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I've started reading my journal from the very beginning. It is almost painful to see how dramatic and whiny I was, and how I clearly was too stubborn to admit when others were right. However, it's been a good opportunity to realize just how enjoyable my life has been (other than at home, that part remains consistent with my memories - except for how much more I liked my mom). Minus the fact that I struggle to enjoy things in the moment. I had to let Bre know that I love her and am grateful for her sticking by me all these years, because I was a total bitch to he sometimes. She responded saying she was ignorant to the world and that I put up with THAT, but I really don't think they were the same. We both around, but I'm always a meaner party.

Steve and I had the week off, and it was so nice. I was busy for a lot of it - oral surgery appointment (getting my wisdom teeth out on the 13th of September, they've been bothering me for awhile now), eye appointment (am going to try out a new special lens just for my type of eyes/get new glasses), took Grim in for a check-up (still 15 pounds and healthy, just had the vet scrape some tartar off his teeth), Nate gave us a futon and a click-clack couch, I had school on Thursday and today I had a bridal shower for some cousin of mine that I went to with Connie and Haley. Otherwise it's been a lot of Joe Waid and some of Courtney and Pat. Steve and I went to the State Fair on Friday. It's kind of a "thing" here -  we gorged ourselves on all the foods we wanted, ran into an old coworker, Jeff LaPlant, in an arcade there. He recognized me and apparently did a double-take and called my name. It was cool chatting for awhile.

Courtney played Amnesia last night. We were downstairs in the dark and the boys were upstairs playing DotA. They said it was either silent, orwe were shrieking. It was soooo fun.

Steve's great. Haley's great. Joe Waid's great. Bre's great. Courtney's great.


Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:51 pm
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Holy moley I'm tired today! Traffic was very bad this morning due to a fatal car accident - I saw the SUV involved, and the person was probably crushed. During this time there were several minutes of dead-stoppage. The highway is already down to one lane beginning in that area because of construction, and morning traffic is always bad around that time. When we were stopped I made a tweet, and my great aunt deigned to remind me that texting and driving is illegal. It drives me insane when people take every opportunity to remind you when you're doing wrong, as if it will change the behavior. I'm here to tell you, it will not. End of story.


Anyway. I started my second grad school class, and we met yesterday. During this meeting I came to the should-have-been obvious realization regarding why I do what I do. I want to work with EBD and Autism, and thrive in chaotic environments... I process information very quickly and become bored almost too easily, it's like I *need* the environment to be unpredictable from day to day and even up to minute to minute to keep my brain excited and stimulated. Coming to this realization was really amusing, but also freeing. I love developing new awareness and understanding of myself.


This LJ app sucks, by the way. Not capitalizing the beginning of sentences, really??


I'm seeing a chiropractor twice a week for 6 weeks for adjustments, acupuncture and some muscle therapy. It's mostly for my bladder issues but I have longstanding back pain from having lordosis (swayback) and horrid neck pain. Since insurance will pay, I'm treating the whole package. :)


A nap is most definitely in order today after work. I'm so so tired!


Steve and I went to a local farm with an apple orchard and picked delicious apples and bought homemade pancake/waffle/muffin mix with pumpkin flavoring. It smells so good! Faith and I made the muffins and they were amazing.

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My weekend was kind of a blur, mostly because I was deathly ill on Saturday.

Friday I was NOT IN THE MOOD for anything work because I was achey and my throat hurt. It was awesome then that only one of the four babies was present in the latter half of the day. But in the first half I had to continue working with the preschoolers on a dance myself and another teacher are preparing for the Spring Program, which entailed a lot of dancing and movement and was simply not cool. One of the parents of a baby let slip that one of the toddlers had bronchitis over the previous weekend (and said child had been coughing into my face all week), and I didn't know bronchitis was contagious. Now, I'm probably being a baby and don't have bronchitis since I have not been incubating a cold for a week or more or anything, but I've had a stuffy head, been feverish, severely aching and experiencing deep painful coughs that have contributed to a very unhappy throat. I've basically been overloading with DayQuil, Mucinex, Naproxen, and Emergen-C in an effort to rid myself of this BS as I am a giant crybaby when I'm sick and I hate going to work when sick. It seems to be relatively paying off, as my aches (the WORST for me, completely put me out of commission whenever I get them) have mostly subsided. The rest is manageable and I also bought cough drops, woo! But as a result, I lost the vast majority of my weekend to sleep/rolling around the bed/hobbling to various house locations pitifully, which was very disappointing as the weather was nice this weekend (in the 60's, where it's been in the 40's for the past week and will resume said crap this week). I was really motivated to get out and go running too!

I finished a Kindle book I recently purchased - 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think. I purchased it when reading through a blog in which the woman was going through a job slump and she happened to mention keeping track of her time and trying to figure out how to make more time for herself in order to work on her core competencies and feel good about what she does. The book is pretty interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I really liked how she continuously reiterated the need to hone your skills and focus on what you're good at. A large part references families, but it's easy to apply to my own life as well. It's made me very excited to attend the informational meeting about graduate programs tomorrow. I also watched a documentary on the failing public school system on Netflix (Waiting for Superman, if you're interested), a really interesting documentary on being open-minded and taking a severely autistic (though high-functioning) boy to shamans to see if there's any way to help him (The Horse Boy), one on the Scrabble tournament in 2004, and a really cheesy one about quantum physics that actually presented some unique information that has made me want to project a more positive outlook on myself. Yeah, so I guess I knocked off a bunch of Netflix queue stuff, but didn't do anything I really wanted to.

Oh, I DID knit a quick scarf with some lovely new yarn
as seen here: )

Oh, and as long as I'm adding pics... )

Jenny, the woman who started dying my bangs, did awesome at letting the black mix with the pink and since I've stopped going to her (the drive is just so damn FAR), I've tried my damnedest to keep the look going. I think I do a pretty good job, and is very cheap - I paid $14 for the "demi-permanent" pink dye, and am getting many uses out of it. Versus $20-$40 a pop when going to Jenny, plus tip and gas both ways.

