Jan. 17th, 2015

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So I've been using homemade shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste since the end of December, and here are my updates:

Love it. Really, it's great. I have to shake it for a second to mix it up, and it's runny in my hand - but all Dr. Bronner's are runny to begin with. If you recall, the only ingredients in the shampoo are coconut milk, Dr. Bronner's almond 18-in-1, and citrus essential oils. I don't even use a conditioner anymore. It foams up when I put it in my hair, when I brush it I don't have snarls, and when it dries my hair is so soft I love to touch it.

Coconut oil, Shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot, essential oils.
I started with putting the deodorant in an old deodorant container, but I have since switched to a mason jar. Keeps the consistency up and is easier to extract the deodorant from with my finger. It's not greasy and any leftover on my finger after applying I just rub into my hands or on my arm.

During the first week, when I was "sedentary sweating" aka sitting in a hoodie and blanket that made me too warm but I like that feeling, I would stink. Since then I have been actively trying to take layers off if I am getting to the point of becoming moist and sticky. When I played ITG while wearing the deodorant, I got really sweaty but I didn't stink. At all.

The biggest adjustment is the sweating. Obviously I'm not using anti-perspirant, so now my armpits get wet. It's kind of hard to get used to for someone who has all these sensory issues, but because I HAVE noticed that I don't smell, my clothes don't get stained, and no balls of condensed deodorant in my arms, it's worth it. Plus, to be fair, in the past I have often stunk through layers of deodorant and also soaked my shirts. So it wasn't any different. But now I think I have worn ONE shirt that I got so warm that I had sweat circles. But again, that always has happened to me forever.

The only negative I have noticed is that I have gotten a bit... splotchy, from time to time in my armpit area. I don't want to call it a rash, because it looks more like miniature hives than a rash, but it can get itchy. I'm not sure if it's a combination of shaving and wearing it, or the mixture of my sweat with it, or the essential oil, of even if maybe I'm allergic to something? It's not been more bothersome than razor burn, so I've ignored it up to this point, it can just look a little unseemly. Certainly not more unseemly than deodorant balls, though, in my opinion.

I noticed that I did not update to post that I also made my own toothpaste. It was super easy: Coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils.
At first the taste was really sharp and made my mouth burn, but nowI really like it. My mouth feels clean and tingly, my teeth feel smooth, and I'm not sure if it's some random placebo but my teeth actually look whiter even though I've been drinking more coffee than ever. I just store it in a mason jar and dip my toothbrush in it.

I'm one of the laziest people ever, and all of these were so easy to make. I love that I've switched to all natural cleaning products (my stepmom supplied me with homemade soap made from oilve oil, almond oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and essential oils. And some sort of herb is in there because it's all over in the soap). 

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