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Mar. 24th, 2011 04:10 am
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Last night was not cool. Steve and I were playing WoW, and I noticed the pressure on my bladder/urge to pee was higher than it should have been for the amount of liquids I'm consuming. When I went before we went to bed, it huuuuurt. Oh my god. I've actually been REALLY good for almost a year, with only a few scares but nothing resulting in a full-blown UTI. It was the first time in FOREVER!!! And I don't know what I did wrong! I haven't been drinking sodas or erny dranks, and I'm drinking a lot of water! I also follow all the other protocol etc etc that was never really the issue. So whyyyyy?! I forced myself to fall asleep, but I ended up spending the latter half of the night in the bathroom, either stuck on the toilet or curled up on the floor of the bathroom. It was so bad that I even took some Pyridium in hopes that it would at least relieve that horrible, painful pressure. I tried valiantly not to vomit it back up, but in the end I was the loser. My stomach really hates it, and I know I probably shouldn't be putting things in my body that are rejected 95% of the time... but if I can keep it down long enough, it really does work. My pee is a fun bright orange! And.. uh... so was my puke. >_< I finally got back to bed a little after 9pm (Steve gets up at 10, and I sleep after he leaves from 11-11:20pm), and I was not better per se, but at least I could get a little sleep. When I got up I wasn't in crippling pain anymore, and I've been able to function with just a dull throb/burning, even after peeing. I'm probably going to fill the extra prescription my doctor gave me - I've been saving it for a real emergency, like this.

Grim was adorable and kept me company the whole time, because we're kindred spirits and both have urethra issues. It was fate! Poor us, seriously. When I crawled back into bed, Steve was cute, mumbling in his sleep and pulling me close. Later, when I told him what actually happened last night (he's a deep sleeper), he was like, "Aww! If I was more awake I would have held your hair back for you!" hehe. Ah, romance.

Date: 2011-03-24 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] silver-tiamat.livejournal.com
Man, I'm one of the only females I know that has never had a UTI. It seems like once you've had one, prepare to have it on and off again for the rest of your life. D= I'm really sorry for you! They sound just awful.

Aw, you and Grim. <3

Date: 2011-03-25 07:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vixenofflames.livejournal.com
For me, it started when I was 16 and began having sex regularly. I got my first kidney infection (yay!) after my parents began yelling at me for having to go to the doctor so much. It used to be between every month and 3 months (and some were just infections that never cleared). I have entries from 2007 where I documented when I'd go into hysterics over it because it is such a serious detriment to my mental and physical well-being. I can recall some very vivid instances where I wished I was dead. I was put on a shit-ton of vitamins, prescription pills and a strict regimen from a urologist once to repair my destroyed bladder. It DID work for a few months (and healed my poor bladder), but the medications were so hard on my stomach that I stopped taking them :/

When I complained to my doctor about it a year ago and begged her to help me find a solution to paying for doctor's visits that I KNOW are going to end with a prescription, she was reluctant because she doesn't want to over-prescribe, but I think she could sense the desperation in my voice. So she gave me an extra prescription and said that we can try a system where I call and ask to speak to her or her nurse and get a prescription faxed somewhere. I'm guessing that as long as it doesn't appear I'm abusing bladder/UTI medication ("I don't have to pee so bad! Yay! I love this feeling! I need moar!"), I can work on that system.

Honestly, the worst isn't when I know a person who's never had one (go you!), it's the asshole who says, "Oh yeah, I had one once. It wasn't that bad - I barely knew I had it." It's like, fuck you. Shut your mouth right now. How dare you minimize my pain. It's definitely happened more than once.

And yesss Grim was sooo cute. ^_^

Date: 2011-03-26 01:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] silver-tiamat.livejournal.com
Anyone I have ever known who has gotten a UTI has painted a picture of rather BAD pain. Sometimes even a crippling pain. I really wonder that more isn't done to find a better and more lasting cure for it, since it seems to obviously create a pattern of a chronic conditition. But, I think part of the problem is that it afflicts mostly women, and we women are conditioned to endure suffering to the extent that we don't clamor loud enough that we should be able to be pain free as often as possible. I think too many of us women accept pain as a part of being a woman, and make do with the few cures available to us at present.

I think it's kind of sad and sweet that you two can commiserate on how much you'd like to pee without it being a struggle. =( My favorite part of getting sick was that I've always had cats who will babysit me. My cat Rocky was the best at this. He'd often only leave someone's sick bed if he had to pee, and maybe grab a bite to eat, then he'd return to sitting with whoever was ill. It was really the most darling thing.

Date: 2011-03-26 09:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] vixenofflames.livejournal.com
Personally it definitely is crippling. I couldn't sit in class, would only go to work if I absolutely positively could NOT get out of it. The worst part is, it's not like home's really that much better - it hurts whether you're standing, sitting, or laying down. For me, it relieves pressure by just sitting on the toilet, because you're like in that "peeing" position, and the pressure is lifted off my bladder somehow, and my urethra isn't being squished by my body just existing. I also wish there was more to be done than just throwing some antibiotics at me and then guzzling them down. I want a LONG-TERM solution. All I've ever been told (in the discovery of the absence of any stones, crystals, or other deposits) is that "Some women are more prone than others; it's an ongoing issues, and if you do these things (drinking water, peeing immediately after sex, not holding it, etc) you *should* be fine." I'm not! Even though I was basically a year UTI-free, I still had some painful nights here and there were I was terrified I was developing one. Like, wtf is that? I literally live in fear of getting one D:

I agree wholeheartedly. My heart breaks for him, and his nuzzles and purrs and kisses are so adorably comforting for my pain. We are definitely meant for each other. I LOVE when animals are so sensitive to our needs. It proves to me that they're definitely more than just "pets". They really feel for you! And animals like Rocky, I can imagine that it was also super comforting when you were bed-ridden to have him stand watch over you. Aww.

Date: 2011-03-26 05:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] silver-tiamat.livejournal.com
Yeah, I think that there has to be somethinge else going on besides just an explanation of being more "prone" to them. If the preventitve measures aren't working, then there ARE other factors, and those SHOULD be addressed. Sigh. There's no reason why you should have live in fear of pain. Especially since you're only 23, and this will ONLY GET WORSE AS YOU AGE, and your body naturally begins to break down.

D'awwwwwww. You and Grim. Yeah, I think that a lot of people don't understand the meaning of "pet," especially not as a mutual relationship. It's always sweet when they notice that bad things are happening to their humans, and make an effort to comfort the way they would another unhappy companion. They may not understand why we're feeling the way we are, but they do know that SOMETHING is wrong. And that's not just the attention you pay for just your feeding machine.

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