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I finally received the suggested edits back from Chuck and my second reader, Karin. Overall they approved of the thesis, with Chuck providing several small changes with regards to appropriate citations and whatnot, and Karin providing a few more suggestions along the lines of "This sentence is written funny" or "You should add a paragraph here that addresses modifications and accommodations more specifically."

Currently since today the ibuprofen is at least marginally working right now, I'm optimistic that I can work on it today and definitely by the end of the weekend, but yesterday I thought all night about working on the thesis and just couldn't bring my so-sad body to do it. I gotta though!

We have a date set for my oral presentation: May (the) 4th (be with you). A lucky date. Chuck was very clear that it's not so formal as a defense - just that I will explain why I wrote on the topic that I did, main findings, and how I will use the information in my work. Easy peasy, I wrote about that very thoroughly in my conclusion. I'm of course nervous, but it's like, I AM SO ALMOST DONE.

I even received my cap and gown. Omg. So excited.
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(side note: I started this entry over the weekend of the 16th and got half of a sentence in... lol)
On Thursday I ditched school, picked up Steve and we went to see Patrick Rothfuss at this tiny little "bar and hall" in downtown Saint Paul. I mean, I wouldn't say "ditched" per se because I told the professor about it ahead of time and everything but I didn't tell Blake I had a different engagement other than school. We were the first ones waiting in this atrium area in front of the "red doors" that were specified. I was very territorial about the doors but I was trying to act nonchalant, knitting my scarf and talking to Steve (he played a lot of the "facebook status bot" game and it was pretty funny). But on the inside I was so very "Line starts behind ME!!!" to anyone new who came in. Eventually I just actually stood in front of the door instead of near it. I wanted to get the best seats and I didn't care who was annoyed at me about it! I was the first one in and I got seats literally front and center. I didn't know who Paul and Storm were but I figured I would be getting acquainted with them in the near future due to my seating position. There was this very nice middle-aged woman who was the MOST Minnesota, and she offered to get Steve and myself drinks for watching her seats (we declined the drinks, and I followed her up to the bar). I didn't know what to get other than a red bull for Steve, so I was looking around at the other people. A man walked up to another person kitty-corner to me and introduced himself very gentlemanly-like to PATRICK ROTHFUSS!!! I didn't even notice he was standing basically RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I took a secret picture and sent the lady to get Steve. Pretty soon other people started coming, and I knew he would be staying after to sign books (I mean, he stayed NINE hours in Madrid signing books and this was not only a ticketed event, but many people didn't even hear about it) so I made sure we got pictures with him and told him how awesome he was, but we quickly left him alone because he was getting bombarded with people and we felt bad. Then when Paul and Storm were about to come on, he peeked out and we made eye contact so I waved to him AND HE WAVED BACKKKK. I felt a huge wave of starstruckness and also some embarrassment at being a tool.

Paul and Storm were pretty funny, they kept the crowd giggling, and then on one of the last songs ("Frogger") Paul grabbed me from the audience and sang to me/with me or whatever. I almost died. I was still knitting at that point and he actually said, in front of everyone, "You can bring your knitting if you want"!! omgggg. He spit on me in singing enthusiasm and Steve got a few pics. It was awesome but also kind of the worst because everyone was staring at me.

Patrick Rothfuss came out and read his first "Children's" book and talked a lot about it as well as the origins, and pointed out that while he is not allowed to sell copies of the second book online, that he could sell them at the merchandise booth. I was sooo excited!!! After he was finished, he opened up for some question time, and while most of the questions were boring, someone DID start to say something about the Adem being modeled after people on the Autism spectrum, and Patrick seemed to get a almost offended and said that the Adem are nothing like people on the spectrum and his tone implied that the guy asking the question was pretty dumb to think so (while I wouldn't have gotten as huffy about it, I obviously agree - the Adem may SEEM autistic until you realize how they communicate and that their whole world is BUILT around understanding body language and expression... duh) . Someone asked if he'd been to therapy. It sounded as if it was supposed to be a joke, but Patrick took the opportunity to disclose that he's actually been in therapy for a year, and he started therapy because his marriage was falling apart and he has been a really angry person for a long time, and that he and Sarah were about to get a divorce. He said that therapy helped him work through a lot of his anger, fix his relationship, and be a better father. It was an intense and touching confession, and I'm so glad he told us about it and that his life has improved!

