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I did HORRIBLE for this month's measurements/weigh-in. I wasn't surprised; I was quite depressed last month and never went in on my own time to work out, and I ate really badly. But still, seeing those numbers was very upsetting. It's like I'm right back where I started, only my actual health has improved even if my body is "big". Martin and I sat down and discussed goals and seriously talked about how I can improve my eating habits without being angry about having to be limiting in my food choices (when I'm not eating out every day, my calorie consumption isn't an issue - it's the CONTENT of what I eat).

In some good news though, I did 15 half push-ups in a minute today :D When I started, I literally couldn't even do ONE half push-up. I could go down, but I wasn't coming back up. Hahaha. Woo~

So we know I'm stronger, but I'm still at 136 (ICK ICK ICK) and I gained inches all over. This isn't surprising, as I don't have any one place to store extra poundage. It just kind melds all over me like a nice marshmallow coating. Blehhh.

Anyway, that got me a little down, but! I'm not looking back, only forward. :)
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It's cute when you ask your boyfriend what he's doing at work and he says,

"Just thinking about the future a lot actually! XD"

I reply, "Whatcha thinking bout?!"

He says, "Everything! What I wanna go back to school for, where and when we will go when we leave MN, how many kids I want, the timing of the kids, etc! So much to think about!"



I feel guilty when I eat cereal. Cause like, I KNOW I shouldn't be consuming so much grain. Bread too. But right now, cereal is the easiest way to not spend so much money while being able to get enough for both of us before we move. And Steve has already promised me that he's basically switching to a cereal diet when we move, because that's how he likes it. So I might have to plan for food for just me, other than bentos and the occasional meal. I want that book on nutrition, dammit! I'm pretty much obsessed with food, and Steve takes any chance he gets to point out that I sound just like my parents, and that I'm kind of a "food elitist" now. Which... is likely true, but I didn't realize how important food was before!

As a result of his trying to make me feel guilty for stopping drinking energy drinks, I was teasing him the other day that in drinking his energy drinks, he's basically consuming pure cancer. XD He's cut way back though - I haven't seen him drink any at home in awhile. He's actually down to one a day. Tea is like my lifesaver. It helps me consume a lot more water than I normally would have (and I currently only drink out of a travel mug, so it's 16oz - and hey, I just noticed it's a Starbucks mug... weird! I don't drink Starbucks), AND keeps me from drinking soda.
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Bento goodness!! )

In other, sane news, Joe Waid's birthday is tomorrow so we're throwing him his birthday fun at midnight. Because Pat works days now, Steve and I work nights, Nick works evenings, Nikki has a life at his college, and Faith goes to school a couple hours away, and Joe Waid works weekends, it's been hard trying to plan it! I think Steve and Pat have most of the kinks worked out for what we're going to have him do (in my friends group it's usually a "work for your presents through challenges or scavenger hunts" type deal), and I came up with the cake idea (and Pat said he's on board as long as he gets to get all cranky and bossy and likely take the whole thing over in order to make it perfect). I finished his scarf ) yesterday, though I have one major mistake I need to fix. It's an easy fix; I was just being careless in the duplicate stitching. The symbol especially looks good in person and I'm proud of that chart ^_^ Joe Waid's a really hard person to shop for, and Pat's already said how jealous he is that Joe Waid gets a scarf and that it's obviously going to be the best gift :P What I felt like was a near cop-out is apparently quite popular.

I got to chat with my sister for awhile yesterday, and that was fun. It served to remind me I need to find weekend time to visit her. Whenever I bring it up, she always tells me when the next time she's bringing Cayden over to our parents' house, which I find odd. I don't need to go home to see my nephew, and I almost prefer our quiet time to big family hullabaloo. Anyway, she just wanted to vent while she smoked (she's like me and gets bored when doing menial things and likes to make phone calls) about how she feels like she's not getting any support for getting an apartment and applying to school and getting her GED and working full-time, and in fact said that our parents discouraged her from going to school right now. Bethany says it's the perfect time to go to school because Tony can afford to not work (vs paying more for a daycare that money Tony made from a job wouldn't be worth), and she can support the three of them on her job at Mystic Lake Casino. She obviously doesn't want to be a server forever, so she wants to at least get an Associate's. It's always so hilarious to me when she talks about Paul's "mental issues", or as I call them, "a failure to realize that the parent-child roles change when the kids are adults, living on their own, and having children."

