Jan. 6th, 2014 03:17 pm
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Less than four minutes outside and my charged phone won't stay on! So we ended up combining mine and Steve's phone recordings... when we went back inside and checked, the wind chill put the temp at -45.

We wanted to get the temps for posterity, and school and many jobs have closed for the next couple of days. When we went outside, sans hat or gloves because, hey, we're Minnesotans! Ain't nobody got time for extraneous warmth items. Srs. But I mean, I also wanted to see what it was like for people who just DON'T have those luxuries. We were outside for a total combined time of MAYBE seven minutes (with going into the house a couple times to get the phone to work again), and my hands hurt for a good while after we came back inside. There is literally no way a person would not have died in that. I have no idea about the wild animals. Jeez.

Anyway, cute-ish video of me and Steve reading the temps. The temperature gauge was originally in the garage, which typically steadily reads at 10-degrees, so it provided us the ability to watch the temp drop.

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Ugh, this winter is terrible. So cold and snowy, all the time. This time last year it was 80 degrees... it was well above normal temperature but it was still lightyears better than this. D: It's not going to get out of the teens again until the weekend, and even then it will still be below freezing. Blehhhh. So gray and bleh. Hate. It's supposed to be spring tomorrow! DDD:

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It's amazing that, after several horrible weeks with temperatures 95 degrees or above, a day where it's 84 degrees at its hottest point doesn't even make me break a sweat. In the morning it was 78 and it felt downright chilly. Such is the power of acclimation.

I've been spending my time over the past couple days reading It by Stephen King, mostly because it's been smiling slyly at me for many a moon, and artly because sooo many people had a cow during and after reading it. I'm skeptical of their loud views, because I can't really imagine SK being any different in his vulgarity than any of his other books. The worst thing I have ever read was a description in Different Seasons of an ex-Nazi soldier killing a cat in an oven. Typically I literally skip anything that describes an animal mutilation because it is just Too Much for Me (human mutilation, on the other hand, is perfectly stomachable), but I fucked up hardcore in that book, and it ruined my life. But I have a suspicion that AFTER reading the cat's death was when I resolved not to read the section of vivid animal torture.

I digress.

I'm almost halfway (the book is 1074 pages hardcover), and so far it feels like classic King. I haven't been scared thus far really, though I expected it as most of his older works haven't had that effect on me (though Misery is still probably the scariest book I've read by him, where there was a part that literally made me jump, I was that absorbed in the scene), not to mention I remember seeing the movie a couple times as a child and not being afraid. I've enjoyed the character development and the way the book has woven together up to this point. I've reached a turning point for the characters and I'm excited to find out what lies around the next corner.

Otherwise I'd been holding my breath for the transitional case manager position at MHR, and when I heard nothing I checked the site to see if maybe they were waiting for me to apply online as well, and to my horror the position was gone! After I talked to them and everything! I was very dismayed at first, but then I clicked on a new position up which was titled Senior Case Manager. I was curious and clicked on it, and it appears to be the Transitional position under a new name. A new name that sounds WAY cooler omg. I immediately applied and followed up on facebook with two of my connections, hoping it'll get me an interview. My stomach is all jumpy and nervous, and I really, desperately want it. I want to pull my goddamn hair out at work constantly. I'm suffocating and you have no idea how badly I just want to tell them to fuck off. I cannot WAIT to put in my two weeks (but then I KNOW those two weeks will be hell while everyone hates me). Just want outttt.
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I just wanted to say how grateful I am of this winter so far. It's what I imagine my much-envied west coast friends experience. There have been so few days below freezing since November, it ridiculous! Today was 56 degrees. IN JANUARY. Okay, last year, and most years, it is significantly colder this time of year. It was ridiculous last year, but it was even worse in 2008-2009 when for a month it was consistently in the range of -20* to -37* F. And yet, oh my god, here we are this year in the FIFTIES! I would be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT pleased if every winter for the rest of my life was like this. The other day I kept building it up with Steve, hyping how amazing it is, and then I was all, "SEE WHY I WANT TO MOVE?! THIS COULD BE OUR WINTERS!!! WOULD YOU MISS THIS?!!!!" and he was all quiet-like, "...I'd miss Nick." ahahaha. Yeah, that's his biggest fear: losing his AMAZING friends and not being able to make new ones of a similar nature elsewhere. I get it, really. But I still covet this amazing weather.

