Mar. 25th, 2013 04:55 pm
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I have some big news pending, but I don't want to say anything unless it's for sure. Suffice to say, fingers crossed and I hope to be able to share it with you soon! Well, I will either way but let's hope it all works out!

Steve and I reviewed our finances and noticed that we spend a horrendous amount of money per month on eating out, followed by things like coffee, jamba juice, etc. So we sat down with Paul and worked out our budget, and we're trying to stick by that now - including an "allowance." It should really help us with saving more money, and on not gaining unnecessary pounds with fatty foods!

I beat Bayonetta last weekend, and I've been replaying it on one difficulty level harder, and I've gotten so good at it, getting trophies left and right! It's a fantastic game.
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So... Being too busy has begun to get to me, heh. On Sunday night I got more anxious than I have been in quite some time and I didn't fall asleep until just before Steve came to bed around 3am (He took a 5-day weekend to use up his remaining vacation time before the year ends), and then of course when he woke me up the anxiety cycle restarted. I ended up calling in Monday and yesterday, to catch my breath and also to spend some time with Steve. I mean, I still had school on Monday, and I had a chiro appointment that I ultimately skipped, but it was still good to actually get sleep on not be stressed with the new trimester. I'm definitely over all the rules and controlling of Bath and Body works. I can't wait to be done. I just am not interested in the way it's run, especially with that one manager I simply can't stand. She's rude. And omg my time is so busy. Ughhghghhghhh.

So instead I got to play copious amounts of Rock Band 3!

Pat told me yesterday that it was "refreshing" to have someone who consistently wanted to do vocals. I was surprised because I feel like a bossy twat whenever I'm on vocals, simply because I don't like to do anything else. Guitar Hero I can play on guitar, and I was quite good at it at one point when I lived at Dan's parent's house and played with Michael, but for some reason it just isn't the same on Rock Band. Probably because there's soooo much repetition of notes versus variety. I just HATE the guitar. And let's face it, I am not a drummer. I like to sing, and I can USUALLY figure out pitch. Whenever ANYONE (usually female) asks to sing when I'm being vocals, I get all stiff like they think I'm hogging them and I need to share. I think I might be paranoid. XD

That 70's Show is so good. We've switched back to that being out background show. And omg Breaking Bad is amazing. We finally started the 5th season and it's GREAT.

I'm dyeing my hair Christmas colors this time... I was originally going to do a pink/green/purple or pink/green/blue combo, but then Steve pointed out that it's the holidays, so we got some red and I'm working on the colors right now! I'll post a pic when finished.

When I was at school on Monday, the professor asked for a show of hands who planned to do the hybrid program (mostly online), or the traditional program (once a week face-to-face). Most people raised their hands at hybrid. The class was about half that of when we started. This is due to a combination of people dropping out of the program with a smattering of people who didn't need the course. It was weird. My 3 favorite people were still in it, so I sat by them this time so I didn't have to get stuck with annoying guy. Anyway, during the break one of the students talked with the professor about the differences in the programs, and apparently the professor told them that while the face-to-face program does require the attendance commitment, there's a lot less busy work and most of the work is done in class. Ugh. WHYYY SO MEAN!?!?!? I mean, I get it. They want to make sure students are learning when not attending class so they assign a bunch of things. Is attending a class once a week a good trade-off for not having a ton of independent work? I'm so torn!

P.S. the urologist called back with my test results and said that even though my numbers were far improved, I was still showing some of that bacteria they don't want, so it's back to no sex for a couple weeks and a mega dose of medication. AND another follow-up appointment. Woo.
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Last night/early this morning I beat Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica, after about 57 hours of gaming (and I could have done more, I'm quite certain). The first half of the game is pretty tedious and confusing in terms of story, and the characters were very type-cast. But the second half of the game improved greatly as you got to know the characters better and the political aspects of the story fell apart. As the story progressed, whoever did the translation for North America CLEARLY got tired of it, as grammatical errors and misspellings increase A LOT. There's even a part where they mixed up choices and whichever you pick, the opposite happens! There is also a major boss at the very end that freezes the game if she casts a certain move, so you have to defeat her quickly - this isn't an issue if you're a thorough gamer, but the first time I played her I forgot about the freezing glitch and had been taking my time. The second time I played her I got unlucky and she used the move too soon. But the third time I beat her easily.

I would DEFINITELY recommend playing Melody of Elemia first, because the last quarter of the game is fraught with nostalgia, previous characters, and references to the first game that you simply cannot appreciate without it. The things I learned that related back to the first pretty much made the entire experience for me.

If you have not played the Ar Tonelico series, you have to be prepared for a lot of innuendo and cheesecake (hell, the third game's battle system as the strongest attacks with the Reyvateils losing their clothes!). It's just part of the package and while *I* enjoy it, I know it annoys a lot of other people or is not amusing.

I'll do a proper review when I have the time!

Up next on my play list: Tales of Graces F! :DDD
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(Disclaimer: Images taken from Google. They are not mine and I don't claim any ownership of them)

Professor Layton and the Last Specter is the fourth game in the puzzle adventure series of Professor Layton, released in 2011. The previous three are The Curious Village, The Diabolical Box, and The Unwound Future. The four games have been released for the DS, and a 5th (and later 6th and final) game will be released for the 3DS (The 5th game, "Mask of Miracle," was released in 2011 in Japan. I wouldn't be surprised if the title was changed/spiced up for America as some of the others were by the time it releases this year).

The story is set in the past, following the fateful meeting and first pairing up of Professor Layton with his protegė, Luke. He has an assistant in this game, Emmy, a character who is tolerable but definitely annoying and I wanted to punch her several times in the face by the end. Prof Layton maintains his adorable demeanor and Luke isn't nearly as whiny as I remember. Most characters were entertaining and pleasant.

Exploring the market.