On Friday Steve and I spent the afternoon texting in Haiku. It was awesome and adorable and omg I love our relationship.

Pat broke up with Faith on Friday AT OUR HOUSE OVER THE PHONE and got back together with her today, which everyone in the friends group disagrees with and he will be receiving very deep glares from me over the next week.
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As you can see, he has already provided me with hours of entertainment, hahaha.
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Last night, winter tried again to be successful. There was about 4 inches of snow on the cars this morning and Steve said he was 20 minutes late to work because of the traffic. It is quite slooshy outside as the temperature is in the mid-20's and the snow is fluffy. The worst was that it freezing rained before it snowed, so I ran my car for like 20 minutes to get it at least melted off the windows - the scraper wasn't helping.

This weekend I spent mostly to myself, even when I was with people. We hung out at the bropartment on Saturday evening but I just sat quietly and read the third book of the Hunger Games. Well, I DID almost put Scott's head through a wall. He chews SO LOUDLY in normal life (one of my MAJOR pet peeves), but that night he decided to chew gum so it was NEVER ENDING. Right when I was about to move entirely across the room, he spit it out. Thank god. On Sunday I picked up the nanny kids, seeing them for the first time in almost 2 years, and we went back to my place and watched Avatar: The Last Airbender the whole time. They played with the kitties and laser pointers, but were generally very quiet and well-behaved. It was a marked change from the endless energy they had as 6-year-olds, that's for sure! But it was probably a rare change for them being able to watch hours of tv on a cold, dreary winter day. When I picked them up, the only comment I got was from Micah, who said I looked different (which I do - last time we were together I was blond and didn't have a nose piercing). Jen, their mom, ran up to me and gave me a hug. It was very sweet. I'm babysitting them again on February 5th, probably doing the exact same thing with the kids.

On Saturday Jenna and I went to the townhome place, and were immediately disappointed when we discovered that the woman we talked to messed it up and our appointment wasn't on the lady, Anna's, calendar. However, we sat in their "business office" while we waited (it has a computer with high-speed internet, copy/fax machine, and some plush chairs, all for tenant's free use) and went over the floor plans again and wrote down our top 5 choices. We also discussed several things regarding our desires and where our cars will go, etc. We each have a vehicle, but Steve has a station wagon and Jenna drives a CRV, so Nick and I would likely get any garage space anyway because we drive sedans.

Interestingly, when shown paper copies of the floor plans and when Anna pointed out that if both bedrooms have connected bathrooms guests will have to go into someone's bedroom to use the facilities, our top choices changed. We looked at two units. Both were decent, but we fell in love with a two-level called Lakeland. It's actually three levels as the townhome itself sits above a MASSIVE garage that could comfortably fit three cars (but is designed for two). Also, I know this is probably taken for granted by most, but it has ITS OWN GARBAGE AND RECYCLE BINS!!!!! This is HUGE because my current apartment DOES NOT have recycling, and I hate it. Also we have to bring our garbage down to a scary dumpster about a hundred feet away from our apartment, so Steve is usually the one who does that as I don't feel safe going that far by myself. Especially because it gets dark so early now. And it's cold.

Anyway, it's a little over 1300-square feet, and there's a living room as well as a den, with the kitchen inbetween. There's a washer and dryer in a closet in the den. The kitchen is compact - designed to be able to spin in a circle to use all the counter space without having to feel burdened. There's a breakfast bar surrounding the kitchen too. The next floow has the bedrooms. Jenna and Nick will be getting the "master" bedroom (13'6x14', whereas ours will be 12'x13') and the connecting bathroom. Because they have a linen closet in their bathroom, Steve and I will get the majority of the closet between the rooms. Steve and I will have individual closets (this unit doesn't have walk-ins, which is fine) in the bedroom. The biggest downside is that it's only 1.75-bath, so Steve and I only get a shower stall. This is only a burden because we shower together as routine, and there's not a lot of room XD

As for the pet policy, on paper it doesn't state the cats have to be declawed. We're still debating on telling them or just sneaking the cats in. But Anna loved us and we talked video games and boyfriends and what we like about living spaces. We signed a Future Occupancy Agreement that states that if a unit becomes available in the months that we specified (May-September) we will take it up to a certain price (which we listed at $1400, but Anna said we will pay around $1200-$1250 maximum). Then we had lunch with the boys and squee'd over how amazing the townhome is and how gorgeous and how much we all want to move RIGHT NOW. But even if we could, it's just not feasible or smart to move in the winter. So we wait.

On top of this, Steve and I had a very serious talk about my job this weekend, and it was decided that I'm going to quit. I plan on telling my supervisors by the end of the week. Originally Steve and I thought a month would be sufficient time for them to tie up the loose ends, but today while looking through my schedule I decided it would be best to work through the end of February, just so we'll all have a little less stress. The job is very dictated by the months. We debated the merits of doing those last two months to make my one year, but I don't think I'll be able to hold it together until then. I'm cracking already as it is. I have begun applying to various retail positions in the interim (the most exciting at the Hustler store in Minneapolis - I've ALWAYS wanted to work at a specialty store like that), as well as hospital and paraprofessional jobs. I loved my job as a para even if the school system's kind of a bitch, and Steve got really excited because he thought it was great when I was a para. I only ever left the job because I couldn't drive the 40 miles to Shakopee and back every day anymore once I moved.

But I've decided that I am done with mental health, probably forever. At least with adults. I love mental illness in theory, but hate it in practice. Haha. I also don't feel as bad leaving now that they fired an amazing colleague for fraud. She has a domestic partner, like a LEGAL domestic partner, but he's male. She had him on her insurance as it had the option, but when they found out he was male they flipped out and said it was only for SAME SEX domestic partners and that it was HER choice not to get married. And said she committed fraud. And fired her. It's bullshit and they're losing a great worker and person. Oh, and she's 8 months pregnant. And will have no benefits at the end of this month. Nice.