After that, he told us about how he was an "advice columnist" for his school newspaper in college and he read some of his columns. They were so funny and great. One of them entailed a story about how he convinced his RA and floor supervisor to let him keep his guinea pigs by saying they were fish (The punchline was where he stuck one of his guinea pigs in a tank and when the RA freaked out and asked what the hell he was doing he said, "I'm. showing you. my fish."), and one where he debated slow zombies vs. fast zombies using sex as an analogy (both have their merits and downfalls but it's really personal preference).

After he was done, he set up at a table for book signing and chatting. He said that he hates that he has to stop chatting with people at long signings (like in Madrid) because it's like his favorite part - talking to the fans and really connecting. Steve and I had to run around the building to take out cash and I was worried about not getting a copy of the second Princess and Mr. Whiffle but it was okay :) Then we waited in line for a long while even though there were only like 20-30 people in front of us, which was awesome because it showed that we'd get to talk with him for a few minutes. With the people in front of us they discussed the comparative value of the money in the books (one talent can be VERY ROUGHLY compared to $1000, at the basic level). When we got up there we gushed a bit, talked about how it's impossible to remember people's names, and the fact that Patrick is considering releasing a book inbetween Wise Man's Fear and The Doors of Stone that takes place in the same world. When Steve and I told him that we would love ANY books in that universe and would happily read every single book he puts out, AND not to listen to the idiots whining about wanting the third book because they are just being selfish jerks, he thanked us and said that he will now really consider doing it, and he said it would be very easy to finish and publish. So that's exciting!

It was a great night.
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So, I had a looooong day at work and just needed some couple time. I feel like I've been taking Steve's love as a given and therefore a bit for granted. That's not cool. So we went shopping at our favorite B-ville mall, got cutie dinner, horribly messed up Caribou coffees - I ordered a small Northern Lite Vanilla Latte hot, he ordered a medium espresso cooler. I got the espresso hot latte and he got a vanilla cooler. BLEHHHH. But I choked it down among teases from Steve. ("So uh, how's that coffee taste?" "It... has flavor." "Oh, so you like it?" "I ordered a coffee drink, and it has coffee... And flavor." XD). Got a few cute new items and bleach + blue hair dye.

Then we went to our favorite GameStop and I found one of the few PS2 games we don't own - Tales of Legendia. Even if it's considered one of the worst Tales games, it was pristine, $20, and OMGPS2!!!!

Get home, start bleaching my hair, and stumble upon a STATUS ON FACEBOOK my mom posted about my sister having a seizure in downtown Minneapolis while driving and crashed into a parked car. While it turns out she's okay at this point and wasn't seriously injured, and a nearby police officer witnessed it and sprang into action, when I read the status and thought about if my sister had been on the highway or otherwise in serious danger... I sort of awkwardly burst into tears. It was Leah-bursting, which is more like a slow build-up and very full eyes but lots of wiping of the face, but shit! Here I was all having an amazing day, and my only sister could be fucking DYING in a CAR ACCIDENT. Jesus. The fear of what would happen if I lost her went almost out of control. She may be at rock bottom, but I love that girl.