We also talked a bit about death and I gave her the rundown on Pam's dad's funeral. She brought up Paul's dad again, because she recently found out he'd been given 6 months to live - 6 months ago. And he quit chemo (I don't blame him). He has lung cancer; I'm pretty sure he knows what that means for him no matter what he does. So now Bethany is kinda expecting to hear every day that he's died, because of the length of time he was given (the same sentence was given to Bre's grandma, who lived like 4 more years, but she had liver cancer and therefore could do surgeries and she smoked weed ["just a couple puffs"] to keep her appetite up and her pain down). When Bethany and I were listing in what order we thought we'd lose our like 50 grandparents (okay, like 8), Ron hadn't been high on the list. It's just weird. He's only 65.

This THEN led to her talking about her opinions on food consumption after re-watching "Food Matters" (it's instant on Netflix, btw) and how she really believes food does affect your body and cause cancer and that you SHOULD eat healthy and mostly raw, etc.  She commented on her recent gallbladder issues - they offered to take her gallbladder out because it's coated in sludge right now, assumed to be from energy drinks. She said no, and told me that, "It's my fault it is this way. Removing it would be the easy way out so I should try to fix it on my own first!" And then she said, "And of course after I watch it then I go through BK drive-thru but whatever!" XD I actually think half of it is her fear of pain and doctors and needles.

But anyway, she said she can't talk to anyone about her food opinions because they don't agree with her. What she means to say is they're ignorant, or don't care. Our parents tout healthiness, but I'm not sure how much they follow these days. They're incredibly elitist about food that anyone else consumes, though. Steve made fun of me hardcore the other day for throwing a miniature fit when the store didn't have the yogurt I wanted. All the brands that were there had sugar added or were made from just milk (no live cultures)! No! But he's so right, I DID sound like my parents. It was really funny. And I don't even care!

It's interesting this comes up for her right when I'm about to start seriously trying to lead a good healthy life, without being limiting or dieting. I'm already about halfway there, with the high fruit and veggie consumption, low meat intake, attempts to balance protein and fat, but I need more.
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I just feel like I have too much to do and no time to do it!

Fage (fa-yeh) yogurt really is as good as they say. It tastes lightly like cream cheese, vs the strong sour cream taste of most plain yogurts. And it's thick, almost fluffy, vs regular yogurt's terrifying desire to separate into liquidy goo. Now my question is: do I eat low fat, no fat, or full fat? I know leaving natural ingredients is good for you (and if you must drink milk it should be n low amounts and full-fat, thankfully I don't like milk), but the full-fat version of this gives you 80-percent of your daily saturated fat intake D: The ingredients for my single-cup-to-test-it-out-cause-it's-really-expensive are grade A pasteurized skim milk, and live active yogurt cultures (L. bulgaricus, S. Thermophilius). That's it. So I assume the difference is in the milk? Or should I eat soy yogurt. Yogurt is important to me right now because a serving is very filling for me, and because I need good vageeny health. I know the yeasty stuff won't affect my UTI problems, but I like to think a healthy vagina is a happy vagina either way :P

I feel like there's so much I need to do on TEH INTARWEBS lately. So much replying and reading and finding cute things and emails and Facebook and Tumblr and blogs and ahhhhh! I feel like if I didn't have this time at work to take care of it all, I'd never be able to keep up! And I have my knitting to do and things to watch!

Speaking of watch, Steve and I started a new series on Netflix called Noein. It reminds me a LOT of Shakugan no Shana. It's only one season as far as I can tell, so it's a nice short anime we watch when we get a chance. We were both skeptical at first because the art is kinda... bleh... sometimes, and they were weird about 3D and apparently only had a budget to make computerized houses. Haha. But when the Shakugan no Shana feel kicked in, I started to really like it. One of the main characters is the same voice actor for Simone from Gurren Lagann, and they're practically the same character in emotions and traits. SO MUCH ANGST AND SELF-DOUBT XD

I'm almost done with one side of Joe Waid's scarf. The symbol is a bit more than halfway done and I intend on finishing it tonight, and hope to have the whole scarf done and posted by the end of the week! Next is thinking of what fun thing to do on his birthday besides give him gifts!