I know it's risky to not have a job already lined up, but with the time I have left and the nature of the job, prospective employers won't be happy to earn I have over a month left, and I don't have a lot of time to job hunt. Steve and I have enough money to float on for at least a month or two, and we'll be getting our tax returns in a couple months. My history with finding jobs is in my favor, but there's still the fear of not having one. And I won't have benefits for awhile. Getting my IUD then was a good move.   
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Today with work was pretty depressing because I only had depressed clients... lol. I should think ahead next time I schedule them; it really brings me down by the end of the day!

I bought the majority of Steve's gifts today online and tomorrow I'm going to venture out for the final one. I'm super excited! We set a $175 limit for each other. Otherwise I don't actually know how much we spent on other people this year. We have so many to buy for! But it's nice having the money to be able to do that without worrying.

Speaking of money, Steve and I have begun looking for a new place once it stops being cold again. We moved here in April, but our lease is technically month to month so we can move whenever we want. I love our cute little ghetto place, because it is the right amount of space for us, but NOT the right amount of storage or kitchen space. The location is pretty good in terms of ease of access to highways and the cities we frequent, but not very quiet or even particularly safe. And receiving packages is HELL when it's from UPS.

The places that we want are generally apartments and townhomes (though I'm mentally ready to get a mortgage and a house, but Steve is holding back as a result of his student loan fears and whatnot, which is understandable), but they are expensive! Steve and I can comfortably afford a few hundred dollars than we pay now, but the exact specifications we want/need (want: in-unit washer and dryer, need: allowing two non-declawed cats) add a pretty high amount.

Interestingly, Nick was texting me today about how much he hates living with Pat, because all Pat does is complain about Scott (he also complains TO Scott, who DOES NOT CARE). Now, Scott is a horrible roommate. I give that to Pat. He leaves plates with food on them everywhere, doesn't do his dishes or clean up after himself. However, Steve warned Pat about this when they wanted to move in together, but Pat didn't listen. And now he spends every day being The Mom and nagging the other two. Nick jokingly suggested that he wanted to live with me and Steve, because while we are generally neat, we're not Nazis about cleanliness and have periods of leaving clothes on the floor or letting a few dishes pile up in the sink (bowls, not plates - because plates WOULDN'T FIT). In light of my recent apartment search, I actually considered the thought for a bit. Nick appears to be a good roommate. He keeps to himself mostly and is pretty laid-back. Getting a two-bedroom (with rooms not adjacent to each other) would be cheaper overall. Rent would not likely be split evenly as Nick makes far less than Steve or I do, but his contribution would definitely help and keep the rent for the two of us in our price range.

When I discussed the idea with Steve he got all giddy, because he never lived with roommates before and adores Nick so he'd kind of get his bro roommate time! XD I'd just have to come to terms with less privacy, but if Nick continues his current work schedule it won't be a huge issue, because he gets home around the time we go to bed. I'm super excited to move!

Also, a note about the weather... a few days ago it was 8 degrees, and yesterday it was in the 40's... the snow has mostly melted because of this. *I* don't mind the warm weather. :)
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My Asian friend Joe and I were talking-

BAHAHAHA yessss! He congratulated me on joining the brother/sisterhood. It was awesome.   

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So, I've been feeling more social than normal this past week. I hung out until 5am at NIck's on Friday/Saturday, mostly playing FFVI and me, Pat, and Nick gossiped a lot (Pat said to me at least 4 times this weekend that he loves how On I am about gossip in our circles. And my definition of gossip isn't a negative one, because it's not always BAD things. It's just sharing knowledge about people we know and discussing it! That DOES NOT make it negative.). Then I decided I wanted to throw a little party at our apartment, because hey! It's a large space and can fit a lot of people and it would be really fun! So I invited Nick and Pat and Faith, and we ran into Nikki on Saturday and invited him, and Nick brought Joe Waid. I invited Courtney too, and she came later :) It was really awesome to get basically the entire group together. Part of the reason I wanted a little party was to get as many people I like from this group together, and because I want to see more of Courtney, and because I wanted to drink a bit and Faith did too. And Nick and Pat. We all don't really drink all that often (except Nikki, he's a typical college kid living in a college town and college boy house where drinking is a daily occurrence).

Anyway, most of the time was spent talking and joking and trolling each other. We also watched a Jackie Chan movie, which was great entertainment, played some SSBB, and talked some more. It was really fun and I'm glad Courtney was able to come.

Then Pat and Faith left at like 4:15am. Soon after, we heard what sounded like knocks on the window, so we thought they came back because they forgot something. Joe Waid went to investigate, and saw this fat black woman smashing out the windows on Nick's car with a baseball bat! He was too shocked to say or do anything, and she took off in this getaway car (and he didn't get the license plate).

See the horrible pictures here.

It was very obvious that this was a target attack, because she didn't hit anyone else's car and Nick's was in the middle of the lot. We later did find what we assume was the ACTUAL vehicle she meant to hit. It was the same make and color as Nick's. The cop who came out told us that this is actually really common in our awesome ghetto neighborhood - angry exes slash tires or smash windows for revenge. He asked me how I liked it here, and I said I was fine, and never heard of anything happening here yet. He kept asking Nick if he was SURE he didn't piss anyone off. We reiterated several times that NONE of the people present except for myself was even from the area, and we know no black women. lol.

I'm not worried about my car; it's very unlikely that someone would mistake it - there are stuffed animals all over the back window area, and my windshield has a very noticeable crack running the entire length of it already. Steve's car can't get mistaken because it's an old-man car that no one else in the world drives XD I feel so so guilty and bad about Nick's car. What are the odds, seriously?! And Courtney and I had been making all these ghetto-themed jokes about what the noise was, while Nick's car was getting destroyed.