Interestingly, Martin's stupid "eat more calories" bit seems to be working, at least for the past few days. While for the past few weeks I would consistently see 136 to 138 on the scale (n00d), I've been between 134 and 136 over the weekend to now. Today I was 134 ^_^ It's really sad when a number I would majorly frowny face about a year ago, makes me feel elated. -_- I just need to keep reminding myself how much muscle I've gained. I talked to my mom about it last night and she was all, "Yeah but you know you're probably going to gain awhile when you first start becoming stronger and more fit!" and I was like, "YEAH BUT I STARTED IN AUGUST THAT IS NOT 'AT FIRST' ;A;" and she replied, "Ahem, I have been doing this TWO YEARS and I only started to really feel good after I became a runner." *sighhhh* :) My mom works out at least 4 days a week, doing various classes (yoga and Zumba most I think), and she runs with various groups too. She and my little brother are gonna run a 5k this weekend. I can't even keep track of how many 5k's she's run since August! I laughed so hard inside when I asked if I need to be training for the Warrior Dash in June, and she said there are varying levels of training, but that our old coworker from days long gone "apparently thinks it's the Olympics" and is training super hard XD My mom turns 44 in a week and a half!!! I'm excited for her birthday dinner.

Today I am working with my trainer Martin, then after that Steve and I are planning a bike ride since it's so FREAKIN' nice out, and then dinner or whatever with Jorden after that.

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Wow, it feels like forever since I've really been on the internet. And with that said, I'm only partially able to be on. As I've mentioned in the past, the work computers are woefully not updated, so I can't see half the things you guys are posting (such as tumblrs, pics, etc.). D: I'll have to catch up more tomorrow - normally it'd be fine but I'm not working with Isaac tonight so I'm in a different office with internet that is apparently incompatible with my laptop.

Soooo.... we got ANOTHER death snowstorm snowpocalypse. About 12 inches yesterday. AND IT WAS IN THE 50's LAST WEEK. For like a day, BUT! It was WARM, and melty, and great. And now it's like we're back in December. UGHHHH.

I wasn't able to go work yesterday then. Like, LITERALLY was not able to leave my driveway. Actually, I left my driveway, buuuut only about a foot. Then I was stuck. And Steve and I spent a half hour unsticking me so I could get back into the driveway. It just wasn't happening. So poor Chuehue had to stay a whole extra shift. That's the risk we run working in a stupid 24-hour facility or a place that houses people who need supervision. The plows didn't even come by until my shift was completely over. Jerks.

Steve had the whole weekend off, so it was really really nice otherwise. Mostly just attending to and monitoring Grim and playing games. On Saturday we went to my parents' house and had my nephew Cayden's 1st birthday party. It was low-key and fun (with plenty of inappropriate talk by my hilarious 16-year-old cousin - the last discussion I was a part of was when she asked if any of us women had hair in their butt cracks because she does. I told her to shave it.), but apparently every person at the party now has the stomach flu, with the exception of Steve and myself. FINGERS CROSSED!

We watched a good chunk of Scrubs this weekend and finished Gangland. I've slowly been working through Final Fantasy VI, leveling my Druid (almost to 69!), I got all "S" ranks in Elite Beat Agents, and now I'm gonna finally beat SoulSilver before I get White (pre-ordered awhile ago). All I needed to do was fight Lugia and beat the elite four. I caught Lugia. Now, onward! Omg it was so funny when I turned the game on and I didn't know what to do, so Steve talked to professor Elm and he said, "You need to see the kimono girls at the dance theater." And I was like, "Buuuut I already weeeeent there and no one was hooooome!" And he was like, "You should try again." So we both hovered over the screen and when the theater was empty (AGAIN), it was lolsville.

