Which... is likely true, but I didn't realize how important food was before!

As a result of his trying to make me feel guilty for stopping drinking energy drinks, I was teasing him the other day that in drinking his energy drinks, he's basically consuming pure cancer. XD He's cut way back though - I haven't seen him drink any at home in awhile. He's actually down to one a day. Tea is like my lifesaver. It helps me consume a lot more water than I normally would have (and I currently only drink out of a travel mug, so it's 16oz - and hey, I just noticed it's a Starbucks mug... weird! I don't drink Starbucks), AND keeps me from drinking soda.

Kitty baby

Feb. 15th, 2011 09:12 pm
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Pathetic kitty with shaved arm XD

I can already tell the difference in him from the last time. This hospital ain't cheap (Bill was $1600), but they were worth their money. He was not grumpy or loopy when I brought him home, whereas from Banfield he was groggy and flipping out and didn't want to move. Grim has bright eyes and is affectionate. He's eating pretty well (though he still won't touch the wet stuff - what kind of cat is he?!) and drinking, and he's had TWO normal pees. They told me that him never peeing more than drops for the last week was really concerning, and meant that his blockage was likely not corrected the first time. GRR!!!

They also gave me antibiotics and muscle relaxers along with painkillers this time. He's only gone to the litterbox twice with YAY success, versus all last week when he was basically LIVING in there with very little success. Of course, I was reminded a million times that he can get messed up again ANY SECOND, but I'm crossing my fingers that he's going to be good eating the special food.

I found someone to cover me on short notice for tonight which helps A LOT, because otherwise I'd be spending every second at work being worried. Not to mention I haven't slept yet - I took a nap from 11:30am-1:30pm but was too tightly wound to sleep after I heard I could take him home today.

At the moment, life is great. <3
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I had a pretty awful day yesterday and ended up spending almost the entirety of the day at the vet and then the emergency clinic, and most of the time spent inbetween was through moping and sleeping.

Grimmy got blocked up again, and acted the same as last time: tried to pee, sat on the floor, meowed mournfully and gave me reproachful looks. When they looked at him they said he was worse than last time and they'd want to leave the catheter in for a few days. Money spent: $310. Then they recommended taking him to a 24-hour clinic nearby so he can be monitored at all times. What I didn't know was that this place is actually where the kings of the world visit when they want to stay at a hotel. The bill range for keeping Grim there? $1300 to $2500. Soooo... since the 5th I have spent a minimum of $2500 on this.

Now, money is just money. Grim is far more important to me than any money. HOWEVER. Vets here don't allow payment plans. They require everything up-front RIGHT NOW. So for people like me who make around $1000 every two weeks, it's going to hurt. People wonder why our society views pets as disposable. I would be sitting so pretty if I'd have just paid to put Grim down. And what happens if he gets sick AGAIN (which is, sadly, quite common) and I can't afford it? I couldn't even afford it NOW - the vet allowed me to open a $3000-limit credit line with a 27% interest rate if I don't pay it off quickly. I have enough if I use my credit cards and my entire savings, but I need to be able to pay my other bills and rent too. It's ridiculous and sad. 

Despite this bullshit, I still am steadfastly not going to give up on Grim. There is what's considered the "three strike rule" with his condition, and after the third blockage they recommend surgery. The surgery itself sounds horrific: they remove the most distal part of the penis and widen the opening, while creating a new urethra and bypass the old one. The issue again is: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST. Nowhere I've looked gives numbers, except for in Canada for $1200. Unfortunately, Canada is not the US and probably has better rates. Not to mention the healing process. I really, desperately hope it doesn't come to that.

I became very angry when I got an update from them. I didn't want them to do bloodwork, because last week it showed he was within normal ranges. I was told they "pretty much have to - no, they HAVE to." And, as I thought, it was FINE. I am a very aware parent, and I would not let him suffer. I mean, I was on constant alert, and he was still able to get some pee out, so I figured his kidneys were okay. And they are. And fuck you for taking my money. What I DID pay for that I didn't EXACTLY (on the outright) need to was to replace the catheter. They said that the one in him was very rigid and at risk for kinda making things worse with inflammation, so they "offered" to replace it with a softer one. In the call they said it was good I agreed because it was actually kinked and now he's more comfortable. Half the problem is that he's in pain and therefore his urinary sphincter closes as a reaction and prevents him from peeing. He needs to be comfortable in order to pee. It's a vicious cycle. Ugh.