Steve gets all bonerific whenever I hang out with people, because he thinks it's so cute. He thought this weekend was especially cute because not only did I hang out with people of my own accord one night and play epic amounts of FFVI, I stayed with Nick after Pat left and waited until Steve got off work and the three of us had some cute time, but I made separate plans for the next night and had a REAL social gathering! ^_^

In preparation for this impromptu housewarming, Steve and I finished unpacking everything left. We also rearranged the living room the better suit our needs, vacuumed the carpet with deodorizer (it had been STINKY), and set everything up super cute. In fact, next entry I will post picutres of the place FINALLY. It is now very clear that we MUST paint that living room. It is ugly and bare and unwelcoming with those stark white walls D:

Zomg BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 is coming out for the 3DS at the end of the month!!!! Crap. Now I HAVE to get a 3DS sometime. -_- Oh, I reserved a hotel for us for our trip to Distant Worlds. For the 6 of us, we get to stay in one room for $120! That's on'y $20 each! If we'd tried to stay the night in Chicago, it would have been ridiculously more expensive, and we'd have had to get two rooms. This way, it's perfect!

Okay, now to play FFVI! Steve's playing Halo: Reach and Nikki's on Skype with a friend while they play League of Legends. So social! Steve asked me if he had the #1 spot in my tags, I told him that I doubted it - so we looked up all my tags. Above him are "me", "relationships", "school", "life", "friends",... and "dan". He got all mock-offended about it and started teasing me about never writing about him and that Dan was more important or something. I was all, "I've been dating you two years and Dan was in my life for 5! What do you expect?!" and he was like, "You'd even have WAY more Dan tags if you hadn't lost those years from GreatestJournal!" And then it turned into this silly banter about how I now need to find a way to get a Steve tag into every entry, even if it's just a sentence XD I'm not gonna do that, but I will make more of an effort to write about our cutie relationship. I explained to him that I have so many Dan tags because I complained about him and our relationship A LOT. I whined soooo much about us, and the wishy-washiness I felt about him, especially over that last year. I have nothing to complain about with Steve, so I get half the reasons to write about him :P
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Friday night was spent being anxious, while also having a Friends Group Fun Time for Joe's birthday. Pat really wanted to get Joe back for having to drink a really spicy blend of hot sauce on HIS birthday (it was a mugful, too), so with all this bitterness in mind, created a list of mean things to make Joe do. The only one that was vehemently put down by the group was Cat Hair Mustache as Joe is very allergic to cats.

This list of things Joe had to do were:
-Wear socks
-Boy-hug gauntlet
-Boondock Saints study and quiz
-Forced Instance in WoW
-Who's touching me?
-Passionate right-wing speech
-Singing Man in the Box on Rock Band
-30-second Rock Star Cola chug
and there were two we ended up being too lazy to do-
-10 second ultra run
-Drive around the block

So, Joe doesn't like being touched, hence the hug one and the "who's touching me" one. He had to be blindfolded for the latter, and the boys would take turns molesting him and he'd have to guess whose hands they were. The Forced Instance I would not have done, as the boys respec'd him to have terrible stats and put him as a tank in an instance, and he wasn't allowed to say anything but "sorry" if people complained. Oh, and he had to wear socks for the duration of the fun-time, because he NEVER wears socks.

The Boondock Saints and Man in the box were because he (and most in the friends group) HAAAATES those two things (Alice in Chains/93x bands aka rock in general, and cheesy-type movies). The notes he took on the movie were soooo funny. He just had to watch the intro because we were too lazy to find an actual scene. And his voice is NOT made for Alice in Chains songs. Soooo funny. He got bonus points for letting Pat "hold" his cell phone during the singing, and Pat sent texts to a bunch of people - his sister, his crush, one of his parents, a stoner, and some random person. The one to his sister (who he is NOT close to - he and his brother are adopted but the sister is the biological child) was saying they're getting older and should be closer, the one to his crush was a silly but cute like, "It's my birthday and I'm wishing I was seeing your pretty face" or something, I'm sure the one to the parent was like, "Sup bro?", the one to the stoner was saying they should totally toke up, and I can't remember what the random text said. Something like, "Happy birthday to you too I guess."

The "speech" he had to read was random copy-pastes from Sarah Palin's speeches, literally. Steve just clicked through her speeches and took sentences and parts of sentences and mashed them together. It was so funny. The 30-second rock star cola chug must've sucked. Imagine trying to quickly down a carbonated energy drink D: And he HATES rock star cola (me too). But then! Presents, and cake. He got Golden Sun: Dark Dawn from Steve, WoW Cataclysm from Pat, and I knit him a scarf. Faith and I made him an AMAZING cake, especially for literally splitting it in half and working on our respective sides.


It was a fun time.

In other news, Grimmy's doing a lot better but he's not home-free for another week or so. He's halfway through his painkillers though. It'll be good when he's off of them so he'll be more lucid. He's been making little piddles, but still hasn't pooped at all. But he was in very good spirits when I was getting ready for work at 11:30! He even ate a kitty treat - I bought them special urinary tract health treats ^_^

Steve, Nick, Joe Waid and I are all going to see Distant Worlds (Final Fantasy music, and Nobou Uematsu's gonna be there!) on June 26 in Chicago!! In light of this, I've decided to try to play as many of the FF games that are in the program as possible (there are two different shows - the one we're going to is here.), starting with Steve's favorite - FFVI :D Eeeee! It's super fun so far.
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Bento goodness!! )

In other, sane news, Joe Waid's birthday is tomorrow so we're throwing him his birthday fun at midnight. Because Pat works days now, Steve and I work nights, Nick works evenings, Nikki has a life at his college, and Faith goes to school a couple hours away, and Joe Waid works weekends, it's been hard trying to plan it! I think Steve and Pat have most of the kinks worked out for what we're going to have him do (in my friends group it's usually a "work for your presents through challenges or scavenger hunts" type deal), and I came up with the cake idea (and Pat said he's on board as long as he gets to get all cranky and bossy and likely take the whole thing over in order to make it perfect). I finished his scarf ) yesterday, though I have one major mistake I need to fix. It's an easy fix; I was just being careless in the duplicate stitching. The symbol especially looks good in person and I'm proud of that chart ^_^ Joe Waid's a really hard person to shop for, and Pat's already said how jealous he is that Joe Waid gets a scarf and that it's obviously going to be the best gift :P What I felt like was a near cop-out is apparently quite popular.