After I spoke with Mom on the phone (and sufficiently made her feel bad because I got so upset), I finished dying my hair. See here! I loooove it. I wish I had done more blue and maybe not attacked my bangs so hard with the scissors, but I get so frustrated at how quickly they grow! I JUST got my hair cut. Ugh.
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Sooo, I'm reading this book based on the incredibly terrifying and gruesome Hi-Fi Murders. Steve says I'm morbid. I know I am. When I was in 11th grade and had to find a skeleton picture as the cover of my Shakespeare reviews or whatever, I spent hours discovering gory death pictures after that was the majority of search results. I haunted my dreams with awful ways people look after being murdered or committing suicide. The Hi-Fi murders are particularly horrible because they were planned deaths of random people. That is, the primary killer decided that he would horrifically murder anyone present during the robbery of an electronics store. The book is non-fiction, weaved together from interviews with the survivor and anyone involved (including the murderer) as well as testimony from the trials. The book is highly detailed to the level I desire, which only intensifies the effect. I've spent two lunch breaks with teary eyes wallowing in the despair the family experienced and is poignantly captured. I was talking to Steve about how amazing it is and at one point he burst out laughing because I "Leah'd" - a term with many definitions but is frequently referenced when I tell unnecessary details because *I* would want them (the example in question was where I was talking about an investigator and felt the need to explain that he was actually sort of retired and not the *main* investigator but it's still cool that the murderer in this case is also the murderer in the ONLY unsolved homicide he had). I was most moved by a man whose wife and 16-year-old son were both involved in the murders. He describes how it felt to face his dead wife in all her ruined glory and having to come to terms with the fact that the woman he was with for 36 years and was his "partner for life" was gone. Yep. Just gone. No more. The end. Never coming back. Over. And how he had to be strong while each of his other family members mourned after they arrived at the hospital and that he had to close off his heart to the fact that his life partner, who he was JUST talking to before she left to find their son (AND she was frantic with worry at the son not returning home yet and he told her she was overreacting. Think about THAT guilt), was dead forever. I explained to Steve that for me it would be a CONSTANT immediate back-and-forth where I would tell myself that information and then swiftly reject it with an "IMPOSSIBLE NO IT'S NOT TRUE IT'S NOT I CAN'T ACCEPT THAT FUCK YOU IT JUST SIMPLY IS NOT POSSIBLE I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS AND NO TAKE IT BACK." Rinse and repeat.

As a result, I should not have been surprised to have a similar heart-wrenching dream in which I left a church and drove by many crazed velociraptors (naturally) and when I arrived at his office building I KNEW that Steve had been attacked by raptors and I was frantically trying to find out where he was and I went to the hospital to find him and I was screaming for him and I knew he was dead but I couldn't accept it and I knew I would try to take it back when I found his mangled body and I kept willing him to be alive and not hurt. I woke up with my "trying to cry" face on, breathing all heavy and terrified. I immediately rolled over to Steve and cuddled him super hard and could not let go of him for several hours. And of course when I tried to fall back asleep I had to try to force the remnants of the dream away so I could stop trying to manipulate it and fail. My dreams like that go in endless circles as my brain refuses to allow a proper ending. But seriously, when I imagine that he could just *poof* and be gone just like that from my life, I feel exceptionally suffocatey and hyperventilatey and will it never to come to pass (which Steve also includes in my morbid thinking category). He is just the most important person in my life. If I think about it hard enough I want to keep him locked up at home so nothing bad could ever happen to him. Thank god I don't want kids because I'd freak every time they left the driveway. This exact thing is why I HATED the movie Practical Magic - the moment when Sandra Bullock thinks that she and her husband's love will overcome the curse but then there's that stupid cricket or whatever and she tries frantically to catch it but can't and her stupid husband dies anyway. NO. NO.

In other news, I officially applied to grad school for an ABS license, which will be a broad licensure allowing me to teach levels 1 and 2 of EBD, LD, and Autism and I can go back again to get licensed for 3 and 4. I went to the informational meeting and everyone there (prospective students as well as faculty) agreed that the type of license is a great investment and there's been a growing need for me-types.

Steve and I are also doing what we're calling "ghetto week" and seeing who can make the best of of $20 from Friday to Friday. This of course does not really include not spending anything, because it kind of ruins the fun. So we each got a $20 bill to spend on whatever we like for the week and we aren't allowed to spend anything more (excludes gas). It's easily doable, but we're so frivolous with the money we don't put in savings that it's a cute game for us to be frugal. Yes, we admit we are privileged, even with me working a crappy-paying job.
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My Asian friend Joe and I were talking-

BAHAHAHA yessss! He congratulated me on joining the brother/sisterhood. It was awesome.   