I don't want to spoil any of the story, so I'll just say that like the previous 3 games, it begins with a mystery that is supposedly supernatural but where Professor Layton is certain there is something fishy going on and there must be a logical explanation. The ending, like most of the other games, is half-predictable, with a pleasant and enjoyable surprise twist that I SWEAR you could never guess. Unlike the other games, I totally cried at the end as it was much sadder than I anticipated. 

There are 170 puzzles in this game. They are found by talking to various people and tapping everywhere on the screen with the stylus. Hint coins are also found through tapping. It has gotten more lenient by sending puzzles you miss to a Puzzle Hut more frequently (in previous games you'd have to seriously go look for the hidden ones). Either that or I was so used to scouring each screen that I missed very little by this point. The puzzles themselves were vastly improved from the past two games and reminded me of the rush I felt in beating the first game of the series. It felt as if there was a much more even variety of puzzle types (sliding puzzles, math, riddles, etc.), whereas I felt that the prior two were quite math-heavy. Most of the puzzles weren't hair-pulling difficult and instead felt very good to beat... until the bonus puzzles. The last two were absolute KILLERS and I admit I used a guide for one of them (-_- ' ). Hint counts abound, you will never run out of them. They give you a bit of help MOST of the time when you need it. Need a hint? Spend some coin.

Many puzzles were relevant to the situation as well, making it feel more connected.

The mini games presented in this game were quite challenging and fun, even if I DID rage at some of the train puzzles. In one of the mini games you get a certain number of tracks to lay (based on the amount of fuel you had) in which to guide a train through various stations to an end point. Seems easy, until you have to manage two trains at once, or have to maneuver around a set train or car, or have 6 train cars. They can't collide! It was very tricky at some points, for sure. As in the previous games, you unlock them through conversations with people and advancing the story.

Oh, they get much harder.

The next mini game was gathering coins before time ran out by strategically placing bubbles around an aquarium to guide your fishy. If it hit gold bubbles it would be out of control for a few seconds and take out any bubbles in its path, so you had to be careful!

This one was much more lighthearted and fun.

Just as all Professor Layton games have albums of some sort, this one has a puppet theater. It wasn't very interesting.

There was one major addition to the game called "London Life," which is kind of like a mini-Sims. It is unrelated to your gameplay and is just for fun! You can use Wi-Fi to connect with friends and such. You create an avatar and get jobs to earn money to buy clothing and accessories in order to develop certain aspects of your character. I spent nearly the entirety of my time in Little London learning to juggle and earning a crapton of cash.

One of the main squares.

You can work on a variety of aspects of your style. Or just earn money. Or decorate your room. It has no real purpose!

Overall, I felt that Professor Layton and the Last Specter followed the formula of the previous games, a formula which I enjoy. Critics of the game complain that the difficulty of the puzzles is inconsistent and that the puzzles were often either too vague or too familiar. Personally, I think that it's impossible to find a medium, and that a range of difficulty is a good thing so you don't get burnt out. There are also only a certain number of puzzles these geniuses can find, and it was quite well-balanced! I don't know what else they want. I would enjoy it if they revisited such themes as the matchstick puzzles from the first game, but all in all I was just happy that not everything had to be sussed out with math on the shitty notepad (can you tell I have no patience with lame-o math?!). I very much enjoyed the story, and the graphics were charming as always.
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So, I had a really nice weekend. I took a half day on Friday for PTO and spent the afternoon and evening with the lovely Breanna and her man Lamin. Lamin is from Africa and so are the other people I met that they spend their time with. Lamin ADORES Bre and it's very obvious if you're with him for four seconds. It was really, really fun and Lamin made what he calls "African Sauce" - a mixture of an oily soup base with carrots, peppers, onions, etc. He also cooked drumsticks on the bone to the point that the meat just fell off when you ate it. They normally make it spicy but Lamin tried VERY hard to make it not spicy for me, the honored guest. It turned out very, very good. You just pour the whole thing over rice and yay! Nommy meal. Bre complained about the rice the whole time (it was very dry, I think because Lamin was concerned about keeping me too late and rushed it) while I just laughed at her because dry rice, while not preferred, is not a big deal. XD She's so funny. Lamin has a good sense of humor to match hers.

Oh, and I had to deal with lame work stuff WHILE ON PTO because that's how the job is sometimes. Bleh.

Conveniently this took until about 10pm, at which time I crashed at home for an hour and a half until I was surprised with.. GASP! Scavenger HUUUUNT! I was most thoroughly surprised/tricked AGAIN because Steve let me get all changed into comfy clothes and snuggle into bed. He kicked off the Hunt by taping the first clue to a confused Grim's cone (Grim was Mr. Freeze XD). It was Batman themed, so each person involved got be a villain for me to foil. Scott was a chilling and AMAZING Zsasz, Nick was the Joker, Noah was Calendar Man (complete with a calendar cape and shirt with an X'ed out 19 on it ahahah). Pat was the Riddler, and Faith was a nearly-nude captured Poison Ivy that I had to save (she was secluded from the boys' eyes in Pat's room and Pat was the one to write her part). Steve, was Alfred, my trusty Butler. It was so much fun.

Gifts I got include a Harley Quinn figure from Arkham Asylum, 2 Nintendo DS games, slippers from American Eagle, a full replacement set of hardcover Harry Potter books in a wizard's trunk from my AMAZING boyfriend (as my entire collection save for book 7 disappeared mysteriously a few years ago...), and a buttload of candy from my less money-fortunate friends. Oh, and Calendar man got me a calendar XD Pat went on about he had planned to prove me wrong and NOT give me an I.O.U. (I have no idea how many I've collected from him ahaha) but that the item was GUARANTEED shipping and it didn't arrive... so I got an I.O.U. A couple days later he finally checked his email and it turns out he never bought it because he entered his payment information wrong. I LOL'd. I win again!