I got to chat with my sister for awhile yesterday, and that was fun. It served to remind me I need to find weekend time to visit her. Whenever I bring it up, she always tells me when the next time she's bringing Cayden over to our parents' house, which I find odd. I don't need to go home to see my nephew, and I almost prefer our quiet time to big family hullabaloo. Anyway, she just wanted to vent while she smoked (she's like me and gets bored when doing menial things and likes to make phone calls) about how she feels like she's not getting any support for getting an apartment and applying to school and getting her GED and working full-time, and in fact said that our parents discouraged her from going to school right now. Bethany says it's the perfect time to go to school because Tony can afford to not work (vs paying more for a daycare that money Tony made from a job wouldn't be worth), and she can support the three of them on her job at Mystic Lake Casino. She obviously doesn't want to be a server forever, so she wants to at least get an Associate's. It's always so hilarious to me when she talks about Paul's "mental issues", or as I call them, "a failure to realize that the parent-child roles change when the kids are adults, living on their own, and having children."

We also talked a bit about death and I gave her the rundown on Pam's dad's funeral. She brought up Paul's dad again, because she recently found out he'd been given 6 months to live - 6 months ago. And he quit chemo (I don't blame him). He has lung cancer; I'm pretty sure he knows what that means for him no matter what he does. So now Bethany is kinda expecting to hear every day that he's died, because of the length of time he was given (the same sentence was given to Bre's grandma, who lived like 4 more years, but she had liver cancer and therefore could do surgeries and she smoked weed ["just a couple puffs"] to keep her appetite up and her pain down). When Bethany and I were listing in what order we thought we'd lose our like 50 grandparents (okay, like 8), Ron hadn't been high on the list. It's just weird. He's only 65.

This THEN led to her talking about her opinions on food consumption after re-watching "Food Matters" (it's instant on Netflix, btw) and how she really believes food does affect your body and cause cancer and that you SHOULD eat healthy and mostly raw, etc.  She commented on her recent gallbladder issues - they offered to take her gallbladder out because it's coated in sludge right now, assumed to be from energy drinks. She said no, and told me that, "It's my fault it is this way. Removing it would be the easy way out so I should try to fix it on my own first!" And then she said, "And of course after I watch it then I go through BK drive-thru but whatever!" XD I actually think half of it is her fear of pain and doctors and needles.

But anyway, she said she can't talk to anyone about her food opinions because they don't agree with her. What she means to say is they're ignorant, or don't care. Our parents tout healthiness, but I'm not sure how much they follow these days. They're incredibly elitist about food that anyone else consumes, though. Steve made fun of me hardcore the other day for throwing a miniature fit when the store didn't have the yogurt I wanted. All the brands that were there had sugar added or were made from just milk (no live cultures)! No! But he's so right, I DID sound like my parents. It was really funny. And I don't even care!

It's interesting this comes up for her right when I'm about to start seriously trying to lead a good healthy life, without being limiting or dieting. I'm already about halfway there, with the high fruit and veggie consumption, low meat intake, attempts to balance protein and fat, but I need more.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO [livejournal.com profile] sambanova !!!!

Lulz at the person at the front of her username being teeny tiny

Have a great day!!! :D 


Nov. 22nd, 2010 03:55 am
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Ah! On Friday I turned 23. So. I pretty much spent my birthday weekend doing everything that I wanted to do.

On Thursday night Steve and I went to the theater at 10:30 to get our seats for Harry Potter. Our theater was already full. We were able to snag three seats toward the front (the third for Nick). We assumed that Nick's sister would be in a different theater, and we KNEW Pat and Faith would be in a different theater, having bought their tickets the day of. We just hung out and played our DSiXLs. There were a TON of teenagers running around with wands and a quaffle playing Quidditch. And many more dressed up of course. It was cute to see other Huffpuffs. Steve mentioned to me that he thought there's no Ravenclaw love out there. I personally know a few people who I think would be in Ravenclaw (looking at you, Athena. Though I think you'd also be great in Slytherin).
The movie? AMAZING. omg. omg. Yes. 
Of course, I'm the only one who remembered that in the book Wormtail's own hand turns on him, and that X. Lovegood's horn thing goes off (though it WAS in the background of the scene), and that Bellatrix calls Voldemort and he shows after the kids escape and punishes everyone. Though speaking to that scene, Emma Watson did AMAZING on her tortured screams. Gives me the shivers. We all know the most awkward scene was the part where Ron pictures Harry and Hermione apparently nakedly making out after having been processed in Photoshop. And Daniel Radcliffe is far too short to be taken seriously. Ever. Ron has a barrel chest which causes LOLs but is still YES, and Emma is soooo beautiful. Very. Oh, and the humor in the movie was super great too. Nngh! Love HP 4eva.

After the movie me, Nick, Pat, Faith, Courtney and Steve went to Perkins and just hung out and chilled. Courtney made me an adorable card, which I forgot to take a picture of but will add when I get home.