Aug. 29th, 2011 10:13 am
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I arrived home on Saturday, about noon-thirty. I was supposed to call Steve when I was a half-hour away, but my phone died after our conversation at 8am. It was adorable coming home to so many kisses and hugs. It also felt surreal, like I'd been away for a very long time. It was good.

I showed him my new piercing, we got Chipotle, and we talked. I napped... or... I should say, I went to bed at like 5:30, woke up around 8:30, and went to bed again when Steve crawled in.

Yesterday we marveled at all the time we now have together on weekends. No more "Steve is sleeping for half the day and Leah needs to find something to do" and no more "Steve has to work soon - and then find something to do while Leah sleeps". We got bad-for-you but SO DELICIOUS Culver's and Caribou, went shopping in Burnsville for Steve (he got work shoes), bought a few noms for the next couple days, got my eyebrows done, and we found two great games at our fave Gamestop: Spectral Force 3 for cheap (I coveted it like I do when I find a game I want), and SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI: DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA. We've had the sequel for a LONG time. It was still $30, spendy for a PS2 game, but it was an amazing, rare find. The disc was immaculate, the game book never removed.

We talked about our money and saving and paying off our loans with Steve's additional funds added, and buying a house. Steve asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how serious I would be about buying his parents' house if we could. When he asked the question, we were driving there to do some laundry. At the time, I was feeling between a 6.5 and a 7.5. We talked more about what changes we would make to it, and how doable it would be. We agreed the kitchen would be tackled first, shortening the dining room to extend the kitchen and move the fridge so we can have a bar/counter. Steve proposed an amazing idea of knocking out the wall between his old room and his dad's room, and diving his dad's room into three parts - one would be an addition to Steve's bedroom, and the other half would be divided into a walk-in closet, and the wall dividing the bathroom and Steve's dad's room would be knocked out, and extended into a jacuzzi tub. Lofty goal, but a great idea. Without all the couches and tvs and stuff, Steve's old room is definitely bigger than I remember. We could totally make it into a master bedroom (I swear the house doesn't actually have one). Trinity's room would continue to be a "cat" room, and we would keep the door closed, with a kitty door made into the door so the stink of cat poop doesn't permeate the house. We toured the backyard together and were able to appreciate it well. No one uses it. It's a nice size, with a built-in fire pit. We discussed the idea of a fence. And we would definitely put in a deck ASAP. By the end of our conversation my interest in the house was up to about an 8. Steve said his parents pay about $1100/month on it, which we could do.

When we were leaving, we noticed a similar house on the next block that had been foreclosed on. It had an information sheet on the house specs, and it's selling for only $129,900, far lower than Steve estimated his parents would want to sell theirs for. This kind of gave us hope that once his parents see the market, they'll want to sell theirs cheaper too. According to MN realty, a 5% down payment on that house would be around $6500, with a monthly payment at like $1080 or something. Steve and I could easily save for a $7000 down payment. I threw in the idea of keeping most of our "couple" Christmas money and saving it for one. But we love giving each other gifts, so we'll likely spend SOME still. Anyway, excited.

Then we came home and organized the fridge, and I FINALLY tackled all of my random work papers. Steve gave me his blessing to turn our desk into a Leah's Work Desk, and that's been great too. Now all I need is better service for my Droid. Speaking of which, it's 10am and I still haven't listened to all the voicemails received when I was gone. I read and answered all necessary emails last night to take some stress off, and I only have 12 voicemails, but GOD do I hate voicemails. Ugh. And immediately at 8am I started getting calls. I'm so popular.

We spent most of the evening playing Nintendo Monopoly. I did pretty well at the beginning, but then Steve just KICKED MY ASS. It was so funny. He kept making all these silly deals with me so that I wouldn't go bankrupt, but all it did was make my loss slow and painful XDDD It was really, really fun. <3 After that we pretty much crashed at 9:30. It was super awesome to get to sleep together. The novelty of sleeping and waking at the same time will take a long time to wear off. We got up together and showered, and I made breakfast. Then Steve got all dapper and went off to his first day of Real Work! Squeee!

The weather has cooled immensely here in the mornings and evenings. It feels so eerie, compared to the weeks and weeks of 90-degree weather. I've been chilly even under the comforter. Having Steve to cuddle against helps a lot.

