Dec. 27th, 2014

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After months of hemming and hawing about wanting a natural shampoo instead of the chemical-laden ones (because I dye my hair, I already put so many chemicals in it... I just don't want any more! I see the hypocrisy but I cannot have that boring mousy hair), and then actually taking the time to read my deodorant and seeing that it has aluminum in it even though it's not clinical-strength, my aunt Connie serendipitously texted me with a link to an article about how to care for your skin without using chemical sunscreens, written by Wellness Mama. This then led to me clicking link after link in her blog, culminating in me finding recipes for both shampoo and deodorant.

In a fit of motivation, I went out to Mississippi Market, bought ingredients, and made the recipes. They were literally so easy to do that I made them while also making dinner at the same time.

The shampoo is made with half a cup of coconut milk, 2/3 cup of Dr. Bronner's Hemp with Almond oil Castille soap, and some amount of sweet orange essential oils (I think I used 30-40 drops). I dumped out what remained of some Bath and Body Works body wash that I was never going to use because I hated the smell (had to use some Goo Gone on the outside because it was sticky from the labels) and it was the perfect size.

The deodorant was made with coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot, and rose perfume essential oils. The recipe didn't specify how much essential oils to use, so I just put in 12 drops (I hope it wasn't too much!).

The recipe said to melt the oils gently in a mason jar.

It ended up this yellowy color-

I meticulously cleaned out my remaining deodorant stick (like, soap and a toothpick and took the entire thing apart. Every nook and cranny) and poured the mixture in to set. I was really proud of the result!

After a couple of hours sitting on the shelf, the deodorant has mostly hardened but the top layer is still liquidy. I put it in the fridge to help.

I read so many rave reviews of the stuff, including no more stains in the armpits, not smelling as much, and saving money. I have high hopes!

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