Steve got me:
-A coupon for one "decision" that he must make. It was a "joke" gift, because neither of us likes to make decisions on where to eat, or what to do, or what. It was sooo cute. The background is a watermark of Haruhi pulling on Kyon. Adorable.
-A manga themed around autism which I found very funny as well as adorable, but he was serious in thinking I would enjoy it, as I find ways all the time to bring autism in discussion (such as the other night when I told my dad his dog had autism tendencies, but I can't remember what he did!)
-A sushikin stuffed animal for my car (see cut).
-The first Ouendan game (he got my the 2nd for my last birthday). I loooove Ouendan!
-A remote car starter kit for mah car!
-The Killing Joke, in hardcover and completely colored. (See cut)

Soooo good!

My friends planned a scavenger hunt for me, and it was MAX great. Steve tricked me and ditched me at home around midnight and since he knows me so well, knew that I'd hop on the computer or check my phone. Problem is, I didn't know he was leaving, so I went and futzed around doing laundry for like 15 minutes before I discovered that I was to scavenge! It was World of Warcraft themed, and I got to tank and heal and do quests all around town (as a Tauren Drood)! It was super awesome and funny.

At Nick's first station, in a park, I had a quest to retrieve his lost trinket, which took me far longer to find than it should have - I walked over it three times! XD My next quest was to buy myself some energy drink with my reward money from the previous quest (Faith ran that one). My third quest was to retrieve Snickers bars from Pat's car farm (they were actually monsters disguised as Snickers). Pat's was incredibly funny, because Steve wrote their lines, and it was all about how Pat was gay (Pat is at least bi, if not gay. It's true, even if he says it's only curiousity. I'm trying always to make him come to terms with it).

Then I had to bring Steve the heads of gummie bears (he really made me bite off the heads before he accepted them XD), and then had to act as a tank against Joe Waid to save Steve in an escort quest. Then they mixed games by making me kill 5 slimes (From Dragon Quest Heroes) and bringing their insides (tootsie rolls) to Nick.

THEN I had to go to another park and heal Pat while he fought another evil Joe Waid (moar gay jokes). Lastly, I had to go to Nicks and team up with Courtney and Faith, who were DPS, and were joined by Steve, who was our pug tank, and we had to battle Boss Nick, who somehow had a costume that looked like a sorcerer's or something. After all that, we went in the house and they had made an AMAZING Horde-themed cake for me (see cut) and Nick and Joe Waid had bought me all the WoW games! Awww! But in order to get to the games I had to open the chest they were in (they really made it look like a treasure chest).

We are nerds. And honestly, only Nick and I play WoW out of the group so it was really cute that they did that. Courtney was added in last-minute, which I really was touched by, because she was the one who told Pat that she wanted in. Unfortunately Steve had already finished all the scripts so she was tacked onto the last quest, but I was glad she was there. Pat gave me a HORRIBLY written (on purpose) IOU from him and Faith, haha.

See?! )Otherwise Steve and I sat around playing games, watching Gangland, and relaxing. I finished Uncharted already, and am going to start Chrono Cross!

Saturday Bethany and I went to our dad's and got some mulah from him and we went out to dinner with him, Pam and Jack. It was a nice time. My dad has gotten so much more pleasant as he's gotten older.

Sunday Mom, Paul and I had to reschedule our lunch for Friday, because it rained/froze Saturday night and Bethany got stranded (she has a rear-wheel drive Lexus) and they had to jump her, take her car to the mechanic (for an unrelated issue), and then drive her to work. Too much to deal with, and Steve has Friday off YAY OMG YAY, so lunch on Friday is fine. That left Steve and I to hole up at home, order a pizza, watch the Vikings game, and play cutie games (me plugging away on Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and him squeeze in some Tales of the Abyss). 

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Oh my. Stupid people upset me.

After work Steve and I stayed upstairs for a couple hours while I made a lot more bento items - garlic and butter asparagus, miso marinated eggplant, sweet and sour cabbage, and chopped up and soaked some apples for today's bentos. It's so nice having it ready when I leave for work! And Steve was cute and texted me tonight saying all his coworkers were jealous of his awesome bento meal. For some reason I actually put soy sauce on my rice tonight, whereas normally I'm fine eating it plain, as it tempers the saltiness of the other foods.

School continues to go well. I continue to have a strong dislike for my professor, but I was comforted when I remembered I get to evaluate her at the end of the semester. I always put comments in the extra space for them, especially if the professor was great. I plan to let the professor know how condescending and rude she is, because she's one of the higher-ups in the university, and she needs to stop trying to  constantly make us feel like we're an inch tall. The mean age of my class of 10-12 people is probably 35. Stop being such ass, kthx. On a brighter note, I've gotten A's on all of my papers so far, and will probably continue to do so. Despite our clashes, I still know what she wants, and I don't stress like my peers do. One of my group members got *gasp* AN "A MINUS" on her most recent paper, and she was very upset. I bet that was my mom when she took classes at Augsburg. She was ALWAYS fretting about "getting a 4.0" in each class. Not, apparently, realizing that as long as you meet the minimum requirements for graduation, nothing else really matters. People who go to Metro are NOT aspiring to go to grad school at Yale, I promise. Metropolitan State University is a non-traditional small urban school whose demographic is averaging 31 years old. I'm an anomaly, but I've always been more comfortable with people older than I am. Traditional colleges with peers suck. Because my peers like staying in dorms and going to house parties and being drunk and throwing up. No thanks, I'm almost 23, I work in the Big Girl World and kinda feel like you should grow up too.

I got my messenger bag in the mail the other day from gesshoku.org (it's a major weeaboo site and while it has a lot of facepalming attributes, some of the products are GREAT). It's a black messenger bag (HELL with cat hair, gotta keep an eye on it) with "Chu" written in pink hirigana. I looooove it! It's my new purse. I've had the tiniest purse known to man for FAR too long.