Okay, gotta get to work. I have two appointments today, but really I only have one - One of them is an assertive outreach, where you show up on someone's doorstep because they've been avoiding you. It's fun (NOT).

If you have any recommendations for artists similar to LIGHTS (like the light, breathy quality with synth), throw em my way. I need some good female artists.

Oh, and I promise to write about my trip soon!


Aug. 3rd, 2011 12:10 am
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I just set up an adorable scavenger hunt for Steve when he gets home today! I can barely contain myself. The prizes include an Arnie Palmer drink, a Reese's fast break, two shiny new work shirts (nothing fancy, just Target polos to go under his work shirt), a kiss from yours truly, and CATHERINE, which he has been jonesing omgsohardcore for. He wanted this game before they even announced an American version.

It's gonna be so great! It's been a long time since I've been able to secretly execute something so fun :DDD
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...is one where I can pick up a bottle of cleaner from the bath tub and say, "Hey cutie, did you clean the bathroom or something? The toilet cleaner is sitting out."

And the response I get is, "Oh, I was reading the label while I was pooping."


Jul. 15th, 2011 06:54 pm
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Okay, so I am FINALLY posting these. They are not exactly how the apartment is all the time, such as seeing the kitchen table in both the kitchen AND the bedroom (they were taken at different times and the table had been used for a couple laptops and had simply not been moved back yet). The bedroom isn't completely clean but you get the idea. So.... GO!
Come see!! )

Hehe. Long overdue, but I actually love our little place! It's a lot of space, just not a lot of storage, or counters. We'll be pretty set here for awhile. <333
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Having the time to finally get my desk cleaned out - one of my team leads used to have my desk before she was promoted. The desk was FILLED with outdated resources and forms. Like, to the brim. Some were useful and relevent, and I kept those, but I found some dated as far back at 2001 D: Programs change all the time; there's no way the same forms are still in use.

AND I got a resource binder set up. I finally figured out a way to organize all the random bits of papers that have resources on them, and I'm keeping that damn thing in my car AT ALL TIMES XD

Feels sooooo good.
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So, it turns out that the problem with my phone WAS the battery XD I got the new phone in the mail, and it wouldn't turn on! When exchanging phone units, you keep your sim, charger, and battery, btw. So we took it into the T-Mobile store, and the woman got it to START the turn-on process (at which point Steve and I were gaping, because we couldn't get it to do ANYTHING), and then she literally threw the battery and went in the back and found a spare (yayyy no waiting for a new one to be shipped!). It's really cool that I got a new phone anyway, without dents, and a clean slate. My pictures and apps transferred to the new unit (I had only a couple - an egg timer and stop watch XD). I added a really cool app that claims to show the CallerID of incoming calls, and purports to have a call-blocking feature. I'm testing it out with a telemarketer that calls me ALL the time. They stopped calling for a couple weeks after calling 2-4 times every day for several months, but it started again last week. I'm hoping it actually DOES block the calls, especially since I know for a fact that the dial-outs are a machine until they hear a voice, at which point you are transferred to a real person (I've tried to ask them to stop calling before).

If AT&T actually buys T-Mobile (the merger is still planned but not a hundo percent, last I heard), I'm totally getting an iPhone if they ever offer it. ^_^ Although, at this point, they're still saying they won't. Depending on how the merger goes, I might actually switch carriers. As discussed previously, I already pay a large chunk to T-Mobile. If prices were to change due to AT&T messing with the data plan prices and whatnot (T-Mobile's is cheaper than AT&T's), I'd probably wait until I was able to break the contract without penalty, via the contract opening up as a result of this merger, and maybe get Verizon? I never hear anything about Sprint, and Verizon's the main competition for AT&T. *shrug* Who knows?!

On Saturday I went out to dinner with my dad's family. It was nice, we just talked a lot and had a good time. Nothing major. On the way home I noticed I needed oil, so I went to get some from a nearby gas station. Then I noticed I didn't have my wallet. Crap. I last saw it at the restaurant we were at, because I had taken it out to show my ID for a margarita. When we got there, the hostess asked if I needed a kids menu. A kid's menu that says '8 and under' on it. Now, I know I may look young, but you gotta be kidding! XD I thought it was hilarious and she was super embarrassed.

