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I've started reading my journal from the very beginning. It is almost painful to see how dramatic and whiny I was, and how I clearly was too stubborn to admit when others were right. However, it's been a good opportunity to realize just how enjoyable my life has been (other than at home, that part remains consistent with my memories - except for how much more I liked my mom). Minus the fact that I struggle to enjoy things in the moment. I had to let Bre know that I love her and am grateful for her sticking by me all these years, because I was a total bitch to he sometimes. She responded saying she was ignorant to the world and that I put up with THAT, but I really don't think they were the same. We both around, but I'm always a meaner party.

Steve and I had the week off, and it was so nice. I was busy for a lot of it - oral surgery appointment (getting my wisdom teeth out on the 13th of September, they've been bothering me for awhile now), eye appointment (am going to try out a new special lens just for my type of eyes/get new glasses), took Grim in for a check-up (still 15 pounds and healthy, just had the vet scrape some tartar off his teeth), Nate gave us a futon and a click-clack couch, I had school on Thursday and today I had a bridal shower for some cousin of mine that I went to with Connie and Haley. Otherwise it's been a lot of Joe Waid and some of Courtney and Pat. Steve and I went to the State Fair on Friday. It's kind of a "thing" here -  we gorged ourselves on all the foods we wanted, ran into an old coworker, Jeff LaPlant, in an arcade there. He recognized me and apparently did a double-take and called my name. It was cool chatting for awhile.

Courtney played Amnesia last night. We were downstairs in the dark and the boys were upstairs playing DotA. They said it was either silent, orwe were shrieking. It was soooo fun.

Steve's great. Haley's great. Joe Waid's great. Bre's great. Courtney's great.
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I almost decided to lead a double life for a moment. Quite surreal, and insane how easily it could happen. In another life, I think. But not now. I'm glad I peeked through the window, though. I needed to.

I've been able to talk to Bre relatively frequently lately, and I like that. She and Lamin even visited the townhouse for a bit on their way to a rodeo in Wisconsin. I love her inability to have a filter, and her brutal honesty, but above all, her genuineness. There is no way for that girl to be disingenuous and it's that quality that keeps her so near and dear to my heart.

When writing on my phone I must hit the letter k instead of m about 90% of the time and the text predictor always changes 'my' to 'Kyoto'. Lol.

Been playing a lot of Persona 3 Portable on the PSP and watching a lot of Breaking Bad with Steve and Pat. I'll be finished with my first grad school class this weekend and immediately start class number two! Otherwise there's not too much else going on, just seeing family here and there. Steve did the Mud Factor 5k obstacle course with me and will do the Warrior Dash next summer with me. Warrior dash was way more fun anyway even if the mud smelled and felt like actual shit. Mud Factor has amazing soft sandy mud that did not stink.

Oops! Break is over!

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So, I had a really nice weekend. I took a half day on Friday for PTO and spent the afternoon and evening with the lovely Breanna and her man Lamin. Lamin is from Africa and so are the other people I met that they spend their time with. Lamin ADORES Bre and it's very obvious if you're with him for four seconds. It was really, really fun and Lamin made what he calls "African Sauce" - a mixture of an oily soup base with carrots, peppers, onions, etc. He also cooked drumsticks on the bone to the point that the meat just fell off when you ate it. They normally make it spicy but Lamin tried VERY hard to make it not spicy for me, the honored guest. It turned out very, very good. You just pour the whole thing over rice and yay! Nommy meal. Bre complained about the rice the whole time (it was very dry, I think because Lamin was concerned about keeping me too late and rushed it) while I just laughed at her because dry rice, while not preferred, is not a big deal. XD She's so funny. Lamin has a good sense of humor to match hers.

Oh, and I had to deal with lame work stuff WHILE ON PTO because that's how the job is sometimes. Bleh.

Conveniently this took until about 10pm, at which time I crashed at home for an hour and a half until I was surprised with.. GASP! Scavenger HUUUUNT! I was most thoroughly surprised/tricked AGAIN because Steve let me get all changed into comfy clothes and snuggle into bed. He kicked off the Hunt by taping the first clue to a confused Grim's cone (Grim was Mr. Freeze XD). It was Batman themed, so each person involved got be a villain for me to foil. Scott was a chilling and AMAZING Zsasz, Nick was the Joker, Noah was Calendar Man (complete with a calendar cape and shirt with an X'ed out 19 on it ahahah). Pat was the Riddler, and Faith was a nearly-nude captured Poison Ivy that I had to save (she was secluded from the boys' eyes in Pat's room and Pat was the one to write her part). Steve, was Alfred, my trusty Butler. It was so much fun.

Gifts I got include a Harley Quinn figure from Arkham Asylum, 2 Nintendo DS games, slippers from American Eagle, a full replacement set of hardcover Harry Potter books in a wizard's trunk from my AMAZING boyfriend (as my entire collection save for book 7 disappeared mysteriously a few years ago...), and a buttload of candy from my less money-fortunate friends. Oh, and Calendar man got me a calendar XD Pat went on about he had planned to prove me wrong and NOT give me an I.O.U. (I have no idea how many I've collected from him ahaha) but that the item was GUARANTEED shipping and it didn't arrive... so I got an I.O.U. A couple days later he finally checked his email and it turns out he never bought it because he entered his payment information wrong. I LOL'd. I win again!