On Saturday Steve, Nick and I are going to see Patton Oswald (think... the short guy who lives with his mother on King of Queens). I know he's actually pretty funny, but I can't remember how much of his stuff I've seen. He's been on Comedy Central, that's all I know. But Steve and Nick really like him, so it'll be a fun thing to do. AND because Pat's too poor and Joe Waid's not interested, we actually get Nick to ourselves for once. It's a really rare opportunity  - Steve has already stated that it's not a date with Nick the third wheel; it's we get the privilege to be going on a date with Nick XD He's also joked that if I ever broke up with him for Nick that he wouldn't even feel right being mad. Yes, he loves Nick that much. For the record, I think Steve is NUMBER ONE AMAZING GUY. Nick is just a cool friend to have. He's quiet, moves and talks very deliberately and slowly (quite the opposite of me), will pipe up with some hilarious quip out of the blue but mostly play Disgaea on his DS, and is all-around just nice.

My scarf and the charts I posted on Ravelry are quite popular - posting the charts for free really got the attention. It makes me really happy because I don't want people to have to go through the hell I went through looking for Zelda stuff. I'm still shocked there were no available charts (and the ONE Link chart).

The rest of my work night will entail Kanji-learnin' and watching a movie! Ta!
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Sometimes, your friends can give you all the right advice, explain everything just the way you need to hear, and be able to articulate something about yourself that you hadn't been able to put into words. My Suzi did just that for me. I rarely like to go to friends with problems, unless they are major, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who is actually really good at listening and providing a lot of the insight that I need. But sometimes, he just can't fill that role.

I have noticed that as my friends grow and develop their own lives, they become more wrapped up in whatever their baggage is, and ask a lot more questions and request opinions than they are willing to reciprocate for. I try really hard to include my experiences in order to show my knowledge on the subject, but I do it in such a way that it won't take away from the topic at hand. It seems as if it goes unnoticed a lot of times, and if I try to bring up something I am confused or wondering about, the topic winds up back about the other person.

Don't get me wrong, I fancy myself a great active listener and I am always willing to help problem-solve when needed, especially the areas of love and sex (among others) as I have a lot of knowledge and experience concerning those two facets. And I definitely do draw in a lot of people who desire advice, help, and thoughts. I love helping out, really I do. But sometimes I (YES, ME) get lost as well, and need someone to pick me up. My excessive feeling of guilt and worry about being a burden often deters me from taking action and I let the problem fester until I have either resolved it, or set it away for the time being.

Even though I felt stupid and silly and immature, I wrote an extensive email to Suzi. She is by far the one who knows me best of my girl friends, even though she lives so heartbreakingly far away. We go back to Junior High, when we were both filled with rage and dark humor. I was so sad that I couldn't visit her this summer as intended, because it would have been amazing (I'm thinking Spring or early Summer next year now??? I'm not sure the cost). Anyway, after sending her the email I felt a lot better having gotten those thoughts off my chest, and continued to wonder what sort of response she'd have.

What she sent me was perfect. Exactly everything I could have wanted and more. She knows that part of my personality to a T, and it was refreshing to have her reinforce the facets of my personality. No one knows the dark side of me like she does, the part who thinks and says things no one would fathom saying out loud. It's just really, really nice to have someone who loves you unconditionally, even when you are at your worst. Thank you for being there for me, I appreciate you far more than you can imagine. <3
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Absorb the amazingness that is polar bears for 28 seconds.

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"Leah. By the end of this week, I'm going to be a billionare."

Ride4PainFilms: Hola!
Vixen of Flames: Hey
Ride4PainFilms: Yo tengo que practicar espanol
Vixen of Flames: Not really, i know it pretty well
Vixen of Flames: ¿Como estas?
Ride4PainFilms: Si bueno!
Ride4PainFilms: y tu?
Vixen of Flames: Muy cansada, tengo mucho trabajar
Ride4PainFilms: :-( Yo trabajo hoy 10-6 y lunes 4-11
Vixen of Flames: Monday: 9:30-7:00
Tuesday: 9:30-7:00
Wednesday: 11:00-Close
Thursday: 12:00-Close
Friday: Off
Vixen of Flames: Today, 12-8
Vixen of Flames: *in
Vixen of Flames: Dammit
Vixen of Flames: Wrong box
Ride4PainFilms: Hablas no espanol! No bueno!
Ride4PainFilms: haha
Vixen of Flames: No mas limonada
Ride4PainFilms: QUE!? haco limonada!
Vixen of Flames: No me gutsa limonada
Vixen of Flames: *gusta
Ride4PainFilms: Leah estas loco en la cabesa
Vixen of Flames: Lol
Vixen of Flames: I'm only loco right now?
Vixen of Flames: Not permanently?
Ride4PainFilms: si
Ride4PainFilms: Que tu hacer manana?
Vixen of Flames: Trabajo
Ride4PainFilms: :-(
Vixen of Flames: Hasta jueves , este Sabado y domingo
Ride4PainFilms: no te gusta
Vixen of Flames: ¿No me gusta?
Ride4PainFilms: whats u dont like again?
Vixen of Flames: Si, no te gusta
Vixen of Flames: I was saying I don't like it?
Ride4PainFilms: i was telling u "u dont like it"
Vixen of Flames: Yeah and I was confused
Vixen of Flames: Cause it was weird
Ride4PainFilms: cuz i tell people what to think
Vixen of Flames: Lol
Ride4PainFilms: ... and they always listen
Ride4PainFilms: omg the funniest thing happend at O.M today
Ride4PainFilms: chris (my supervioser (sp?) anyways, hes like "Dan, im gonna go outside ur the supervisor!" im like "sure?"
Vixen of Flames: supervisor
Ride4PainFilms: so outside he was watching me thru the window
Vixen of Flames: LOL
Ride4PainFilms: and hes like
Ride4PainFilms: "Dan, ur doing an awesome job of standing there, just like me!"
Ride4PainFilms: and im like "Yay!"
Ride4PainFilms: and then he came back in
Ride4PainFilms: and hes like "Dan, lets see u make orders"
Ride4PainFilms: and i say "Sure, straighten this table"
Ride4PainFilms: and he does it
Ride4PainFilms: then...
Ride4PainFilms: sean says "There you go supervvisor DaN!"
Ride4PainFilms: and i go
Ride4PainFilms: "Looks good sean, now do it again"
Ride4PainFilms: and chris was laffing harder than i laff
Ride4PainFilms: and now thats all he says to me
Ride4PainFilms: lol
Vixen of Flames: Lol
Ride4PainFilms: whenever he makes anyone do something he says "Looks good, now do it again..."
Ride4PainFilms: yea, my dumb humor
Ride4PainFilms: sorry
Vixen of Flames: I did laugh out loud, and then I felt like a lsoer
Vixen of Flames: *loser
Ride4PainFilms: lol
Ride4PainFilms: i just did too
Ride4PainFilms: god we are wierd
Ride4PainFilms: but fun!!! :-D
Vixen of Flames: OMG I just thought "But it's fun!" in my head
Ride4PainFilms: creepy!
Vixen of Flames: Yeah, that's me
Ride4PainFilms: bedtime for Bonzo!
Ride4PainFilms signed off at 11:04:37 PM.