Anyway. So, I was worried about running out of oil, because I don't know at what point my car tells me I need it. Is it DIRE? Or just a , "Hey, you should put a couple quarts in me in the near future, but it's all g for a little longer!" But driving to get my wallet was really the only option, unless I could pay the cashier in a few coins and plushies. I typed the location into my handy phone GPS and got there just fine, and they had it waiting for me (there was a terrible moment as I neared the location where I feared it fell out in my dad's car and wasn't at the restaurant at all)! Then there was the issue of putting cool oil in a hot car, but at 11pm in a strange area, I didn't feel like waiting 20 minutes. I need an oil change anyway. The old Leah would have gotten upset, panic-stricken, and likely angry as a reaction, but I was very proud of how calm and accepting I was. I attribute some of this to self-growth, but mostly to Steve teaching me how to accept the things I can't change, and even if they suck, it's better to have a good attitude than a shitty one. <3

On Sunday Bethany called to vent about how stressed she is because their downstairs neighbor is harassing her and Sarah about the kids running around the apartment. Bethany said she and Sarah weren't home for the initial incident, so they went and talked to her on their own time. They describe the lady as a meth head (scraggly, skinny, rotted teeth), and that she said around 8 or 9pm she needs to "wind down" and that the kids need to be quiet. Bethany said the kids go to bed at 9pm. The lady mentioned that it's fine in the morning and during the day though, so Sarah said, "...so, you're home all day?" Meant to get a grasp of the lady's schedule and to probably somewhat insinuate that she doesn't have a difficult schedule, and the lady took it as quite insulting. :P She also yelled at them about cigarette butts on her deck, but Bethany says they never throw their butts, and it's probably the people above them. I just told her to complain to the managers if she doesn't stop, because they need to be able to live. Cayden just turned 1 and Tristan just turned 2; they don't understand why they can't play "too loud", and Cayden's a chunker who just learned to walk so he naturally walks heavy. I just feel bad because that EXACT situation is what Bethany was worried about. Thank god Steve and I live on the ground floor, seriously. I can't stand that stuff.

Oh, and this is my last week with People Inc. I'm not mad at it, nor do I hate it, but since I have a tag about leaving a job, I'm using it XD I'm really excited to start my new job, and to have a week off inbetween to prepare, and also to switch my sleep schedule. It's going to be so weird! Steve and I packed most of our things on Saturday. All we have left is a few odds and ends, all the big stuff (furniture, shelves, computer etc.), the systems we're using, and clothes we need for the next 2 weeks. Otherwise, we're getting ready to go! I wish we could just drop by and throw the boxes in the place even if we can't unpack them yet. So antsy!
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Whew! Yesterday was quite busy. So busy, in fact, that I made a cute map for you.

Mappu~! )

So. We went all over the metro area. AND! We were home by 1:30pm. AND we didn't rush at all. Amazing, I know

1. We signed our lease. The purple arrow points at the blue dot where we'll live. ^_^ Anyway. I've decided I love slightly janky, ghetto apartment complexes. We pay $35 for utilities, rent isn't even considered late until day 5, we get to record the damages on our own time, it's month-to-month technically so we can live there indefinitely and only need to give a month's notice, we get to paint for free (on the condition that if we do a shitty job we have to paint it back), and no pet fee or pet deposit! :DDDD

2-3. We went to Columbia Heights for La Casita, a Mexican restaurant. Steve wanted an El Loro, but we couldn't locate any, so we went there. While we waited for it to open we stopped by GameStop and I got Ar Tonelico Qoga, which came out yesterday. SOOOOO EXCITEDDDD!!!

4-5. Then we went to T-mobile but stopped at Caribou next door first. My phone is crap and being stupid. I told the guy about how it shuts off when it wants. He clicked the unlock button, and VOILA! It turned off. So he's ordering me a new one for free (versus the stupid battery thing, which he agreed he didn't think is the issue)!