Saturday it SNOWED. Like, 3 inches. The weather was trolling me hard that day. "Muahaha it's yo birfdai? HAVE SOME SNOW. >:D" It actually wasn't ALL that cold out and it will probably be melted by tomorrow as it's been in the mid-40's today and is supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow. Steve and I went to dinner with my parents on Sunday, and it was delicious! Prior to that Steve and I decided to hit the B-ville mall because we both needed to suck it up and buy some pants that actually FIT. Steve ended up with a good haul, including 3 pairs of "skinny" jeans from the Guys section. I say "skinny" because they're not skinny in the sense of girl pants skinny, which is what he normally wears. They are not leg-hugging like he is used to. I rather like it. Sexay ^_^ We were on our way to the Juniors section when we spotted my parents! I went BOUNDING towards them to surprise them, when I noticed they were carrying what was obviously gifts for me. I was like two feet away from them when I skidded to a halt and started shoving Steve away as fast as I could! We were able to hide from them in the slipper section, but they were rounding the escalators where we needed to be! For some reason they circled back, and Steve was like, "What if they come around that corner and see us crouching here?!" At which point I burst into quiet laughter and said that it would be hilarious. We were able to escape and sneak back upstairs and buy Steve's things and high-tail it out of there! We were very surprised when we saw August at dinner, because if he had been with them he SURELY would have seen us and ruined our noble plot not to spoil that we saw some of my gifts! Luckily they turned out to be last-minute bday gifts and not for Christmas so I didn't have to hold that secret for long. It was really fun to play Stealth Escape Mode.

I really hate spoiling surprises so if I ever do, I NEVER give it away that I knew. It just deflates the excitement the person has for the gift they're giving you! I never do it on purpose, because I LOVE being surprised.

We took Monday off as well, and while I enjoyed napping most of it away, I played a good chunk of Ar Tonelico. Steve was playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword all weekend. I had terrible sleep Monday night because I kept dreaming about work, all anxious and stressed out. Last night I dreamed about buying groceries and losing one of the bags with the perfect pizza in it, and going back to the grocery store and finding exotic Chobani yogurt flavors. :P

Grim hasn't been feeling well. He's not been eating, and he projectile vomited all over me and the bed this morning. He was too quick for me! So he's been spending copious amounts of time just laying in one spot. Poor guy :( But! The cone comes off today! I hope he improves then.
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I've been working hard this week to renew my dedication to my job. I've been putting notes in on time (it's annoying because my computer only works when plugged in and most of my clients don't have the patience for all that technology boo-hocky so I can't do concurrent documentation most of the time) and reminding myself that my clients call me because they trust me (well, most of them) and that they think I can actually help them. So I'm trying to help them.

I transferred two more clients off my caseload (that's three total), but I'm getting a new intake that is apparently an assertive outreach at this point. The two I transferred off are not all that difficult, but one of them has been very time-consuming and the person she's going to doesn't yet have a full caseload, and the other I just never really established any rapport with so I know he won't be upset about being switched.

I have already picked out the next person I'm moving, though. I can never do anything right for her. Part of it is me, and part of it is her. She has exceptional borderline traits, and I feel like I've self-fulfilled her prophecy. It's for real like a conspiracy - I will swear I scheduled an appointment but it won't be in my calendar. When I call her she is angry and "waited and waited and waited" for me to come when I didn't. I know she was not waiting for me. She just doesn't have anywhere to go. And she REFUSES to pick up a phone and call. She doesn't want confirmation beforehand, and has NO responsibility in reminding me if something appears amiss. That would be beneath her. I never call her back fast enough. I never find her the things she needs. And she hates me. We have never had ANY semblance of a rapport, and she has never trusted me even a little bit. So she's getting the hell off my caseload ASAP.

Cassie says that if no one else quits, I should be able to have 30-32 people on my caseload. I have 33 right now. It would be freakin' amazing if I had 30. I could be so much better a worker!

I finished FFX - not sure if I mentioned that. I became very, very frustrated with the second form of Jecht. I get even more escalated in big fights if I have to do crap over and over again before getting back to the boss. So, to have to do 2 cut scenes and the gem-collecting 50 times did not improve my mood. I ended up letting Steve beat him and I finished the rest. I liked the ending, but I was not as attached to the game as I was FFIX. Overall I really enjoyed it, but that last set-up really left a sour taste in my mouth.

I also completed 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. It's SO good. It's like a gentler version of Saw. It's a mystery with puzzles and death and OMGYESCHARACTERDEVELOPMENTTTT. It was funny because there are 6 endings. After I got the true ending (you need to get two other specific endings to unlock the true ending), Steve helped me get the last ones by looking up which doors I could go through to get each ending (there are several ways to get the same ending). Steve's first ending was my last ending, and I would have been so heartbroken had I gotten that ending first! It's the worst ending!! XD Anyway, the game is amazing and not long, so I suggest you buy and play it right now.

As a result, I have started two new games. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, and Ar Tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. So far I can barely stand myself, Ar Tonelico is so good. I loved the first one, and this one is already overshadowing it. SO FREAKIN GOOD. I haven't gotten very far in Minish Cap, but... it's a LoZ game. I'm sure I'll love it.   


Aug. 17th, 2011 04:02 pm
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Trying to go on vacation sure is stressful. I have so much to do! But, before I leave for vacation there will only be two people I haven't yet seen this month out of 35-36. Haha, I can never tell how many people are on my caseload. I have 3 days after I come back to see those two. So doable (and actually, one missed his appointment earlier this month and the other hasn't been seen in like 6 months).

I transferred the one client out today. It was actually kind of sad. He looked so betrayed and confused! D: But he'll do great with Krista,

I still have LOTS of documentation to do~!