Steve and I did recruit-a-friend not this past friday, but the one before that, and we already hit level 60 on Sunday XD It levels you SO fast! But because of that, we didn't spend enough time in each area and therefore have shitty gear. As a current druid it's okay because healing is ridiculously easy compared to 2 years ago as a healy druid, but I hear that they're being nerfed. Woo! A challenge! :D Steve turned COMPLETELY into exactly what he said he'd never ever do: be a WoW kid. He loves it. But he loves it like I love it: because of the play time with each other, and our friends. Not because raids run yo life and are SRS  BZNS. He's so funny sometimes in instances because he doesn't understand why people are in such a hurry. He's also wary because of my horrible memorie of WoW + Dan, and Dan obsessing and playing it every free moment and ignoring me and life in general. Which is true, I am very tightly wound about the subject sometimes, but I've been working on not letting the past affect my present in that regard. Just because there are a lot of douchebags out there who love WoW more than you doesn't mean it's going to happen to everyone.

Oh, and I guess Dan texted me the other week, asking how the kitties were. I went into a rage for a moment and almost texted him back some violent poison, but then I realized that text-bitching at him to never talk to me is either passive-aggressive, pointless, or both. So I just ignored it. But I stewed about it off and on for a few days. What nerve, being such a dickhead and then thinking you can wait a couple months and text me like nothing happened. FUCK YOU.
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My asparagus was bad in my bento today and I did not notice until after I started eating it. I was cooking several dishes when I packed it, most of them pungent with fishy odors that my sensitive nose is not used to. It was horrible. It spread that disgusting taste into my rice D: So I just packed it up, not wanting to punish anyone else with the smell.

It haunted me all night. I am terrified of moldy food, and I associate "gone bad" with "is definitely moldy somewhere."

5 minutes ago, I couldn't take it anymore. It was me or the asparagus. So I dumped it in the big industrial garbage can and double-cleaned my container (grimacing at every waft of rottaragus that came my way) and high-tailed it out of there. *gag*  Steve didn't say anything to me about it, which leads me to believe he either A. Didn't notice, as is often the case with him, or B. Thought something was a little off but ate it anyway, which is also often the case. Props to him for suffering through it, that's for sure.

My fingers, especially my right index, hurt like crazy but I can't stop typing. It's like my livelihood. I must work on papers and finish charting on clients. Just wanted you to know about my asparahorror.

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The bento for today was AMAZING. Yum yum yum:
-Rice and sprouts
-Tomagayaki (basically an omelette with nori seaweed and folded cute. I make one with three eggs and cut it in half so we each get 1.5 eggs)
-Red/yellow/orange sweet pepper and sweet onion confit
-Sweet and sour cabbage with soy sauce for dipping
-Half an apple and half a banana

Mmm-mm! Tasty.

TGIF! I'm off for the weekend in less than 5 hours! It's going to be really weird tonight because Steve works tomorrow (aka today-Friday night), and ever since I've known him he's always had Fridays off. But this allows for me to then hang out with our friends if I so desire! I probably will, might as well. I never see them! Maybe I'll see Faith if she comes up from Mankato; haven't seen her in awhile! I think she comes up every weekend to hang out with Pat (her bf/my friend).

basically I've spent my whole night, about 2 hours, doing LJ stuff. So much commenting and replying and messaging! So much words! And I added a new LJ friend who posts tonsss of pictures of her travels in Japan, so of course I need to spend time looking at all of them! ^_^ I scared Steve with the picture she posted of the Japanese wasps/hornets/EVIL BEES that can kill you. They are HUGE. Even I would probably run away, and usually I just have a stare-down with bees, because you know, they need to know who's boss ;) But Steve is basically terrified of all insects/arachnids etc. I don't kill spiders and I feel guilty killing most other insects, except ants and flies (and even then, I might feel *a little* guilty). But this spring we had SOOOO MANY brown spiders running around. It appears that an entire sac survived the winter and they all lived in our basement. That was annoying, having to move so many outside.