6. Stopped at Michael's for yarn.

7. Went to Office Max to buy a giant white board to keep track of all my soon-to-be clients on, because otherwise I know I'm never going to be able to keep track of them all.

I also called about my tax stuff, and get to pick up the paper today. Since I have to go to Shakopee anyway, we're going to have lunch with Mom because she works nearby. Yay!

I have so much more to say but I ran out of time!
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Okay, first, some squee! I ordered the first Higurashi Kizuna game, because I don't give a damn if I can't read Japanese I will find a translation if I have to!

Here are some case + game pics (Athena, translate XD) )

I'd originally meant to do a post on my gaming stuff a long time ago (and actually it started as something I was gonna email Athena), and yesterday I was finally motivated to take pics of my gaming area.

Walk along to my lair... )

Broken down, these our our games, with me highlighting my faves (taken from Backloggery.com):

As you can see, we have lots of games.

Ignoring the oldest systems like Genesis and Atari, the VAST majority of those games are games we bought with full intention to play. Not just some random sports game to pad the numbers. Like, we thought about it and spent good money on it-type games. Steve's beaten a full 605 of those games, and he takes beating games seriously. He's far more dedicated than I am, I've beaten less than 100 over my entire lifetime :P


Nov. 5th, 2010 07:11 am
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I'll update this later when I have my damn camera cord (>_<) but here's a camera phone pic of my new glasses!:

Yayyyy )

It's awesome feeling like I can see everything in HD (at least with my right eye XD). At first though I felt incredibly seasick, walking around the mall with TOO MUCH VIBRANT COLOR~. I really want to show you the colors of the glasses though - I got a couple goodish pics on my camera, but my phone camera won't take a non-blurry picture. And actually in this picture they look completely dark, but they are black on the outside with pink accents, pink on the inside, and lined with a sort of yellow-green. You'll see! I am also displeased with the focus of my camera because it wouldn't focus where I told it to. ETA: Got it! Check em!
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I am far too sensitive these last couple days. It does nothing but cause trouble.

I saw an article on yahoo today that discusses some men being charged with crimes committed in Afghanistan, such as murdering civilians and keeping body parts as prizes, and I find it highly amusing - this is my shortening of the article:

"Up to 12 men are being charged with atrocious crimes in Afghanistan."
"But they may not have done it!!!!!"
"Regardless, it hurts America's already lowering rep."
"Yeah but... it might not be true."
"Well it appears to be true."
"Only it's OBVIOUSLY not the behavior of the majority of the military so... let it go."
"No. This shouldn't happen they should be protecting over there."
"Yes, drop it. America is good and just."
"We'll see."
"Yes. We'll see."

Ah, cautious reporting at its finest.

I'm chilly. I got some great news yesterday - next Wednesday Steve is moving to overnights! Wooo. He'll start/end a few hours earlier than I will, but it will be waaaaay better than the way it is now! ^_^ They're even giving him Monday and Tuesday off to "fix" his schedule, assuming he doesn't already stay up all night. How nice! My job was the opposite - made me ruin my sleep schedule in order to come in for a full week of training and then threw me back into overnights. Hahaha! Anyway, this is really good, because I'm sick of cycling when it comes to coping with such a lack of boyfriend/friend/not all alone time. It really messes with everything!

So far I'm enjoying school well enough. I have my ex-coworker from the middle school, Ana, there with me, and our group for projects is me, her, and two other women she has in other classes. It seems a few people dropped the class, so there are only like 11 or 12 of us in the class now. But it provides some good laughs and discussion time. And as much as I complain about how professors waste my time, when this professor shuts her trap and lets us work on things, I get really stimulated and into discussion. It helps I'm already in the field so I can apply the stuff pretty well, too. I told Ana when we turned in our resumes that I wouldn't have to change anything because I have a sweet-ass resume (and have had like 100 jobs, half of which apply to my field). My bravado was 60% comedy, but when she handed back our resumes she loudly commented how impressive mine was, and only wants me to moved the dates of employment from the right side to the left. I laughed pretty heartily at the compliment. My annoying superior attitude and resume are exactly WHY I get jobs, though. I MAY be a touch big-headed and overconfident, and I totally see that. But it works for snagging interviews and landing jobs! Oh! Which reminds me. That job at my mom's work she wanted me to apply to right before I got this position? I got an email from the HR lady and it said, "While your skills are certainly impressive..." pahahaha! I've never seen a rejection letter start like that. I told Mom either way it'd be hard for me to get an interview there simply because my resume really only highlights my Human Services work and the position I was applying for was like a receptionist/desk type. Amusing.