I worked from 12-8:30. Apparantly I was scheduled to start yesterday... oops. What a GREAT start! Blah, too tired to go into all the details. It was half and half on the eventfulness. I worked at Gunball for about 5 minutes and for the rest of the day I was at Roll-A-Ball. At 7:30 they sent me to the Area and I was told to work and the Blockbuster, which for some reason, though the park closed at 8, a billion people wanted to play. And the blocks would get knocked into the prizes and it would take me FOR.EV.ER to find them, so this loser-face Larry comes over and I told him NOT to throw the ball or he was finding the blocks, and the fucker threw TWO and COULDN'T FIND THE BLOCKS AND THEN FREAKING LEFT! I wanted to kill him. So every time he went by, I'd make murderous gestures at him behind his back to Bre. Jerk-face.

And my schedule for ze week is:
Monday: 9:30-7:00
Tuesday: 9:30-7:00
Wednesday: 11:00-Close
Thursday: 12:00-Close
Friday: Off

Including today, 41 hours.
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Wow. Today was I think the best birthday I've had. It was great. A LOT of people remembered, which made me smile to no end.
Then I get home, and mom says, "Quick! We gotta leave to get your eyebrows waxed!" "Mom, that is so mean! It's my birthday!" But she was like, "C'mon! We're going to a new place in town" and I drove a bit, but REALLY sucked, which freaked her out so she took over. So, we're on our way, and I am sort of ticked off. "Why are we going to a new place?! i liked Cole's! We're gonna be late. *SIGH*" I told her I had choir and she freaks out. "You do?! Damn! DAMN!" Going down 10th, then she pulls into this road, and I immediately crank my head to read the street sign but didn't get a chance. I look over at mom, and she is smiling, nearly giggling, "We'll get onto the road past here, and then we'll be there." She said it was near the movie theater, and of course I do NOT know my way around town, but we were NOT going the right way to the movie theater. Then I saw Jodi and Brodi's house, and I was like, WTH! Then she continued and started giggling some more, and slows down by Leah's which I TOTALLY predicted, no matter what Mom says. Mom said she was gonna take us out to a restaurant, (but there was very little time!) and so I jump out of the car and knock on Leah's door, feeling very very stupid. Then I hollar back, "Does Leah know we are coming?" "No." So I'm like WTH?! and quickly run back to the car, hoping to bail, because I was embarressed. Then I see Leah's face pop in the window, and run back to her house, slam the door and block the window. "Did she call you?!" "....no....." So then I try to fill her in, meanwhile the dog is going nuts and her parents were probably snickering upstairs. "hehehe, what a retard"

That was very bad. I don't know why I got so quite so worked up. Well, mom had called Leah. So then we went to school to check the play parts, seeing if we made any, or anyone interesting did. Emily is so funny. Then we went to my house while I freaked out about my choir clothes. Then we went to Perkins, which was soooo damn funny. But my stomach ached sooooo much from eating and laughing. It was great.

Life is so much better with Leah. I swear. Everything just perks up, and stuff that normally isn't all that great is suddenly so damn funny. I dove you Leah!

Then I went to choir and that was fun. Kinda. Didn't go too bad. Ha, Krissy screwed up that one part. And I called it too! *smug* I love to feel smug. It's great. Well, Mumsy missed my choir preformance! She had an hour to wait, which she spent shopping at Kohl's. I found her by the entrance at the end, and this is the conversation in the car:
Bre: "So, how did Singsation do?" (she ALWAYS has a complaint)
"Good" *smiling*
"Yeah right. that smile means you are lying."
"No, you did good"
"How did I look?"
"WHATEVER! You'll just throw it back in my face in a few days when we fight."
"Throw what back?"
"Me being the fattest in the group. You always do that"
"So really, how did we do?"
After a long while, I finally busted her.
"Oh Bre! I missed it!"
"I didn't get there in time!"
*me being shocked.....just sitting there*
She felt sooo bad!
"Did you catch anything?"
"Oh my god! You probably just had walked in when I saw you by the entrance! You probably just got there, then leaned against the wall, then saw me: 'ready to go?' !!!!"
Then me and her laughed for a while......
But then I would look at her, and she would go, "Bre! Don't do that! Don't be mad at me!!!"
It was soooo cute. I was like, "you have problems. your shopping addiction takes you away from your kids and family functions." "oh, whatever!"
I told her I need a cell phone so I could call her next time, to drag her away from the stores.

Oh, BTW Leah, I didn't get a jacket or snowpants. I got a shower radio. *blank face, blinking* Nice, eh? 

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