Steve's having car issues and that really sucks, especially with me going out of town. Luckily he doesn't start work until I get back (it got pushed back), but that's a selfish thing. I need my car every minute of every day - we can't share. Hopefully it's nothing too major. His dad thinks it's the starter.

Steve beat Catherine on Normal - a rarity for him not to play something on Hard, but I promise you, Hard is TOUGH. Like, he got stuck for over an HOUR on the second stage when he tried to play on Hard. He's currently replaying it at his leisure, attempting the postgame stuff as well as Hard mode. MILD SPOILERS BUT NOT TOO BAD: The game WANTS you to hate Katherine. They make her a BITCH the whole game. Catherine isn't any better in her own ways, but at least she's not a bitch. We were both disappointed that the game doesn't allow you to have more control over the events that unfold, but overall it was really cool.

As a result, we played our Big TV and Handheld game-choosing for him (as he decided to quit Valkyria Chronicles 2 for now because it's so boring), and landed with Nostalgia for DS and Persona 3 FES for PS2. The games I WOULD have chosen for him, we didn't, since I'm going to be gone for a week and he'll be playing whatever game that whole time! XD I'm still slowly working my way through FFX. It's not hard or anything, I just don't have a lot of time. Same with Ouendan. Rhythm games comeso naturally to me and I want to savor the experience, so I've been "S"ing songs a couple at a time. I'm on the Divas aka the hardest difficulty. We're going to pick out another handheld for me today and put FFIV on hold, because I really shouldn't be playing TWO FFs at once - I get burned out.

Okay, must do more work! Personal training at 6 - Martin's on vacation but Joe said he'd work with me. Wooo!


Jul. 15th, 2011 06:54 pm
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Okay, so I am FINALLY posting these. They are not exactly how the apartment is all the time, such as seeing the kitchen table in both the kitchen AND the bedroom (they were taken at different times and the table had been used for a couple laptops and had simply not been moved back yet). The bedroom isn't completely clean but you get the idea. So.... GO!
Come see!! )

Hehe. Long overdue, but I actually love our little place! It's a lot of space, just not a lot of storage, or counters. We'll be pretty set here for awhile. <333
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So... ended up having to stay late to assist a client who's not even mine (I was on day coverage, where you assist when another case manager is unavailable), and now it's too late for me to go home without feeling like it was a waste of gas, since I need to be going the opposite direction in like an hour to pick up a package from Minneapolis.

Backing up!

This weekend was mine and Steve's second anniversary. Saturday night Steve had to work, so I tried to stay up late working on an adorable present for him (HE DOESN'T USUALLY READ MY JOURNAL BUT IF HE HAPPENS TO BE READING HE BETTER STOP OR SPOILERS) for his birthday, a cross-stitched 3D weighted companion cube. XD His birthday's on the 14th of June. When he got home we had sexy debauchery, and then gift exchange. I was only able to give him one of my two presents because UPS is a cunt and kept NOT delivering the package.

I was notified on the 24th that they needed an apartment number. I called them. I told them there is NO apartment number, but if it makes them feel better, they can list apartment 1.

On the 25th, they called and said they couldn't deliver without an apartment number. I told them there is no apartment number, but if it makes them feel better, they can list apartment 1. They confirmed I've already told them this because it was in their system.

On the 26th, I received a call saying they could not deliver without an apartment number. I reminded them that there is no apartment number, and they can list apartment 1 if it makes them feel better. They confirmed I've already told them this because it was in their system.

On the 27th, they called to say they were delivering and it should be at my place by 4:30. At 5pm I called them. They said they tried to deliver (THEY DID NOT) but they couldn't because there was no apartment number and confirmed that I GAVE THEM AN UPDATE. The lady said it would be delivered by 8pm. At 9pm I called and asked why the fuck it wasn't delivered. I was told they never got around to it and it would not be delivered until Tuesday the 31st because of the holiday.

Today, I received a call at 8:30am saying they would deliver today. We went through the same schpiel. I asked Steve to stay up and watch for it because I was required to be at the office all day. At 1:30pm, he checked the tracking. At 10:31am it is listed that the package could not be delivered because of no apartment number.


Steve says he was literally propped in front of the window, running to the door any time he heard a truck noise and even went outside when he thought he heard knocking, even though we can see the door from the window. THEY DID NOT TRY TO DELIVER. My guess is they just kept repeating the same shit and NEVER tried to deliver after seeing the original note.

At this point, I am seeing RED. I called UPS, in near hysterics, and told the nice guy I am VERY upset with them. He listened to my story, confirmed everything I said, and basically said it looked like they did not, in fact, even attempt to deliver today. But the package was on the truck. He was able to change the delivery method to pick up, as the website says it will be returned to sender tomorrow, and I obviously can't trust them to deliver it. I was unable to change it myself because the website put my package on "exception." Whatever.

An hour later I got a call from a woman wanting me to explain the whole situation, and the thing is, I seriously don't get the difference between my apartment and the others. Their doors are set up exactly like mine - just a door. A LOCKED door. There are no calling systems, no buttons, no slots per apartment. It seriously SHOULD NOT matter that I didn't list an apartment, at least for the purpose of GOING TO THE FUCKING DOOR AND KNOCKING before saying it was impossible to deliver. She said that she found it weird because the same guy's been working my route for years. Well, he's a fucktard.

So because of all this, I could not give Steve his ADORABLE second gift. I got him 999 for DS (look it up, it's like Saw/Higurashi), and the package was Nintendo Monopoly, for the purpose of cute fun board games! He loved the idea and totally got why I was crushed at not being able to give it to him the day of.

He got me a super cute children's book of My Neighbor Totoro, an AWESOME necklace modeled after Ryuk's earring (OMGGGG YES), and the first book of Chobits. We are best EVAR.