Steve and I still went out to eat, a quiet lunch, and exchanged gifts (in a more subdued fashion than normal). I got him a tshirt with an adorable moogle on it and Epic Mickey (it was on sale on Amazon and I had a gift card), and he modeled, photoshopped, and framed an adorable inside cuteness. Instead of the big dango family, he made dangos with a danbo and made it the big danbo family using engrish and other cute phrases. It was adorable and great. I love homemade gifts. I also gave him a cute handmade card with Link and heart pieces and drew pictures and wrote all over it. Last year on our anniversary I bought him a card (my family is a family of Card Buyers) and he made me one that ended up being a billion times better, so I had to one-up him. Especially because he still makes fun of me for buying him a card ;)

He has been wonderful through all this. He wants to comfort me but I think I push him away, because a hug isn't going to fix my problems. Talking with him helps, and him being understanding about my need to feel these sad feelings and be depressed and sleep and sit on the floor of the shower and have a flat affect and appear cold is really helpful. He's there for me all the way, and I'm grateful for him.

Aaaanyway, I'm ridiculously depressed and mopey. Gonna eat some food and stare at the wall a lot wishing I could be home in bed. Keep Grim in your thoughts!
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Okay! Cutie vacay was a success! We did NOT leave the house after Saturday (and we only did that to mail cute gifts) until Wednesday when I had to work. Yay!

We had a list of things to do. These included:
-Get new music (Because Steve is notoriously bad at keeping up with his bjillion bands)
-Finish Kirby's Dream Land 3
-Start a new game/Finish a game
-Finish a manga
-Finish Cowboy Bebop
-Start a new anime
-Watch L: Change the World
-Finish the current Stephen King story
-Leah actually play some of her games

Ummm... I THINK that's all? We managed to do EVERYTHING on the list except get new music :D We beat the original Mario (Steve bought me the collector's edition for the Wii that includes 1, 2, 3, and Lost Levels, and now all we need to do is beat Lost Levels), got everything done in Kirby's Dream Land 3, I finished the Otomen I was reading and Steve read K-ON, we started an anime on Netflix called Noein (it's odd so far but intriguing, reminds me kinda like Shakugan no Shana), played soooo much DDR (even though I can't progress in DDR X because it keeps freezing at the start of my damn song, so I've just been playing a ton of In The Groove), L: Change the World was GREAT (It's following L around, and takes place BASICALLY after the live-action Death Note movie storyline, but not quite after), and I finally beat Golden Sun and started Witch's Wish.

It was so fun! I love Steve so much!

Now it's back to the old grind. I'm job hunting relentlessly, and we're getting prepared to apartment hunt for real next month. I want a job that applies my degree, by the way. I'm taking written exams next month and the month after for positions as either a Case Aide or a Social Worker. I'm looking very vigilantly for government jobs (Department of Human Services), because that would be great. I've also opened up for opportunities to move to more rural areas where they need workers. I just really don't think I could compete for a job in St. Paul/Minneapolis, because I'm not technically a Social Worker. I also actually applied for two positions involving sexuality education, and I hope soooo much to at least get consideration. I've been waiting YEARS for a position to open up. I'm really really good for the job. Steve's got a nibble right now for a modeling job (modeling as in creating, not showing his sexy bod), and it's also located rurally (for us). We actually may end up moving outside of the cities, who knows! I kinda hope not, and I'm sure he doesn't want to live in the boonies, either. I bet we'd just move to a suburb a little farther out of the cities, like Bloomington (by Mall of America for those of you who've been there), which is still very close to the cities. We'd just have to reconcile longer drives to work.
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Here's what I got for Xmas from Steve:

This way~ )

These are:
  • Super Mario Bros. collection of games (1, 2, 3 and Lost Levels)
  • When They Cry season 1 (Higurashi no Naku Koroni)
  • A Joker plush to add to my car collection (It was funny to me because just a couple weeks ago I had seen the Batman plushes at Suncoast and went all homo for them and Steve had already gotten me the Joker XD)
  • A book about Stephen King's works (It's like my own personal Ripley's Believe It or Not and I keep having to tell Steve every little thing I learn about stories)
  • A Sgt. Frog messenger bag (ZOMG TAMAMA IS THE BEST)
  • And a Gir hoodie! ♥ ♥ ♥
Here's the inside cover to my Higurashi season. So cute! )
So good and exciting!

I got him-
Hoshigami for PS1
A new PSP with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep in the package (his old PSP was falling apart and we needed the game!)
A sushi shirt!
And a 5-pack of socks because he always destroys them. I bought them each seperately but from the same store. I guess MOST men don't like fun socks, but Steve likes socks that aren't either plain white or old man dress socks. And it's tough to find argyle socks that don't end at the ankle (aka he likes the pattern to continue to the foot so you can see it). And when I typed in things like "men's patterned socks" in Google, half of what I pulled up for images was porn for some reason, lol. But I got him okay socks. Last year I got him som argyle ones from Old Navy, but I couldn't find them this year.