TGIF. Off to work on my scarf and watch more That 70's Show. Ta!


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So, I scoured the internet and could not come up with any decent Zelda patterns. I had almost decided to simply leave her out, but then while knitting I ran out of my scarf yarn and have nothing to do until I buy more, so I sucked it up and fixed that messy cross-stitch chart. To see how I did, click here!

Changes I made:
  • I simplified the colors, for the most part 
  • Changed some colors to my tastes
  • I made Link's hat longer, and in my opinion, better
  • Made the heart into an actual heart container for nerdy awesomeness
  • Made Link's outfit sweet as hell in comparison to the original
  • I moved Zelda's crown up one row to be able to better distinguish it from her hair. It makes her head look way more normal.
Last night I also made:
  • Large charts for each of the medallion symbols, whch may or may not make it onto the scarf (it took FOREVER)
  • A large Navi chart (may add the "Listen!" to it) and a heart container that I probably won't use now that I already have one.
And of course, I'm going to put the Triforce on there, but I'm fairly certain that's the pattern that's everywhere on the internet for Zelda. Hoping, anyway :D


Aug. 27th, 2010 05:20 am
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Mostly to myself more than anything...


... I'm not even sure the first one is feasible, I've limited experience transferring cross-stitch charts, though they are relatively similar to knitting charts, just on a smaller scale. I'm not sure if that specific cross-stitch chart would look good with yarn and like 5 times the size it was intended.

I'm a little stuck because the bottom Link is ADORABLE, but so is a Link declaring his love to Zelda via heart piece! Waaaaaah!
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My first weekend as a full-timer was a success. I actually spent a good chunk of money on "work" clothes - lucky for me, that is just under business casual. So I got 3 semi-nice shirts (which really simply means no screen tees or offensive clothing) and two pairs of pants, a black dressy-ish pair and some dark-washed jeans. The jeans are from Vanity, the first pair of jeans I've bought since as long as I can remember that exceed $15-$25; it was definitely a "splurge" in that department. But I'm sooo happy with them! They're a couple inches too long - I've got woefully short legs! I bought a 27x31 but I'm pretty sure my legs are a 29. So I'm going to try to wear my boots as much as possible with them so I don't wear out the bottoms so quickly. But otherwise they fit super, super nice. The girl who helped me was INCREDIBLY eager to help me find the right pants and immediately picked out the style for "hourglass" figures, which turned out great because there's little enough gap in the back that I don't have to wear a belt for once! Yay! Belts are so ugly underneath shirts.

We also went to the zoo for a little while. It was really hot out and began to storm really hard so we cut the trip short and booked it to my car. We spent more time making fun of various other people there than looking at the animals. It was a good time. By far the winners of the day go to the orangutans. Mama and baby were SO cute playing with each other, and Dad CLEARLY had a headache or was sick of his family/life atm because he was slumped forward onto a tree stump, his head in his arm, not having any fun at all.

Steve goes back to work tomorrow, lame! But when we were at Rainbow the other day picking up drinks, one of his coworkers who works the end of the evening shift and continues to the night shift, said a guy on the overnight shift is leaving because he just got called to Active duty! Yay! The overnight manager and Steve's manager have already said he could move to overnights if a spot opened up, and so I guess starting tomorrow it's a waiting game to see if they keep that promise.


Mar. 25th, 2010 05:42 am
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I totally just spent a bunch of hours messing with my layout. I re-discovered "generator" and therefore gave myself permission to play with my entire LiveJournal layout. I am very pleased with the results so far. My biggest complaint is not having a perfect-fitting background, but a repeating C.C. is good too!

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