Most of the rest of the weekend was either spent with nookie, or naps, or Final Fantasy VI/999 (I'm SO CLOSE to beating it, and I'm super OP because I'm trying to complete it). We also got our appointments set up for next weekend for tattoos, which are our MAIN anniversary gifts to each other - the other stuff was just extra cuteness! He's getting a cactuar on his other calf, and I'm starting my Miyazaki sleeve with Soot Sprites! They'll be winding up my forearm, and they'll have the candies! We were quoted much cheaper than expected, and sooner than expected, and the guy didn't poop on our ideas. Yay!!

P.S. Steve and I have now begun calling when I get mad "kicking off my shoes" because of a hilarious part in a Jon & Kate plus 8 episode where Madi is wearing dress-up heels and suddenly gets super pissed and did this hilarious jump-kick thing and her shoes flew so comically and effectively off. That's SO me XD I also asked Steve what percentage of the time he is annoyed with me, and he landed on 2-percent  - that which usually is when I get RAGING mad at a video game or kick off my shoes about dumb shit like the weather. So I got really mad at FFVI yesterday in a cave, and when Steve offered to help me get out of my tough spot, I said, "Do you still love me?" (we do this as a silly thing, not an actual co-dependent thing), and he said, "All but 2-percent of me does!"

Omg. It was so funny. I laughed so hard.

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So, I've been feeling more social than normal this past week. I hung out until 5am at NIck's on Friday/Saturday, mostly playing FFVI and me, Pat, and Nick gossiped a lot (Pat said to me at least 4 times this weekend that he loves how On I am about gossip in our circles. And my definition of gossip isn't a negative one, because it's not always BAD things. It's just sharing knowledge about people we know and discussing it! That DOES NOT make it negative.). Then I decided I wanted to throw a little party at our apartment, because hey! It's a large space and can fit a lot of people and it would be really fun! So I invited Nick and Pat and Faith, and we ran into Nikki on Saturday and invited him, and Nick brought Joe Waid. I invited Courtney too, and she came later :) It was really awesome to get basically the entire group together. Part of the reason I wanted a little party was to get as many people I like from this group together, and because I want to see more of Courtney, and because I wanted to drink a bit and Faith did too. And Nick and Pat. We all don't really drink all that often (except Nikki, he's a typical college kid living in a college town and college boy house where drinking is a daily occurrence).

Anyway, most of the time was spent talking and joking and trolling each other. We also watched a Jackie Chan movie, which was great entertainment, played some SSBB, and talked some more. It was really fun and I'm glad Courtney was able to come.

Then Pat and Faith left at like 4:15am. Soon after, we heard what sounded like knocks on the window, so we thought they came back because they forgot something. Joe Waid went to investigate, and saw this fat black woman smashing out the windows on Nick's car with a baseball bat! He was too shocked to say or do anything, and she took off in this getaway car (and he didn't get the license plate).

See the horrible pictures here.

It was very obvious that this was a target attack, because she didn't hit anyone else's car and Nick's was in the middle of the lot. We later did find what we assume was the ACTUAL vehicle she meant to hit. It was the same make and color as Nick's. The cop who came out told us that this is actually really common in our awesome ghetto neighborhood - angry exes slash tires or smash windows for revenge. He asked me how I liked it here, and I said I was fine, and never heard of anything happening here yet. He kept asking Nick if he was SURE he didn't piss anyone off. We reiterated several times that NONE of the people present except for myself was even from the area, and we know no black women. lol.

I'm not worried about my car; it's very unlikely that someone would mistake it - there are stuffed animals all over the back window area, and my windshield has a very noticeable crack running the entire length of it already. Steve's car can't get mistaken because it's an old-man car that no one else in the world drives XD I feel so so guilty and bad about Nick's car. What are the odds, seriously?! And Courtney and I had been making all these ghetto-themed jokes about what the noise was, while Nick's car was getting destroyed.

Steve gets all bonerific whenever I hang out with people, because he thinks it's so cute. He thought this weekend was especially cute because not only did I hang out with people of my own accord one night and play epic amounts of FFVI, I stayed with Nick after Pat left and waited until Steve got off work and the three of us had some cute time, but I made separate plans for the next night and had a REAL social gathering! ^_^

In preparation for this impromptu housewarming, Steve and I finished unpacking everything left. We also rearranged the living room the better suit our needs, vacuumed the carpet with deodorizer (it had been STINKY), and set everything up super cute. In fact, next entry I will post picutres of the place FINALLY. It is now very clear that we MUST paint that living room. It is ugly and bare and unwelcoming with those stark white walls D:

Zomg BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 is coming out for the 3DS at the end of the month!!!! Crap. Now I HAVE to get a 3DS sometime. -_- Oh, I reserved a hotel for us for our trip to Distant Worlds. For the 6 of us, we get to stay in one room for $120! That's on'y $20 each! If we'd tried to stay the night in Chicago, it would have been ridiculously more expensive, and we'd have had to get two rooms. This way, it's perfect!

Okay, now to play FFVI! Steve's playing Halo: Reach and Nikki's on Skype with a friend while they play League of Legends. So social! Steve asked me if he had the #1 spot in my tags, I told him that I doubted it - so we looked up all my tags. Above him are "me", "relationships", "school", "life", "friends",... and "dan". He got all mock-offended about it and started teasing me about never writing about him and that Dan was more important or something. I was all, "I've been dating you two years and Dan was in my life for 5! What do you expect?!" and he was like, "You'd even have WAY more Dan tags if you hadn't lost those years from GreatestJournal!" And then it turned into this silly banter about how I now need to find a way to get a Steve tag into every entry, even if it's just a sentence XD I'm not gonna do that, but I will make more of an effort to write about our cutie relationship. I explained to him that I have so many Dan tags because I complained about him and our relationship A LOT. I whined soooo much about us, and the wishy-washiness I felt about him, especially over that last year. I have nothing to complain about with Steve, so I get half the reasons to write about him :P
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Though I'm not 100% sure which was actually FIRST, I know I played Contra and Tetris and Mario Bros.