Tomorrow (today) we're gonna brave MOAR SNOW (it's snowed 2 inches already and is expected to be around 6 or so) and drive to my mom's for 2 Xmases, at 9:30 and at Noon. Then we're probs gonna come back here and sleep for awhile, and then drive the 4-5 hours up north to spend the weekend with Steve's family.
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-I was able to convince my parents to let me buy my 12-year-old brother August Halo: Reach. They're buying him XBox Live, and Mom wanted him to have the HP game. So, the rest of his friends are online playing Halo or CoD, and he gets to play Harry Potter, yayyyy! Paul wasn't really hard to convince, really. But I hope he's happy with it (he wants Assassin's Creed more, but no).

-Lunch with Paul was fast, and actually really nice. I can honestly say I didn't expect to feel that at ease.

-Bethany called me to worry about apartment stuff and gossip about someone we both know. Her saying things like, "Sorry I'm talking so much I need to tell someone/I have no one to talk to" is adorable. She of course has her bf Tony and her bff Sarah, but I think that they're not enough to talk to sometimes. And Mom's busy. So me! Default win.

-Steve. He's just... the best.

-Emails from Suzi are always a treat, even if they are inconsistent :)

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For my own clarification, I haven't yet decided whether to close that original account completely (the one linked to my mom and stepdad's account from when I was a teen and had to), because I'm a baby and JUST got a bunch of checks for it and don't wanna~ order new ones for my new account :P

As for gifts, I have most of them down. Still need to buy for a few people, but I think I have almost all my gifts picked out. I'm going to talk to Paul tomorrow when we meet for lunch about what to get his parents, and gotta ask my dad on Saturday what HE wants, but otherwise I think I'm pretty much set :) So much money spent this year for xmas, holy crap. I swear to god I've spent over $600 already ($250 on Steve alone... what can I say? I spoil him - he deserves it), and still have people to go! Though I must say, it feels really nice to be able to comfortably spend that much. I really do have a good, cushy position even if I don't really like it. Every time I'm making a frowny face because I spent so much money "already," I look into my savings and it's like, "Oh yeah! It's not a LOT, but I have been saving and am doing really well right now." 

I love Steve and am very thankful for him. A coworker, Chuehue, and I talk for a few minutes at the end of every weekend after shift change is over. He's a middle-aged Asian man with perfect sly anime teeth, a very soft voice, and endearing narrow eyes that are so genuine. We discuss family, love, and school/work. When lamenting about Steve's schooling issues to him, he looked at me thoughtfully and said, "If he did go to the other school, maybe life would have been very different. Maybe you two would not have ever met." And I sat there, stunned. I mean, I've considered this before, but I somehow manage to forget. And the way he said it really made me go over it again.

If Steve didn't go to Brown, he wouldn't have met Pat. If he didn't meet Pat he never would have hung out with Bryce (though he would have known him through Andy). If I didn't go to Kiki's that fateful day before I broke up with Dan, I might not have met Bryce (or at least probably wouldn't have talked to him outside of parties at Kiki's - same with Pat, I thought he was just another burnout when I first met him). If I never dated Bryce and became friendlier with Pat/Maggie, I never would have been introduced to Steve. If I stopped hanging out with the group after Bryce and I stopped dating, Steve and I would never have dated. Pat and Maggie were head-over-heels for me, but that fades with loss of contact. I probably would have continued working at the middle school, and hung out with the girls more, partied more, and maybe would have continued smoking pot semi-regularly. I might have dated Eric Gleisner again, and I don't know what's behind that door. Funny how life works, isn't it? What-if's are really eye-opening sometimes.

For what it's worth, I'm happy with my life. I get to be myself with a man who gets me and supports me in so many ways. We rarely fight, and our fights aren't really considered fights compared to others. More like arguments where we both get worked up and then talk it out while feeling negative feelings. Versus yelling, tears, storming out, flying objects, pushing, etc. It's just smooth sailing, and it's so... nice. :)



Nov. 22nd, 2010 03:55 am
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Ah! On Friday I turned 23. So. I pretty much spent my birthday weekend doing everything that I wanted to do.