Currently I'm tired and irritable and am worried I'm starting to give into hypochondria. Sleep the past two nights has been awful for us. We just can't fall asleep! It's broken and lame. We're hoping tonight's the night that our bodies finally give in and let us sleeeeeep.
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The bento for today was AMAZING. Yum yum yum:
-Rice and sprouts
-Tomagayaki (basically an omelette with nori seaweed and folded cute. I make one with three eggs and cut it in half so we each get 1.5 eggs)
-Red/yellow/orange sweet pepper and sweet onion confit
-Sweet and sour cabbage with soy sauce for dipping
-Half an apple and half a banana

Mmm-mm! Tasty.

TGIF! I'm off for the weekend in less than 5 hours! It's going to be really weird tonight because Steve works tomorrow (aka today-Friday night), and ever since I've known him he's always had Fridays off. But this allows for me to then hang out with our friends if I so desire! I probably will, might as well. I never see them! Maybe I'll see Faith if she comes up from Mankato; haven't seen her in awhile! I think she comes up every weekend to hang out with Pat (her bf/my friend).

basically I've spent my whole night, about 2 hours, doing LJ stuff. So much commenting and replying and messaging! So much words! And I added a new LJ friend who posts tonsss of pictures of her travels in Japan, so of course I need to spend time looking at all of them! ^_^ I scared Steve with the picture she posted of the Japanese wasps/hornets/EVIL BEES that can kill you. They are HUGE. Even I would probably run away, and usually I just have a stare-down with bees, because you know, they need to know who's boss ;) But Steve is basically terrified of all insects/arachnids etc. I don't kill spiders and I feel guilty killing most other insects, except ants and flies (and even then, I might feel *a little* guilty). But this spring we had SOOOO MANY brown spiders running around. It appears that an entire sac survived the winter and they all lived in our basement. That was annoying, having to move so many outside.

(Friends quote break: Rachel: "What?! At least I don't freak out if I see a spider!"
Ross: "Oh yeah! THAT'S the same! I'm sure there are over 30 different species of POISONOUS SWINGS!!"
Referring to Rachel being afraid of geting her hair caught in swings at the park)

It's still pretty chilly around here, like 60-degrees a day. It's really depressing. I love when it stays warm through October and it's not a chore to go to Apple Orchards. I get pretty ornery when I'm cold. :P But I love going apple picking in the fall!!! It hasn't been TOO bad though, because sometimes it's also been pretty humid so it feels nicer than it is. <3 MN humidity. 
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The subject is Battle Royale in Japanese, the book is AMAZING, by far one of my favorites EVER, and Steve and I have this thing where we add "-aru" at the end of words sometimes, so the title of a great book having the "-ru" ending was just too much!

I get paid today, which is great. I'm finishing up my first week as an actual full-timer; I've never had a "real" job where I was full-time. Even at the middle school even though I worked all of the school day (7:45 to 2:45) I was still considered part-time because I didn't get that extra salaried hour of staying after to work on stuff. I'm actually part of the serious work force! I work for the same company but take my job more seriously at the new location! I don't wear sweats to work anymore! I care about the clients! I might wanna move up in the ladder because in 4 months(!!!!!) I'll be qualified to be a practitioner (even though I don't actually want to work in mental health for more than 5 more years)! I'm actually learning a lot here about mental illness. Thankfully. I know I was getting rusty. As a full-timer and now contributor to the company, I must attend weekly 2- to 3-hour meetings and provide feedback and insight on a person's behavior and illness and ways to improve the situation etc. It's neat to matter again.

There's a meteor shower tonight apparently, it was from midnight to four, but it's been cloudy/storming all night, so sucks for everyone around here, haha.

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