The second clearest memory is playing the SNES. I loooooved to play The Lion King and Super Mario Bros.
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This is for Athena, hoping she didn't see it somehow )

Second, ZOMG f(x)'s ACTUAL ALBUM JUST CAME OUT GUHHHHHH I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER AND EVER FOR IT. Omg. Girl crush asplode. Korean lust out of control.

Work today was... hard. Lots of paperwork and dealing with the one specific client. So many things to remember and document and keep track of!! And I missed an appointment D: It worked out, but I felt like an ass. On the bright side, I got to talk to my old program manager, Jeremiah, because I want to refer a client to him. It was cute.

I got my tires replaced and now my car moves like a dream in comparison. Fleet Farm gives amazing lifetime service - 30-day free tire replacement and 50% cost after that, free rotation and alignment for the life of the tire, plus free flat repair for the life of the tire! My biggest fears squashed! They also want me to go back after 100 miles to double-check that the... lug nuts or... whatever... are still on there nice and tight. I replaced a blinker bulb yesterday and today I noticed one of my rear brake lights is out too D: HAAAAAATE cars.

Grimmy is cute sometimes... )

You can see a teaser of some of the wall color. As of now I still want to post a separate entry on the whole painting thing, because I want it to be image-heavy. Maybe this weekend! I plan on visiting my sister and nephew on Saturday, and on Sunday going to my dad's house to spend time with their family, because Pam likes getting together on Easter.

Steve got Portal 2 yesterday and it looks sooo great. Of course I'm a storyline junkie, and this has an amazing, silly, and comedic storyline! But it looks far too difficult for me. I am spatially challenged and would probably kill myself.

I'm rather sad that it looks like I simply won't have the time to respond as much as I like, ever. But I promise I read every entry you guys post! I loooove your entries and it makes me sad that I can't keep up with them all the time. But I'll try my best. Just be okay with some comments that are maybe more concise and less involved, but know that the thought is there and it's not done as an afterthought <3

ALSO PEE ESS It has SNOWED HERE twice this week. Fuck you 30-degree weather. Fuck you week. I hate you. You snowed on me all morning and got my glasses wet. And I was cold. Oh yeah, and fuck you. D:
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Err... Bre and I went to a drag show at a club called Gay 90's for her birthday. It was really fun, and Bre had reserved front row seats. It was very entertaining and funny.

The night before that I went to a stereotype party at Kiki's. She insisted that the stereotypes people came as were atypical of their normal selves. I dressed up chola style to match Joe, because we're both part Mexican but don't follow any of it.

We both look so gross... )

It was a fun time, except I was dizzy/stomach-achey the entire time without my glasses D: But it was a good chance to hang out with Pat and my rarely-seen friends.

Grim has been ridiculously affectionate lately. I looove it. He also became addicted to cat treats, as he would get one after each med dose. He seriously stopped eating all other food and has been crying at the filled dishes (when I refill them IN FRONT OF HIM). It took a little bit to figure out why he was mad at the current food, until I caught him trying to steal the treat bag like a drug fiend. XD So now, no more kitty treats. HE IS OUT OF CONTROL.

In other news, I just reached the second half of Final Fantasy VI, am slowly progressing through the Elite Four in SoulSilver (gotta beat it before White!!!!), and am almost level 72 in WoW.

I just ate the most AMAZING butternut squash ravioli lean cuisine.

I laughed so hard at this part in Scrubs (6:08-6:22). I probably thought it was so funny because Murphy gets so much crap about being a bad doctor.

Man I love that show!

Since I've been lackluster on my journal lately, I've decided to do a 30 Day Challenge )

Okay now off to do something productive.
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Wow, it feels like forever since I've really been on the internet. And with that said, I'm only partially able to be on. As I've mentioned in the past, the work computers are woefully not updated, so I can't see half the things you guys are posting (such as tumblrs, pics, etc.). D: I'll have to catch up more tomorrow - normally it'd be fine but I'm not working with Isaac tonight so I'm in a different office with internet that is apparently incompatible with my laptop.

Soooo.... we got ANOTHER death snowstorm snowpocalypse. About 12 inches yesterday. AND IT WAS IN THE 50's LAST WEEK. For like a day, BUT! It was WARM, and melty, and great. And now it's like we're back in December. UGHHHH.

I wasn't able to go work yesterday then. Like, LITERALLY was not able to leave my driveway. Actually, I left my driveway, buuuut only about a foot. Then I was stuck. And Steve and I spent a half hour unsticking me so I could get back into the driveway. It just wasn't happening. So poor Chuehue had to stay a whole extra shift. That's the risk we run working in a stupid 24-hour facility or a place that houses people who need supervision. The plows didn't even come by until my shift was completely over. Jerks.

Steve had the whole weekend off, so it was really really nice otherwise. Mostly just attending to and monitoring Grim and playing games. On Saturday we went to my parents' house and had my nephew Cayden's 1st birthday party. It was low-key and fun (with plenty of inappropriate talk by my hilarious 16-year-old cousin - the last discussion I was a part of was when she asked if any of us women had hair in their butt cracks because she does. I told her to shave it.), but apparently every person at the party now has the stomach flu, with the exception of Steve and myself. FINGERS CROSSED!

We watched a good chunk of Scrubs this weekend and finished Gangland. I've slowly been working through Final Fantasy VI, leveling my Druid (almost to 69!), I got all "S" ranks in Elite Beat Agents, and now I'm gonna finally beat SoulSilver before I get White (pre-ordered awhile ago). All I needed to do was fight Lugia and beat the elite four. I caught Lugia. Now, onward! Omg it was so funny when I turned the game on and I didn't know what to do, so Steve talked to professor Elm and he said, "You need to see the kimono girls at the dance theater." And I was like, "Buuuut I already weeeeent there and no one was hooooome!" And he was like, "You should try again." So we both hovered over the screen and when the theater was empty (AGAIN), it was lolsville.