On Thursday night Steve and I went to the theater at 10:30 to get our seats for Harry Potter. Our theater was already full. We were able to snag three seats toward the front (the third for Nick). We assumed that Nick's sister would be in a different theater, and we KNEW Pat and Faith would be in a different theater, having bought their tickets the day of. We just hung out and played our DSiXLs. There were a TON of teenagers running around with wands and a quaffle playing Quidditch. And many more dressed up of course. It was cute to see other Huffpuffs. Steve mentioned to me that he thought there's no Ravenclaw love out there. I personally know a few people who I think would be in Ravenclaw (looking at you, Athena. Though I think you'd also be great in Slytherin).
The movie? AMAZING. omg. omg. Yes. 
Of course, I'm the only one who remembered that in the book Wormtail's own hand turns on him, and that X. Lovegood's horn thing goes off (though it WAS in the background of the scene), and that Bellatrix calls Voldemort and he shows after the kids escape and punishes everyone. Though speaking to that scene, Emma Watson did AMAZING on her tortured screams. Gives me the shivers. We all know the most awkward scene was the part where Ron pictures Harry and Hermione apparently nakedly making out after having been processed in Photoshop. And Daniel Radcliffe is far too short to be taken seriously. Ever. Ron has a barrel chest which causes LOLs but is still YES, and Emma is soooo beautiful. Very. Oh, and the humor in the movie was super great too. Nngh! Love HP 4eva.

After the movie me, Nick, Pat, Faith, Courtney and Steve went to Perkins and just hung out and chilled. Courtney made me an adorable card, which I forgot to take a picture of but will add when I get home.

Steve got me:
-A coupon for one "decision" that he must make. It was a "joke" gift, because neither of us likes to make decisions on where to eat, or what to do, or what. It was sooo cute. The background is a watermark of Haruhi pulling on Kyon. Adorable.
-A manga themed around autism which I found very funny as well as adorable, but he was serious in thinking I would enjoy it, as I find ways all the time to bring autism in discussion (such as the other night when I told my dad his dog had autism tendencies, but I can't remember what he did!)
-A sushikin stuffed animal for my car (see cut).
-The first Ouendan game (he got my the 2nd for my last birthday). I loooove Ouendan!
-A remote car starter kit for mah car!
-The Killing Joke, in hardcover and completely colored. (See cut)

Soooo good!

My friends planned a scavenger hunt for me, and it was MAX great. Steve tricked me and ditched me at home around midnight and since he knows me so well, knew that I'd hop on the computer or check my phone. Problem is, I didn't know he was leaving, so I went and futzed around doing laundry for like 15 minutes before I discovered that I was to scavenge! It was World of Warcraft themed, and I got to tank and heal and do quests all around town (as a Tauren Drood)! It was super awesome and funny.

At Nick's first station, in a park, I had a quest to retrieve his lost trinket, which took me far longer to find than it should have - I walked over it three times! XD My next quest was to buy myself some energy drink with my reward money from the previous quest (Faith ran that one). My third quest was to retrieve Snickers bars from Pat's car farm (they were actually monsters disguised as Snickers). Pat's was incredibly funny, because Steve wrote their lines, and it was all about how Pat was gay (Pat is at least bi, if not gay. It's true, even if he says it's only curiousity. I'm trying always to make him come to terms with it).

Then I had to bring Steve the heads of gummie bears (he really made me bite off the heads before he accepted them XD), and then had to act as a tank against Joe Waid to save Steve in an escort quest. Then they mixed games by making me kill 5 slimes (From Dragon Quest Heroes) and bringing their insides (tootsie rolls) to Nick.

THEN I had to go to another park and heal Pat while he fought another evil Joe Waid (moar gay jokes). Lastly, I had to go to Nicks and team up with Courtney and Faith, who were DPS, and were joined by Steve, who was our pug tank, and we had to battle Boss Nick, who somehow had a costume that looked like a sorcerer's or something. After all that, we went in the house and they had made an AMAZING Horde-themed cake for me (see cut) and Nick and Joe Waid had bought me all the WoW games! Awww! But in order to get to the games I had to open the chest they were in (they really made it look like a treasure chest).

We are nerds. And honestly, only Nick and I play WoW out of the group so it was really cute that they did that. Courtney was added in last-minute, which I really was touched by, because she was the one who told Pat that she wanted in. Unfortunately Steve had already finished all the scripts so she was tacked onto the last quest, but I was glad she was there. Pat gave me a HORRIBLY written (on purpose) IOU from him and Faith, haha.

See?! )Otherwise Steve and I sat around playing games, watching Gangland, and relaxing. I finished Uncharted already, and am going to start Chrono Cross!

Saturday Bethany and I went to our dad's and got some mulah from him and we went out to dinner with him, Pam and Jack. It was a nice time. My dad has gotten so much more pleasant as he's gotten older.

Sunday Mom, Paul and I had to reschedule our lunch for Friday, because it rained/froze Saturday night and Bethany got stranded (she has a rear-wheel drive Lexus) and they had to jump her, take her car to the mechanic (for an unrelated issue), and then drive her to work. Too much to deal with, and Steve has Friday off YAY OMG YAY, so lunch on Friday is fine. That left Steve and I to hole up at home, order a pizza, watch the Vikings game, and play cutie games (me plugging away on Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and him squeeze in some Tales of the Abyss). 

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