Saturday it SNOWED. Like, 3 inches. The weather was trolling me hard that day. "Muahaha it's yo birfdai? HAVE SOME SNOW. >:D" It actually wasn't ALL that cold out and it will probably be melted by tomorrow as it's been in the mid-40's today and is supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow. Steve and I went to dinner with my parents on Sunday, and it was delicious! Prior to that Steve and I decided to hit the B-ville mall because we both needed to suck it up and buy some pants that actually FIT. Steve ended up with a good haul, including 3 pairs of "skinny" jeans from the Guys section. I say "skinny" because they're not skinny in the sense of girl pants skinny, which is what he normally wears. They are not leg-hugging like he is used to. I rather like it. Sexay ^_^ We were on our way to the Juniors section when we spotted my parents! I went BOUNDING towards them to surprise them, when I noticed they were carrying what was obviously gifts for me. I was like two feet away from them when I skidded to a halt and started shoving Steve away as fast as I could! We were able to hide from them in the slipper section, but they were rounding the escalators where we needed to be! For some reason they circled back, and Steve was like, "What if they come around that corner and see us crouching here?!" At which point I burst into quiet laughter and said that it would be hilarious. We were able to escape and sneak back upstairs and buy Steve's things and high-tail it out of there! We were very surprised when we saw August at dinner, because if he had been with them he SURELY would have seen us and ruined our noble plot not to spoil that we saw some of my gifts! Luckily they turned out to be last-minute bday gifts and not for Christmas so I didn't have to hold that secret for long. It was really fun to play Stealth Escape Mode.

I really hate spoiling surprises so if I ever do, I NEVER give it away that I knew. It just deflates the excitement the person has for the gift they're giving you! I never do it on purpose, because I LOVE being surprised.

We took Monday off as well, and while I enjoyed napping most of it away, I played a good chunk of Ar Tonelico. Steve was playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword all weekend. I had terrible sleep Monday night because I kept dreaming about work, all anxious and stressed out. Last night I dreamed about buying groceries and losing one of the bags with the perfect pizza in it, and going back to the grocery store and finding exotic Chobani yogurt flavors. :P

Grim hasn't been feeling well. He's not been eating, and he projectile vomited all over me and the bed this morning. He was too quick for me! So he's been spending copious amounts of time just laying in one spot. Poor guy :( But! The cone comes off today! I hope he improves then.
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Err... Bre and I went to a drag show at a club called Gay 90's for her birthday. It was really fun, and Bre had reserved front row seats. It was very entertaining and funny.

The night before that I went to a stereotype party at Kiki's. She insisted that the stereotypes people came as were atypical of their normal selves. I dressed up chola style to match Joe, because we're both part Mexican but don't follow any of it.

We both look so gross... )

It was a fun time, except I was dizzy/stomach-achey the entire time without my glasses D: But it was a good chance to hang out with Pat and my rarely-seen friends.

Grim has been ridiculously affectionate lately. I looove it. He also became addicted to cat treats, as he would get one after each med dose. He seriously stopped eating all other food and has been crying at the filled dishes (when I refill them IN FRONT OF HIM). It took a little bit to figure out why he was mad at the current food, until I caught him trying to steal the treat bag like a drug fiend. XD So now, no more kitty treats. HE IS OUT OF CONTROL.

In other news, I just reached the second half of Final Fantasy VI, am slowly progressing through the Elite Four in SoulSilver (gotta beat it before White!!!!), and am almost level 72 in WoW.

I just ate the most AMAZING butternut squash ravioli lean cuisine.

I laughed so hard at this part in Scrubs (6:08-6:22). I probably thought it was so funny because Murphy gets so much crap about being a bad doctor.

Man I love that show!

Since I've been lackluster on my journal lately, I've decided to do a 30 Day Challenge )

Okay now off to do something productive.
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Attention All:

Leah's computer is being crabby and will not let her on the internet. So her journal will be postponed, er, I mean, commanded by me. That is right, I am taking over.

Country rocks. Kittens are fluffy. Horses are awesome. Tim McGraw is the best damn singer ever.



Alrighty, this journal's new commander is here. Bre. I shall relay Leah's day to you all. Well, we both worked at Valleyfair from 11-4, luckily no longer even though Leah signed up for more hours. She complained all day of her feet and legs. Then at break, she was trying to get hot water from the machine for her Ramen noodles but instead coffee came out! She was really upset. So I gave her money to buy fries. Yes, I agree, I am sweet. THEN the break-people that hold our money bags refused to give her back hers, saying they "never got it"/"lost it" and she had a breakdown. Luckily Kayla was there and they coughed the bag over....I guess they play jokes on the employees that do not properly, PERFECTLY drop their bags off. She would have been in a lot of trouble if she lost her money bag!
So then, we finally get off and I have to drag her from Dan Voegele. Geesh. Then in the parking lot I parked waaaay too close to her and I'm stupid like that. So we go to my house so she can visit my newest kitten, Scooter. And I couldn't find Leah's Love, Smalls. Guess where she was AGAIN? In the damn closet! The WHOLE day! Stupid kitten, she NEVER meows even while she is starving in a dark closet.
Then Leah tells me of Doug, her newest boy toy. Um, yeah, I don't like him. I hope he doesn't read this? He's just an attention-seeking, whining little snot. She and Dan went to visit him at his house yesterday, and I guess Leah was sitting closer to Dan than she was to Doug and he got all upset and left and then came back, lied down, sighed, got up, sighed, on and on! Finally, Dan visibly looks at his watch, LOL! and says, "Ah, we should get going." Then the story goes that Doug cried for 3 hours!!!! He told Leah that people always change their minds on him, nobody likes him, he's too ugly, and if nobody will pity him he has to pity himself.