Currently I'm tired and irritable and am worried I'm starting to give into hypochondria. Sleep the past two nights has been awful for us. We just can't fall asleep! It's broken and lame. We're hoping tonight's the night that our bodies finally give in and let us sleeeeeep.
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Friday night was spent being anxious, while also having a Friends Group Fun Time for Joe's birthday. Pat really wanted to get Joe back for having to drink a really spicy blend of hot sauce on HIS birthday (it was a mugful, too), so with all this bitterness in mind, created a list of mean things to make Joe do. The only one that was vehemently put down by the group was Cat Hair Mustache as Joe is very allergic to cats.

This list of things Joe had to do were:
-Wear socks
-Boy-hug gauntlet
-Boondock Saints study and quiz
-Forced Instance in WoW
-Who's touching me?
-Passionate right-wing speech
-Singing Man in the Box on Rock Band
-30-second Rock Star Cola chug
and there were two we ended up being too lazy to do-
-10 second ultra run
-Drive around the block

So, Joe doesn't like being touched, hence the hug one and the "who's touching me" one. He had to be blindfolded for the latter, and the boys would take turns molesting him and he'd have to guess whose hands they were. The Forced Instance I would not have done, as the boys respec'd him to have terrible stats and put him as a tank in an instance, and he wasn't allowed to say anything but "sorry" if people complained. Oh, and he had to wear socks for the duration of the fun-time, because he NEVER wears socks.

The Boondock Saints and Man in the box were because he (and most in the friends group) HAAAATES those two things (Alice in Chains/93x bands aka rock in general, and cheesy-type movies). The notes he took on the movie were soooo funny. He just had to watch the intro because we were too lazy to find an actual scene. And his voice is NOT made for Alice in Chains songs. Soooo funny. He got bonus points for letting Pat "hold" his cell phone during the singing, and Pat sent texts to a bunch of people - his sister, his crush, one of his parents, a stoner, and some random person. The one to his sister (who he is NOT close to - he and his brother are adopted but the sister is the biological child) was saying they're getting older and should be closer, the one to his crush was a silly but cute like, "It's my birthday and I'm wishing I was seeing your pretty face" or something, I'm sure the one to the parent was like, "Sup bro?", the one to the stoner was saying they should totally toke up, and I can't remember what the random text said. Something like, "Happy birthday to you too I guess."

The "speech" he had to read was random copy-pastes from Sarah Palin's speeches, literally. Steve just clicked through her speeches and took sentences and parts of sentences and mashed them together. It was so funny. The 30-second rock star cola chug must've sucked. Imagine trying to quickly down a carbonated energy drink D: And he HATES rock star cola (me too). But then! Presents, and cake. He got Golden Sun: Dark Dawn from Steve, WoW Cataclysm from Pat, and I knit him a scarf. Faith and I made him an AMAZING cake, especially for literally splitting it in half and working on our respective sides.


It was a fun time.

In other news, Grimmy's doing a lot better but he's not home-free for another week or so. He's halfway through his painkillers though. It'll be good when he's off of them so he'll be more lucid. He's been making little piddles, but still hasn't pooped at all. But he was in very good spirits when I was getting ready for work at 11:30! He even ate a kitty treat - I bought them special urinary tract health treats ^_^

Steve, Nick, Joe Waid and I are all going to see Distant Worlds (Final Fantasy music, and Nobou Uematsu's gonna be there!) on June 26 in Chicago!! In light of this, I've decided to try to play as many of the FF games that are in the program as possible (there are two different shows - the one we're going to is here.), starting with Steve's favorite - FFVI :D Eeeee! It's super fun so far.
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Okay! Cutie vacay was a success! We did NOT leave the house after Saturday (and we only did that to mail cute gifts) until Wednesday when I had to work. Yay!

We had a list of things to do. These included:
-Get new music (Because Steve is notoriously bad at keeping up with his bjillion bands)
-Finish Kirby's Dream Land 3
-Start a new game/Finish a game
-Finish a manga
-Finish Cowboy Bebop
-Start a new anime
-Watch L: Change the World
-Finish the current Stephen King story
-Leah actually play some of her games

Ummm... I THINK that's all? We managed to do EVERYTHING on the list except get new music :D We beat the original Mario (Steve bought me the collector's edition for the Wii that includes 1, 2, 3, and Lost Levels, and now all we need to do is beat Lost Levels), got everything done in Kirby's Dream Land 3, I finished the Otomen I was reading and Steve read K-ON, we started an anime on Netflix called Noein (it's odd so far but intriguing, reminds me kinda like Shakugan no Shana), played soooo much DDR (even though I can't progress in DDR X because it keeps freezing at the start of my damn song, so I've just been playing a ton of In The Groove), L: Change the World was GREAT (It's following L around, and takes place BASICALLY after the live-action Death Note movie storyline, but not quite after), and I finally beat Golden Sun and started Witch's Wish.

It was so fun! I love Steve so much!

Now it's back to the old grind. I'm job hunting relentlessly, and we're getting prepared to apartment hunt for real next month. I want a job that applies my degree, by the way. I'm taking written exams next month and the month after for positions as either a Case Aide or a Social Worker. I'm looking very vigilantly for government jobs (Department of Human Services), because that would be great. I've also opened up for opportunities to move to more rural areas where they need workers. I just really don't think I could compete for a job in St. Paul/Minneapolis, because I'm not technically a Social Worker. I also actually applied for two positions involving sexuality education, and I hope soooo much to at least get consideration. I've been waiting YEARS for a position to open up. I'm really really good for the job. Steve's got a nibble right now for a modeling job (modeling as in creating, not showing his sexy bod), and it's also located rurally (for us). We actually may end up moving outside of the cities, who knows! I kinda hope not, and I'm sure he doesn't want to live in the boonies, either. I bet we'd just move to a suburb a little farther out of the cities, like Bloomington (by Mall of America for those of you who've been there), which is still very close to the cities. We'd just have to reconcile longer drives to work.
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Okay, first, some squee! I ordered the first Higurashi Kizuna game, because I don't give a damn if I can't read Japanese I will find a translation if I have to!

