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So... Being too busy has begun to get to me, heh. On Sunday night I got more anxious than I have been in quite some time and I didn't fall asleep until just before Steve came to bed around 3am (He took a 5-day weekend to use up his remaining vacation time before the year ends), and then of course when he woke me up the anxiety cycle restarted. I ended up calling in Monday and yesterday, to catch my breath and also to spend some time with Steve. I mean, I still had school on Monday, and I had a chiro appointment that I ultimately skipped, but it was still good to actually get sleep on not be stressed with the new trimester. I'm definitely over all the rules and controlling of Bath and Body works. I can't wait to be done. I just am not interested in the way it's run, especially with that one manager I simply can't stand. She's rude. And omg my time is so busy. Ughhghghhghhh.

So instead I got to play copious amounts of Rock Band 3!

Pat told me yesterday that it was "refreshing" to have someone who consistently wanted to do vocals. I was surprised because I feel like a bossy twat whenever I'm on vocals, simply because I don't like to do anything else. Guitar Hero I can play on guitar, and I was quite good at it at one point when I lived at Dan's parent's house and played with Michael, but for some reason it just isn't the same on Rock Band. Probably because there's soooo much repetition of notes versus variety. I just HATE the guitar. And let's face it, I am not a drummer. I like to sing, and I can USUALLY figure out pitch. Whenever ANYONE (usually female) asks to sing when I'm being vocals, I get all stiff like they think I'm hogging them and I need to share. I think I might be paranoid. XD

That 70's Show is so good. We've switched back to that being out background show. And omg Breaking Bad is amazing. We finally started the 5th season and it's GREAT.

I'm dyeing my hair Christmas colors this time... I was originally going to do a pink/green/purple or pink/green/blue combo, but then Steve pointed out that it's the holidays, so we got some red and I'm working on the colors right now! I'll post a pic when finished.

When I was at school on Monday, the professor asked for a show of hands who planned to do the hybrid program (mostly online), or the traditional program (once a week face-to-face). Most people raised their hands at hybrid. The class was about half that of when we started. This is due to a combination of people dropping out of the program with a smattering of people who didn't need the course. It was weird. My 3 favorite people were still in it, so I sat by them this time so I didn't have to get stuck with annoying guy. Anyway, during the break one of the students talked with the professor about the differences in the programs, and apparently the professor told them that while the face-to-face program does require the attendance commitment, there's a lot less busy work and most of the work is done in class. Ugh. WHYYY SO MEAN!?!?!? I mean, I get it. They want to make sure students are learning when not attending class so they assign a bunch of things. Is attending a class once a week a good trade-off for not having a ton of independent work? I'm so torn!

P.S. the urologist called back with my test results and said that even though my numbers were far improved, I was still showing some of that bacteria they don't want, so it's back to no sex for a couple weeks and a mega dose of medication. AND another follow-up appointment. Woo.


Oct. 9th, 2012 11:41 am
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I've been experiencing uti symptoms since Thur/Fri and I've been trying to manage it with OTC stuff, D-mannose and probiotics. Each of these items runs $10-$30 each. I've had varying degrees of pain, from almost none to nearly tears, but I have yet to need to live in the bathroom - instead some nights I'm just up every half hour but can eventually go back to bed. This morning I was ready to make an appointment and give up, but it hasn't been as bad as last night so I'm continuing to stick it out. I did request a urology referral though, because the consistency of pain has reached frightening levels. I had thought I should schedule a pap but I guess I'm finally old enough not to need another for a couple years, but the allina site said to schedule a chlamydia screening. Um, fuck that. I don't need to check my vaginal health every year anymore but I need to check for STIs? Nope. Noooo. If I'm not getting a pap, I'm not getting a STD test. Thanks.