Drama queen! Leah called him a woman. I give it a week.

Well, Beth got 1st in something, like, that TaiKawnDo stuff. Fencing, boxing, that sword fighting stuff. Um, right. I'm not real good at listening. But I DO know Paul was in Canada and now is back, and Leah went home to wrap his Father's Day gifts, a water bottle, and I think a book?

LOL Leah told me this story, for the 2nd or 3rd time, again today about how her and her sister were practicing the TaiKwanDo (sp?) kicks and how Beth can kick the highest in her class. Leah TRIED to kick over August, her 5 year old brother. Um, yeah, didn't work. She hit him smack in the head. THEN she made him stay there again, promising she wouldn't kick him a second time. WHATEVER!

Ah that is funny every time.
This has been an update of the Life Of Leah, as told by Bre.
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Wow. Today was I think the best birthday I've had. It was great. A LOT of people remembered, which made me smile to no end.
Then I get home, and mom says, "Quick! We gotta leave to get your eyebrows waxed!" "Mom, that is so mean! It's my birthday!" But she was like, "C'mon! We're going to a new place in town" and I drove a bit, but REALLY sucked, which freaked her out so she took over. So, we're on our way, and I am sort of ticked off. "Why are we going to a new place?! i liked Cole's! We're gonna be late. *SIGH*" I told her I had choir and she freaks out. "You do?! Damn! DAMN!" Going down 10th, then she pulls into this road, and I immediately crank my head to read the street sign but didn't get a chance. I look over at mom, and she is smiling, nearly giggling, "We'll get onto the road past here, and then we'll be there." She said it was near the movie theater, and of course I do NOT know my way around town, but we were NOT going the right way to the movie theater. Then I saw Jodi and Brodi's house, and I was like, WTH! Then she continued and started giggling some more, and slows down by Leah's which I TOTALLY predicted, no matter what Mom says. Mom said she was gonna take us out to a restaurant, (but there was very little time!) and so I jump out of the car and knock on Leah's door, feeling very very stupid. Then I hollar back, "Does Leah know we are coming?" "No." So I'm like WTH?! and quickly run back to the car, hoping to bail, because I was embarressed. Then I see Leah's face pop in the window, and run back to her house, slam the door and block the window. "Did she call you?!" "....no....." So then I try to fill her in, meanwhile the dog is going nuts and her parents were probably snickering upstairs. "hehehe, what a retard"

That was very bad. I don't know why I got so quite so worked up. Well, mom had called Leah. So then we went to school to check the play parts, seeing if we made any, or anyone interesting did. Emily is so funny. Then we went to my house while I freaked out about my choir clothes. Then we went to Perkins, which was soooo damn funny. But my stomach ached sooooo much from eating and laughing. It was great.

Life is so much better with Leah. I swear. Everything just perks up, and stuff that normally isn't all that great is suddenly so damn funny. I dove you Leah!

Then I went to choir and that was fun. Kinda. Didn't go too bad. Ha, Krissy screwed up that one part. And I called it too! *smug* I love to feel smug. It's great. Well, Mumsy missed my choir preformance! She had an hour to wait, which she spent shopping at Kohl's. I found her by the entrance at the end, and this is the conversation in the car:
Bre: "So, how did Singsation do?" (she ALWAYS has a complaint)
"Good" *smiling*
"Yeah right. that smile means you are lying."
"No, you did good"
"How did I look?"
"WHATEVER! You'll just throw it back in my face in a few days when we fight."
"Throw what back?"
"Me being the fattest in the group. You always do that"
"So really, how did we do?"
After a long while, I finally busted her.
"Oh Bre! I missed it!"
"I didn't get there in time!"
*me being shocked.....just sitting there*
She felt sooo bad!
"Did you catch anything?"
"Oh my god! You probably just had walked in when I saw you by the entrance! You probably just got there, then leaned against the wall, then saw me: 'ready to go?' !!!!"
Then me and her laughed for a while......
But then I would look at her, and she would go, "Bre! Don't do that! Don't be mad at me!!!"
It was soooo cute. I was like, "you have problems. your shopping addiction takes you away from your kids and family functions." "oh, whatever!"
I told her I need a cell phone so I could call her next time, to drag her away from the stores.

Oh, BTW Leah, I didn't get a jacket or snowpants. I got a shower radio. *blank face, blinking* Nice, eh? 

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