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Sorry about a lack of response these last few days - my livejournal wouldn't load! I have no idea what happened but the site just kept telling me to fuck off. I'm not even sure it's completely fixed but I just wanted to let everyone know I didn't disappear!

Because it told me to fuck off again after attempting to update it further, here is what I tried to write this morning:

I can't seem to access my friends page or anyone's personal journal at this point - it just keeps loading forever and ever and ever. At least as of from this moment and the past two days.

I'm quite pissed off about this.

Also, I bought a rim for my car off of ebay and 4 days after I made the PURCHASE I was told there were 3 delivery attempts that failed and the rim was sent back. When it takes mail two days to get to the next block. I find it really hard to believe a 20-pound tire rim made it the very next day from a different state. And we have NO invoices saying there were delivery attempts. They haven't responded to me in almost a week. Sigh. It's the ONLY rim I could find for a decent price that matches my car (it was $105). I need it immediately, too. I hate my postal service. I hate these sellers.

In other news, I was pretty overwhelmed by work today. I think the end of the month is just going to always stress me the hell out. But a lot of the issues that put me on the ledge have been at least encountered and semi-addressed. I brought my team lead to one client meeting to help me figure out what the fuck to do.  Another client issue is nigh impossible and will not be solved, but I tried.

I've still been doing a minimum of 3 miles a day and also biking and workout videos. Yay! My legs are soo tired @_@ but I feel good. It helps me de-stress too, which is nice. I planned on going after work today but Steve works at 10pm tonight so I can just go then.

My friend Kiki and I are exchanging arty crafty skills. She drew Chibi Leah (seen here) for icon use and other cute things. SQUEE I IS ART!!!! She is also painting me a Knives (will post picture when I get it) on some wood. She's so great! In exchange, I am making her some Harley Quinn themed fingerless gloves, and probably a baby hat with Cthulhu on it. I'm almost done with one glove and it looks sooo good so far! I just have to stitch the images on. I've been knitting a lot lately. I just finished a scarf that is Knives-inspired, as seen here.

K now I gotta finish work - my excuse is that I'm quick using LJ before it remembers it hates me D:
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