(Friends quote break: Rachel: "What?! At least I don't freak out if I see a spider!"
Ross: "Oh yeah! THAT'S the same! I'm sure there are over 30 different species of POISONOUS SWINGS!!"
Referring to Rachel being afraid of geting her hair caught in swings at the park)

It's still pretty chilly around here, like 60-degrees a day. It's really depressing. I love when it stays warm through October and it's not a chore to go to Apple Orchards. I get pretty ornery when I'm cold. :P But I love going apple picking in the fall!!! It hasn't been TOO bad though, because sometimes it's also been pretty humid so it feels nicer than it is. <3 MN humidity. 
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Oh my. Stupid people upset me.

After work Steve and I stayed upstairs for a couple hours while I made a lot more bento items - garlic and butter asparagus, miso marinated eggplant, sweet and sour cabbage, and chopped up and soaked some apples for today's bentos. It's so nice having it ready when I leave for work! And Steve was cute and texted me tonight saying all his coworkers were jealous of his awesome bento meal. For some reason I actually put soy sauce on my rice tonight, whereas normally I'm fine eating it plain, as it tempers the saltiness of the other foods.

School continues to go well. I continue to have a strong dislike for my professor, but I was comforted when I remembered I get to evaluate her at the end of the semester. I always put comments in the extra space for them, especially if the professor was great. I plan to let the professor know how condescending and rude she is, because she's one of the higher-ups in the university, and she needs to stop trying to  constantly make us feel like we're an inch tall. The mean age of my class of 10-12 people is probably 35. Stop being such ass, kthx. On a brighter note, I've gotten A's on all of my papers so far, and will probably continue to do so. Despite our clashes, I still know what she wants, and I don't stress like my peers do. One of my group members got *gasp* AN "A MINUS" on her most recent paper, and she was very upset. I bet that was my mom when she took classes at Augsburg. She was ALWAYS fretting about "getting a 4.0" in each class. Not, apparently, realizing that as long as you meet the minimum requirements for graduation, nothing else really matters. People who go to Metro are NOT aspiring to go to grad school at Yale, I promise. Metropolitan State University is a non-traditional small urban school whose demographic is averaging 31 years old. I'm an anomaly, but I've always been more comfortable with people older than I am. Traditional colleges with peers suck. Because my peers like staying in dorms and going to house parties and being drunk and throwing up. No thanks, I'm almost 23, I work in the Big Girl World and kinda feel like you should grow up too.

I got my messenger bag in the mail the other day from (it's a major weeaboo site and while it has a lot of facepalming attributes, some of the products are GREAT). It's a black messenger bag (HELL with cat hair, gotta keep an eye on it) with "Chu" written in pink hirigana. I looooove it! It's my new purse. I've had the tiniest purse known to man for FAR too long.

On Saturday Steve, Nick and I are going to see Patton Oswald (think... the short guy who lives with his mother on King of Queens). I know he's actually pretty funny, but I can't remember how much of his stuff I've seen. He's been on Comedy Central, that's all I know. But Steve and Nick really like him, so it'll be a fun thing to do. AND because Pat's too poor and Joe Waid's not interested, we actually get Nick to ourselves for once. It's a really rare opportunity  - Steve has already stated that it's not a date with Nick the third wheel; it's we get the privilege to be going on a date with Nick XD He's also joked that if I ever broke up with him for Nick that he wouldn't even feel right being mad. Yes, he loves Nick that much. For the record, I think Steve is NUMBER ONE AMAZING GUY. Nick is just a cool friend to have. He's quiet, moves and talks very deliberately and slowly (quite the opposite of me), will pipe up with some hilarious quip out of the blue but mostly play Disgaea on his DS, and is all-around just nice.

My scarf and the charts I posted on Ravelry are quite popular - posting the charts for free really got the attention. It makes me really happy because I don't want people to have to go through the hell I went through looking for Zelda stuff. I'm still shocked there were no available charts (and the ONE Link chart).

The rest of my work night will entail Kanji-learnin' and watching a movie! Ta!

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