I was actually kind of hoping for a pap because overnight I got a huge painful lump in my right breast, like, at least an inch circumference. I googled it and there's like a million things it could be, but it hasn't gone away so I'm a little concerned. I just don't want to go through a long-ass appointment so they can tell me my tissue's just being wonky.
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Seriously, can I just NOT get UTI's anymore? Please? ....please?

I'm going to tear my skin out. Hopefully the appointment I made online for tomorrow is actually available and won't make me late for work. Bleh.


Dec. 20th, 2011 03:42 pm
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I feel much better today. I heart antibiotics.

I had a fun training today. I went up to a coworker during a break and made sure she wasn't the Melissa whose clients I was working with this weekend. She said no, and then out of the blue said, "I just wanted to let you know that the way you talk about clients and the language you use is really inspiring. I find the things you say in Team [meetings] to be very helpful and really speaks to the work that you do." I about died. It was wonderful, and very surprising.

Tomorrow I'm going to have an awesome lunch with my coworker Priya at this Indian place.

I have my weigh-in this week and of course it's not lookin' good because I had a shitastic weekend. Yay.

Also, I have a distinct disconnect between my thoughts. I see pictures of skinny girls? I vow to not eat too much. I see delicious food? I nom on it. I am definitely not on a diet and am being a huge baby about it. I can even be thinking about consuming less calories (as I said, I really don't overconsume calories, generally speaking) and be putting food or drink in my mouth at the exact same time. Ugh.

P.S. when I was at the doctor (albeit in my sweats) I weighed 138 according to their scale. hatemylife
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Y hallo thar UTI/bladder infection! Long time no see! Since August, is it? I appreciate you waiting until the holidays to resurface.

Yesterday I had a mild symptom of burning once after I peed, but at 4am when I woke up with OMGMUSTPEENOWWW urges and then the subsequent NOT sleeping, I knew I was in hell again. I actually called in to work and asked people to help with my appointments because there was no way in HELL I could leave my bed. I had a RAGING headache all day (it is currently gently throbbing, reminding me that it still exists) and I've been really nauseated, even WITHOUT the pyridium (which is a lifesaver and I will withstand all the nausea/vomiting ever to take it).

I called the doctor immediately at 8am, tried to weasel a prescription without a visit, but this clinic doesn't work like that, so even though I KNOW I'm mo' fuckin' sick, I have to pay for an office visit and a lab (at least at my old clinic if they were being jerks about needing proof I could just breeze in for a pee cup and wait for the results). The appointment guy tried to tell me I had to wait until tomorrow for my primary doctor, but he changed his mind after I put on my Do Not Fuck With Me tone. I dragged my sorry ass out of bed with messy hair and ALL the scrub clothes and pathetically drove to the doctor, wishing I didn't have to drive because it only made my nausea and headache worse.

So I had to sit through the questions and other crap. When I peed I noticed what I guessed was tissue? in the cup. I worried that I may have contaminated the specimen, but I couldn't see how shooting pee into a cup after thoroughly cleansing the area first could lead to THAT MUCH residue. When I get UTIs my smell gets sharper, I appear to discharge from my urethra itself, but rarely is there blood. This weird string in my cup was frightening. It turned out apparently to be "White Blood Cell clumps". Isn't that just nasty? And I have so many WBCs that they manifest visibly?! Blehhh. THe doctor made me feel better when she said I probably knew more than she did about bladder infections and UTIs and sent me on my way with a script right quick.

I spent the whole day laying in bed, sleeping off and on. I slept to avoid the pain and my headache, but the sleeping only spurred the headache on because I didn't need more sleep. Vicious cycle is vicious.

Steve is out shopping for me, so I've had the kitties to keep me company. He's bringing me Chipotle later. I didn't want to eat today because I don't want to throw it up, but the medication has to be taken with food. So I had some thick soup and a couple of pieces of bread earlier. It was good.

