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I finally received the suggested edits back from Chuck and my second reader, Karin. Overall they approved of the thesis, with Chuck providing several small changes with regards to appropriate citations and whatnot, and Karin providing a few more suggestions along the lines of "This sentence is written funny" or "You should add a paragraph here that addresses modifications and accommodations more specifically."

Currently since today the ibuprofen is at least marginally working right now, I'm optimistic that I can work on it today and definitely by the end of the weekend, but yesterday I thought all night about working on the thesis and just couldn't bring my so-sad body to do it. I gotta though!

We have a date set for my oral presentation: May (the) 4th (be with you). A lucky date. Chuck was very clear that it's not so formal as a defense - just that I will explain why I wrote on the topic that I did, main findings, and how I will use the information in my work. Easy peasy, I wrote about that very thoroughly in my conclusion. I'm of course nervous, but it's like, I AM SO ALMOST DONE.

I even received my cap and gown. Omg. So excited.

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