Here are some case + game pics (Athena, translate XD) )

I'd originally meant to do a post on my gaming stuff a long time ago (and actually it started as something I was gonna email Athena), and yesterday I was finally motivated to take pics of my gaming area.

Walk along to my lair... )

Broken down, these our our games, with me highlighting my faves (taken from Backloggery.com):

As you can see, we have lots of games.

Ignoring the oldest systems like Genesis and Atari, the VAST majority of those games are games we bought with full intention to play. Not just some random sports game to pad the numbers. Like, we thought about it and spent good money on it-type games. Steve's beaten a full 605 of those games, and he takes beating games seriously. He's far more dedicated than I am, I've beaten less than 100 over my entire lifetime :P
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Fad resolutions are stupid, but I do have some goals that also coincide with... right now.
  • HEALTH: I need to work at my weight again. I've ballooned back up to 130+. I need to make healthier meals again. The reason I've been able to stay in the lower 120's the past year and a half was when I was basically starving myself. It's not healthy, and even though I know it works for the moment, the second I start eating, my body packs on the pounds. I have a slow metabolism anyway. I've started making yummy healthy lunches and watching my portions. I also plan on exercising more (I say "plan" because I use DDR in winter for exercise, and I'm waiting on one of the step plates to come in - Steve cracked one and we're afraid of damaging the delicate interior, so we ordered another). My goal for the summer is to get outside and put my new step-ups to good use, vs. sleeping all day.
  • FINANCES: Another that I'm working on is my finances. Steve and I are saving for our own place. I've been VERY good about putting a minimum of 10% of each paycheck into savings (and actually, I put 10% BEFORE taxes in, so it's a chunk more than my final checks) since we decided to start saving. I'm paying more than the minimum balance towards my student loans as well after each paycheck. My current goal is to get my credit card back to zero. I've been smart about my credit limit and have kept it low in comparison to many peers, so I have a lower balance total to pay off, haha. It's still a pretty good chunk of money, and I've been neglecting paying it off for far too long. I need to get a budget going again. US Bank is telling me they might start a budgeting category, and categorize your spending. I think it'd be a good slap in the face to tell me how much I actually spend on food and games. I need to limit my "fun" spending. I make enough money where I CAN buy whatever I want, but that doesn't mean I SHOULD ALWAYS.
  • FAMILY: I'd like to see more of my nephew. I need to spend some time with my sister. I have a goal of visiting her at least one weekend a month.
  • HOUSING: I have a goal to be moved into a place by April.
  • RELATIONSHIP: I have a goal of being less randomly, irrationally jealous. Steve doesn't deserve that, and I have no reason to be a bitch. When I'm being like this, and Steve asks me why, I will think and think and think, and I literally have NO IDEA why I'm feeling such raging jealousy. What the fuck, me? I need a better attitude overall, honestly. I get so shitty during the winter months.
  • SELF: I need to figure out a way to have higher self-esteem, to accept myself for the way I am. I spend a ridiculous amount of time pining for so many things that I just won't be, physically. Maybe read some books or something. I'm not ugly, so I don't know why I'm not okay with me.
  • GAMING: I don't have a number goal because that would stress me out, but I have a goal to actively play more games instead of taking forever to beat just one. I have over 200 games to beat - time to get to it! And read more manga and watch more anime!
I think that about covers it for now!

And I don't really think there's anything to do with "sticking" to them. I'm constantly working on making healthy eating a "lifestyle" vs a "diet," so I will struggle with ups and downs, but ultimately come back to the same place. Self-esteem and body image are also ongoing battles. A relationship always requires work. As do finances and housing.

I think I'll do very well on my goals this year. :)
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-My work internet wouldn't let me access LJ the other day and I haven't been on the internet really otherwise for a few days.

-I presented my agency stuff yesterday in class. The professor was successfully schmoozed by my fancy words and knowledge of the agency (I did my internship there after all) and ability to talk to the class, so I can't imagine not getting an A on that. Now all I need to do is finish organizing my portfolio for Dec. 1, and I am DONE. DONEEEE.

-Steve officially gave me permission to open my presents whenever I want as of yesterday afternoon, so I'm waiting until I get home from my benefits meeting around 10am to open them technically a day early ^_^

-I beat Tales of Symphonia and started Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I loved Tales' ending. It was sweet and cute, and I'm glad I played it. Uncharted is completely different, but I watched Steve play it and it's one of those few bro games that he adored. I'm literally halfway through the game right now, earning my first-ever trophies for the PS3! I took yesterday off of work so I had the time, and I'm taking tomorrow off of work too for Harry Potter and birthday stuff.

-Had a uretie (that's my urethra's nickname, pronounced yoo-ree-tee) scare that actually pushed me to placebo myself with a prescription cipro pill, tons of cranberry/vitamin C, and even AZO, which never fails to make me want to vomit. I feel better though. All is well.

-Uretie scare was possibly the result of an amazing romp.

-I am going to be very busy this weekend, but I'll be thinking of youuu! <333
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I came home today to find a Snickers and a note on the stairs, this led me to another note and an energy drink, and that led me to a final note and flowers!!!


This is exceptionally excited for me because I've never received spontaneous flowers before! Awwww! So sweet. I love Steve so much!

We spent the day being bums until 12:45pm and then wandered the mall and GameStops around town (it's buy 2 get 1 right now), and ended up with Magna Carta 2, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and Mass Effect 2~!

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