Le mope

Aug. 15th, 2011 11:20 am
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I'd been having UTI symptoms since last Tuesday, but I'd hoped it was just a scare and I was being sensitive. It appears to not be. I didn't want to make an appointment without being SURE I have a UTI, which is so stupid because everywhere you read about them it talks about the seriousness of them and getting to the doctor if you experience symptoms more than 2 days. However, in my billions of times seeing doctors for UTIs, the vast majority of the time I am treated with contempt and rudeness, and this has scared me away from going in right away. I made an appointment for tomorrow at 9:45am, the earliest I could be seen. At least, I think I did... when she said "the earliest we have is tomorrow at 9:45am," I said, "Okay, thank you" and she didn't respond so I thought she took it as confirmation and we hung up. Now I'm paranoid that she DIDN'T schedule it (as I have not gotten a confirmation from the Allina site) and I'm going to show up to no appointment and break into hysterics.

Seriously, UTIs are THE. WORST. Never do I wish I were dead except when I have a UTI. It slowly wears down my resolve and I am in a constant state of irritability and near tears. I'm really depressed right now for me, and I was happy to not have any appointments today so I could just do paperwork and drown in my self-pity but my team leader called me and asked me to attend an intake this afternoon. Le sigh.

I noticed something interesting though. I'd been taking AZO to help with the pee urges, and as I've written before, it wants me to vomit it back up more than anything. Steve and I cleaned out my car this weekend (so pretty now!) and I found a bottle of REAL Pyridium tabs, prescription, with 4 left. I am a hoarder when it comes to them - I want to REALLY need them before I use them - and I forgot I had them. The AZO pills are tiny, and there are two of them. Pyridium is big like a calcium pill. I've taken two Pyridium since (I've been in that much pain) and I only got somewhat nauseated. Nothing like the symptoms I get when I take the OTC stuff. Oh, and with both, they make my eyeballs hurt. It's like someone's pushing on my eyes. The Pyridium, probably obviously, works better as well. The pain pretty much COMPLETELY disappears for a time, with only some residual pressure on my bladder. So much so that I trick myself into thinking I'm getting better.

Anyway, if my anxiety gets bad enough I might call back to confirm the appointment.

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Mar. 24th, 2011 04:10 am
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Last night was not cool. Steve and I were playing WoW, and I noticed the pressure on my bladder/urge to pee was higher than it should have been for the amount of liquids I'm consuming. When I went before we went to bed, it huuuuurt. Oh my god. I've actually been REALLY good for almost a year, with only a few scares but nothing resulting in a full-blown UTI. It was the first time in FOREVER!!! And I don't know what I did wrong! I haven't been drinking sodas or erny dranks, and I'm drinking a lot of water! I also follow all the other protocol etc etc that was never really the issue. So whyyyyy?! I forced myself to fall asleep, but I ended up spending the latter half of the night in the bathroom, either stuck on the toilet or curled up on the floor of the bathroom. It was so bad that I even took some Pyridium in hopes that it would at least relieve that horrible, painful pressure. I tried valiantly not to vomit it back up, but in the end I was the loser. My stomach really hates it, and I know I probably shouldn't be putting things in my body that are rejected 95% of the time... but if I can keep it down long enough, it really does work. My pee is a fun bright orange! And.. uh... so was my puke. >_< I finally got back to bed a little after 9pm (Steve gets up at 10, and I sleep after he leaves from 11-11:20pm), and I was not better per se, but at least I could get a little sleep. When I got up I wasn't in crippling pain anymore, and I've been able to function with just a dull throb/burning, even after peeing. I'm probably going to fill the extra prescription my doctor gave me - I've been saving it for a real emergency, like this.

Grim was adorable and kept me company the whole time, because we're kindred spirits and both have urethra issues. It was fate! Poor us, seriously. When I crawled back into bed, Steve was cute, mumbling in his sleep and pulling me close. Later, when I told him what actually happened last night (he's a deep sleeper), he was like, "Aww! If I was more awake I would have held your hair back for you!" hehe. Ah, romance.

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