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Here is my post from last year, with comments on my growth )

Looking toward 2017... I was not on the bandwagon of 2016 being the worst year ever. Bad things happen all the time, every year. I had no self-pity over all the shitty things happening. I think we're exposed to sensationalized, embellished, and outright fake news and it's toxic and overwhelming. Cutting myself off of that part of social media has improved my mood immensely. I actually had a very good year, now that I'm thinking about it.

I want to continue this momentum. 2016 was the year of Rejuvenation. I did decently well at this I think, not sure how much of it is my optimism because I've been off school for over a week and I quickly forgot just how over everything I was by the time break came around. I feel better about how I live my life, I feel balanced between work and home and satisfied overall with my life, and I did a lot of things I REALLY wanted to do.

This year, let's call it the Year of Action:

I will develop a healthy self in order to improve my confidence and self-esteem and manage my weight.
     This looks like being active at least 3 times per week, as well as eating whole foods. No excuses for being lazy with meal-making. Eating out 1 time per week max (we do brunch every Sunday morning and I love that we do). I have gained a lot of weight over the past couple of months and I need to balance that out (she says as she stuffs taco bell that she's not even enjoying into her face).

I will get at least one massage.

I will explore new places as much as I can.
     Ex. Mexico with Haley, ideally traveling to Japan this year. Applying to exchange or teaching programs. Go places locally with Steve or Haley.

Be more effusive with Steve. Take a more active role in our relationship.
     Stop being so lazy and favor-asking. Reciprocate mushiness more and be more affectionate.

I will dedicate myself to learning Japanese on a consistent basis.
    Baby steps, but I want to do this so badly. I just need to do it.

I will finish my thesis by May.
     I literally have to do this or I will be in Big Trouble. Fo real. Steve says I will be single if I don't. This same thing happened when I didn't want to graduate with my Bachelor's by the end. 

Steve and I have a deal that if I beat a game such as Chrono Cross, I will be allowed to play Persona 5 first.
     I have more time now that the release has been delayed, and he said it doesn't HAVE to be Chrono Cross but definitely a game like it from his nostalgic love. I began the game but for literally no reason other than time I stopped playing. I know it's a good game and I'll love it.

I will be more mindful of my spending in order to help us create a more ideal life.
     We began 2016 as the Year of Savings, but things like my trip to Cincinnati/Cleveland, Skydiving, paying for the trip to Mexico, etc. on top of buying clothes and stuff, it fell apart by June. I want a new computer so badly and of course I ALWAYS want new tattoos. Steve needs a new computer and I desperately want a Vitamix (currently have a couple hundred in cash saved up specifically for that).

Continue to spend almost none time on social media. 
     I have gotten so much of my life and so much time, energy, and happiness back by avoiding it. I need to keep it up.

I will learn to crochet.
    More than just crappy-to-okay doilies. I am talented with knitting, and I'd love to have the versatility of crocheting at my fingertips. The reason I taught myself to knit in 2007 was because I wanted to knit these Harry Potter book scarves - I had a goal in mind that I wanted to achieve. For crochet I want to be able to make SO MANY THINGS. I also get a lot of disappointment from people who can't tell the difference between knitting and crochet and will be all "Can you make this?!?!?!" and I have to let them know that no, sorry, I can't because that's crochet. I would LOVE to be able to crochet these dragonscale gauntlets, but according to people on Ravelry, it's pretty intermediate. I will instead choose a simpler project as a tangible goal by the end of the year: Nyan Cat Scarf. A long time ago at a Comic Con, Steve and I ran into this girl who was wearing the scarf (as well as a Gir shirt!!), and it turns out she'd made it herself. I was so jealous. I was too shy to get info to be her friend (and also, I don't historically make girl friends.. or friends at all because why.. so it didn't cross my mind until later). When I took the picture she was actually singing the nyan cat song and making the nyan cat dance. Too precious. According to the pattern, it uses a lot of basic crochet skills. It would be a good example and culmination of practice over the year.
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Fad resolutions are stupid, but I do have some goals that also coincide with... right now.
  • HEALTH: I need to work at my weight again. I've ballooned back up to 130+. I need to make healthier meals again. The reason I've been able to stay in the lower 120's the past year and a half was when I was basically starving myself. It's not healthy, and even though I know it works for the moment, the second I start eating, my body packs on the pounds. I have a slow metabolism anyway. I've started making yummy healthy lunches and watching my portions. I also plan on exercising more (I say "plan" because I use DDR in winter for exercise, and I'm waiting on one of the step plates to come in - Steve cracked one and we're afraid of damaging the delicate interior, so we ordered another). My goal for the summer is to get outside and put my new step-ups to good use, vs. sleeping all day.
  • FINANCES: Another that I'm working on is my finances. Steve and I are saving for our own place. I've been VERY good about putting a minimum of 10% of each paycheck into savings (and actually, I put 10% BEFORE taxes in, so it's a chunk more than my final checks) since we decided to start saving. I'm paying more than the minimum balance towards my student loans as well after each paycheck. My current goal is to get my credit card back to zero. I've been smart about my credit limit and have kept it low in comparison to many peers, so I have a lower balance total to pay off, haha. It's still a pretty good chunk of money, and I've been neglecting paying it off for far too long. I need to get a budget going again. US Bank is telling me they might start a budgeting category, and categorize your spending. I think it'd be a good slap in the face to tell me how much I actually spend on food and games. I need to limit my "fun" spending. I make enough money where I CAN buy whatever I want, but that doesn't mean I SHOULD ALWAYS.
  • FAMILY: I'd like to see more of my nephew. I need to spend some time with my sister. I have a goal of visiting her at least one weekend a month.
  • HOUSING: I have a goal to be moved into a place by April.
  • RELATIONSHIP: I have a goal of being less randomly, irrationally jealous. Steve doesn't deserve that, and I have no reason to be a bitch. When I'm being like this, and Steve asks me why, I will think and think and think, and I literally have NO IDEA why I'm feeling such raging jealousy. What the fuck, me? I need a better attitude overall, honestly. I get so shitty during the winter months.
  • SELF: I need to figure out a way to have higher self-esteem, to accept myself for the way I am. I spend a ridiculous amount of time pining for so many things that I just won't be, physically. Maybe read some books or something. I'm not ugly, so I don't know why I'm not okay with me.
  • GAMING: I don't have a number goal because that would stress me out, but I have a goal to actively play more games instead of taking forever to beat just one. I have over 200 games to beat - time to get to it! And read more manga and watch more anime!
I think that about covers it for now!

And I don't really think there's anything to do with "sticking" to them. I'm constantly working on making healthy eating a "lifestyle" vs a "diet," so I will struggle with ups and downs, but ultimately come back to the same place. Self-esteem and body image are also ongoing battles. A relationship always requires work. As do finances and housing.

I think I'll do very well on my goals this year. :)

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